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  1. Hi @Victor the majority of users have received your screenshot message and signed in successfully. Some users receive an 'Oops' message stating invalid user credentials. It turns out a clear of cookies and internet files and a quick restart appears to resolve the issue.
  2. Hi @Victor Is it that time of year again? We appear to be receiving calls from analysts and customers about single sign-on. Many Thanks
  3. Hi Hornbill bods, Has anyone else noticed that the time is out by 1 hour when you export a View into Excel? I have selected Call Number / Summary / Owner and Raised On columns and the date is correct, however the time is 1 hour behind.
  4. Good Afternoon, Our Service Manager mailbox doesn't appear to be receiving emails. I can see the last one was received at 17:25 on 12/08/20. Not sure if it's something to do with yesterdays update so wanted to check here first. Thanks all
  5. Good Afternoon all, I have had a look at the Wiki instructions on how to add folders to a Service Manager mailbox https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Folders however I'm stuck at the first stage as I don't appear to have the new folder icon is this maybe a permissions thing? Many Thanks
  6. Just another quick query, is this notification also made available to Connections?
  7. Thank you @James Ainsworth for your indepth and helpful response. I will make a note of it for future email templates.
  8. Hi Hornbill folks, We are about to enable the CustomerTimelineUpdateNotification and make it available on our Services. I have noticed there are 2 hyperlinks in the email notification https://live.hornbill.com/<instance>/servicemanager/selfservice2/request/{{.H_pk_reference}}/ https://service.hornbill.com/<instance>/servicemanager/request/view/{{.H_pk_reference}}/ Which I'm assuming are 1 for analysts and 1 for basic users and this is how it was sent, before I added our instance to the hyperlink. Now each user gets both hyperlinks and I'm wondering if
  9. Thank you @Deen my apologies, I know it's how long is a piece of string and appreciate your assistance.
  10. Hi @Victor do you happen to have a timescale for the roll out of the updates
  11. Thank you @Victor I had subscribed, but then changed my name and forgot! I have now re-subscribed
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