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  1. However, when I attempt to click on the Wiki links I receive the message " Progressive Capture Designer) There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, or search the related logs, but you do not have permission to create this page.
  2. You couldn't have timed this better, I was just going to look for Session variables for use in questions. The session variables available, and their correct format to use, are as follows: {{user.fName}} Thank you!!
  3. Hi @Steven Boardman Thank you for the info. I'm looking forward to that feature.
  4. Hi @Steven Boardman I would also be interested in setting some Home Organisations, to enable users to create tickets within the correct team. However, the option is currently greyed out for me Do I simply need to enable this in the settings? If so, would you mind pointing me in the right direction as I've been unable to locate it on the WIki pages. Many Thanks
  5. THANK YOU! We have a rule with Reference field is a mandatory parameter. You will need to specify the Regex Syntax that matches your call reference. E.g. for the standard out-of-the-box reference use: [a-zA-Z]{2}[0-9]{8}
  6. On a side note to this, I have created an email routing rule and an email routing template and linked it to the correct catalog. I have also enabled the email routing rule for unknown users, even though the user is listed as a contact in our instance of Service Manager The emails are now arriving in Deleted items, but not updating the call. I therefore changed the Operation to updateRequestNumbersReference, however I am currently unable to locate the responding email in the Inbox or Deleted items. Am I possibly missing something? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Ann-Marie
  7. Hi @Steve Giller Thanks for the speedy response. Not for this particular type of call. I have added a hotmail account to test one of our new business processes. I can successfully send an email to the hotmail account and can reply back (now we have enabled the mailbox to receive external emails), but the email simply goes into the Inbox of the call. Do I need to add a routing rule to get the call updated?
  8. Good Morning, Is there something I need to enable to allow emails from external 'contacts' to update a call? I have added the email address into our contacts list and can successfully send an email to them from a ticket, however when the external email responds with the ticket number in the subject line, it does not update the call. I feel I am missing something simple. Many Thanks
  9. Good Afternoon, We are in the process of overhauling our New Starter process and part of the Progressive Capture incorporates sensitive questions aimed for HR. I know it's possible to email that information to HR within the progressive capture, but is it possible to hide those questions from the call?
  10. That works! Thank you. I was looking at this from the Asset icon point of view and trying to search for a Service, using the Service tab But will advise analysts to use the correct icon to link Services.
  11. My apologies if this is a daft question, but in order to link an affected Service to an Incident, does the Service need to have a catalog item associated with it? At the moment, all I have done is enabled the Service, ensured 'Asset' is selected in Actions and made the access Open however I am unable to link it to a call. Many Thanks, have a great bank holiday weekend all!
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