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Ordering of CI's in portal.


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Ordering the CI's within each service type is a simple task but is there a way of ordering the CI's in the portal between types.

So if you for instance want all Incident CI's first and Service Requests last, or one specific CI first and the rest alphabetically. Is this possible?

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Not at the moment. I believe they are grouped by type first, then however they a organised under each type. 

So (without the headers): 


     IN 1
     IN 2
     IN 3 

Service Requests

     SR 1
     SR 2

Etc. etc.

I do remember seeing a post around this though so IIRC there is a change on the board.

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Here is what we found by testing, maybe it can be verified by Hornbill developers.

The order is determined by which request type (IN, CH, SR etc) gets a CI added to it first within the service and then any CI's within that type are grouped. If you for instance create a change CI before the first incident CI, change CI's will show before incident CI's.

@Hornbill Support Team

Please consider this for development as an enhancement request. It would be nice since we could display the most used CI's at the top.


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On 6/25/2018 at 4:22 PM, HHH said:

Strangely enough, in one (and only that one) of our services, changes come first.

It appears that order of creation of the CI's matter.

Actually we have now found that this is the case for more than one of our services. And after further testing it doesn't seem to be the CI created first that shows up first. We have removed CI:s and then created new ones, but the new one also shows up first, even after re-indexing. We would really like to be able to have incidents show up first for our customers.  

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