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  1. Afternoon all, Just wondered if it's possible to limit the dates available for selection on our New Starter BPM? The pandemic has brought a wonderful set of new 'features' of the onboarding process, so we've opted to onboard all our new starters on a Monday morning, which means we have a structured schedule for getting IT equipment delivered and security briefings arranged in a more timely manner. It also means we're not onboarding people all week, taking time away from the Service Desk. So my query is, can I limit the dates in the new starter BPM for just Mondays? Many Thanks as always
  2. Thank you Steve. Are there specific instructions on how to create a custom role with the application rights as per:
  3. Thanks @James Ainsworth It would be for all assets as our FM team are beginning to use Hornbill and this is our way of keeping all information in one place. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Good Afternoon, We are about to start using the achievement award icon, but we only have 1 award available. I've headed to the Collaboration section of Service Manager, however I only have News Feed available and can't seem to access any achievement badges. Is there a setting I need to switch on for this? I already have the admin role. Many Thanks and have a great weekend everyone.
  5. Hi @TrevorHarris We do have SAML so thank you for the clarification. We have let the user know it's a useful feature so she can access her tickets faster
  6. Good Morning, We've received a query from a user who states she is unable to log out of the self service portal for Service Manager. Had a quick look myself and indeed, when I select Logout it automatically logs me back in again. The latest update at doesn't mention anything about auto login so I'm wondering if this is a 'feature' or if there is an issue with logging out. Many Thanks
  7. Good Afternoon all, I have a query regarding the available fields within Asset Manager and wondered if there is a field specifically for recording PAT Test date and/or result? We would like to record this information and have the ability to run reports for assets that are coming up to the PAT test renewal date. Many Thanks and have a great weekend
  8. Doh Thank you Conor, webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.resolve.denyWithOpenActivities just rolls off the tongue doesn't it
  9. Afternoon all, My apologies for the new post, I know this has been provided before unfortunately I can't find the relevant post. I know we have the ability to switch on the setting to allow analysts to resolve a call without closing all the tasks on a BPM. I now need to switch this function off, as it is causing a backlog of outstanding tasks, therefore could someone remind me of which setting I need to select to switch the feature off? Many Thanks
  10. Good Morning, I've had a look through previous posts about LDAP import failures and wondered if it is possible to setup an alert if an LDAP import fails? Our import for 15/06/21 started at it's usual time, but did not complete and it's only by chance we have noticed. Is there an alert I can enable within Service Manager? Many Thanks all
  11. Good Morning, Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere my initial search didn't bring back exactly what I was looking for. Is there a setting I can enable in Service Manager that allows the user to close their own call (should they fix it themselves after following our informative and useful self help FAQs ) Many Thanks
  12. Good Morning, I have created a routing rule in Service Manager to automatically update a call when a response is received "fromDomain LIKE '%ipo.gov.uk' AND REGEX_MATCH(subject, '.*\b[a-zA-Z]{2}[0-9]{8}\b.*')" however I have some calls that create a new call, rather that update the original. Do I simply need to change the order for this rule or am I missing something obvious? Your guidance, as always is greatly appreciated
  13. We appear to be receiving emails, but today have 51 emails stuck in the Outbox and there appears to be a 2 hour delay on users receiving emails we send from calls. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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