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  1. Hi, So, we have a need fairly frequently to reference our wildcard certificate. generally *.example.ac.uk However, this is translated to mean .port.ac.uk as a result of the wiki markup. Is there a reocmmeneded escape character that isn't then printed. adding ANYTHING (sort of) before it stops it being intereted. But that then changes the text e.g. \*.port.ac.uk prints correctly, but with a preceding '\'
  2. hi @Keith Stevenson and @David Hall looks like we had more issues last night. such as various people losing jobs mid log, and some getting chrome errors saying " "live.hornbill.com says Could not inititialise core data - Error code" Variously hanging. These were all around 4pm +/- 30 mins Are there still DB issues?
  3. Hi @Keith Stevenson We're looking ok this morning, thank you.
  4. Afternoon all, The team have been noticing some 'slowness' in populating drop down, or loading pages recently, it was particularly noticeable this morning. Is there anything obvious that might have been causing that? instance is uopservicedesk. The team are all at home, so a common connectivity issue our end seems less likely than normal. While some were VPN'd not all were. The team also noted other websites didn't have issues at the same time.
  5. Thanks Steve that helps, I did search but couldn't find it. To clarify, tickets assigned to my team, but not me personally. Would I expect to see a coloured update bar if that's been updated?
  6. Hi all, I have a question about the specifics of the update notification, the coloured bar that appears in the request list for a job that's had an update. 1) What constitutes an update 2) What interaction would cause the update notification to clear 3) s this unique to the person looking at the job, or if I look at an updated job, is it now cleared for everyone else as well?
  7. we had a 5 minute period about an hour ago where we were getting 552 cannot connect to host server (or similar) errors on the main Service Manager pages. All seems ok since then.
  8. Thanks for this, but it isn't honoured in the Co-worker view it would appear.
  9. Hi There, I wonder if it would be possible to add a setting to let us change the default search filter in the co-worker requests view (below) currently it defaults to 'All my Teams' but certainly in our instance if you've gone to look for a job in the name of a customer, it's almost certainly not in you teams (or you would just be able to see it in your own request list) Could we be allowed to change this default to "All My Services" instead?
  10. Hi There, I was wondering if there is a definitive list of activities that would cause the h_datelastmodified field in h_itsm_requests table to be updated. i.e. is it all other elements of that row in that table, ANYTHING to do with that 'ticket' (including things like the buzz updates that aren't in h_itsm_requests), or is it some subset of these?
  11. Thanks @Victor as always a detailed response! That was more or less as I would have expected. The only exception being I would have thought the support check wouldn't have included "my" client to server communications, rather a 'virtual' client in a known state. Interesting to know though, thankyou!
  12. Looks working again now. I've always assumed the /support test was run server side rather than from my connection?
  13. Hi James, My understanding is that with out service plan (essentials) we should be reporting through here. Certainly we have the last 10 outages. Happy to be corrected :-)
  14. Hi guys, looks like our instnce is down
  15. I much prefer jeremy's suggestion of a global setting to mean ALL requests where they are the customer are shown to them on the portal. However, would an interim measure (when the new employee portal is usable) be to have a category per service domain that was for self serve. Then filter for that in a widget? i.e. never show ALL services.
  16. Thanks @Deen our service monitoring does not currently raise requests automatically otherwise that could be helpful. That being said, it would be a little complex to then mark it as resolved if the whole thing happened while we were out of the office. Manual corrections really will be a key feature for us.
  17. We're moving to use the built in SM service availability functionality and would like to use the reporting. However, is there a way to record outages other than changing the status at the appropriate point? e.g. our VLE may be unavailable for 2 hours overnight. We would want this recorded, such that availability is accurate. Equally services may be restored but the Service Desk may not be notified immediately, likewise for outages.
  18. Hi all, Just a note to say we had a 10-20 minute outage of our instance from approx 11:00 this morning. In case anyone else had any issues.
  19. Hi, I wonder if you could make it so the filters can be applied to custom views, in the same way as the built in views (My Teams, etc)
  20. Hi, So images can be included in outbound Emails from a job, however, they do not appear in the timeline. Could this be considered for a future feature update please?
  21. thanks @James Ainsworth this is useful, but there are a couple of elements that would be useful if changed. 1) Applying view type filters to the report seems to apply to the problems, rather than the incidents. So for example creating a view to only show "this week" won't show anything as the problems were from weeks ago, even though the incidents were from this week 2) In this case I'm trying to show those incidents that don't have a problem associated, which is why showing it as a field in a view would allow sorting/filtering.
  22. It would be great if Views could show/highlight when an incident was associated to a problem/KE. Sometimes there are sets of jobs were all incidents should be associated to a problem, this would make that easier to see. In the interim is there a report I could generate to check?
  23. Having undertaken a review of our Service Catalogue we have a need to create/retire and rename dozens of services. I suspect retiring and renaming makes most sense to do manually. But, is there a mechanism by which new services can be created in bulk?
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