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  1. @Martyn Houghton If that will happen I would appreciate you inviting Gareth Noon from us, who will attend representing Axiell. Let me know and I will forward his contact details.
  2. We have just gone live with our Servicedesk team in Australia and our customers in the APAC-region. One of the questions I received during the customer portal introductions webinars that we run when on-boarding a new region was where the data was stored. As customers may upload sensitive data as part of reporting incidents they were curious to know where data was being stored. Also, when working out of our Melbourne office for a week my experience is that system performance is much slower than I am used to when I am in our Sweden office. There may of course be a number of reasons for this, but some of our customers also complained when working with the customer portal so I was wondering if you have received similar feedback from other customers in this region?
  3. @Gerry This sounds really good and I am very eager to hear more about how this moves forward - and we would also be very interested in providing input to upcoming development.
  4. We are working with external customers and some of them may have 20 or more tickets open at any time. We now get a complaints because when they go to the portal to check status they cannot see which tickets have been updated. For this reason we would really appreciate if the column for last updated date could be visible and possible to sort on in the Customer Portal.
  5. Since we work a lot with translating the customer portal we would like to be able to easily sort or filter text strings so we can see the ones relevant for the Customer Portal together. Even more important would be to be able to search not only on the key but among the translated texts, as we often get feedback to change these to better options from our customers. It would also be nice to be able to search among default texts.
  6. @Martyn Houghton I meant enabling or limiting access to certain FAQ items on service subscriber level. So certain FAQ items would only be visible for a specific customer organisation.
  7. @James Ainsworth Not sure where you are with this one but another possibility would be to limit access to FAQ articles on subscriber level - as you can with CI:s. That would enable us to add content for customers with high customisation as well. What's your view @Martyn Houghton
  8. I currently have two issues with Sites. We use Site to manage internal service subscribers and also visibility on certain catalogue items. My first problem is that if I open the view of all subscribers to a service and try to filter in Site nothing happens. The other choices that I test work fine (team, user, contact, organisation, company). The other problem is when I go to catalogue item to manage catalogue visibility. Here Site is not an option to filter on at all. The other alternatives are there. Since we have a couple of thousand organisations and currently over 6000 contacts and close to 100 internal users it is very difficult to verify that we have the correct subscribers and that the correct sites have access to the right catalogue items without these fitlering options. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. So, we work with external customers on many markets making it necessary to add content in our FAQ in different languages. However, we do have some FAQ material that is only relevant for a specific market due to localisation of our SW. Currently we need to add translations in all languages or the default version will show up in the FAQ for the users on the other markets. Would it be possible to restrict the viewing of the FAQ to the language of the customer - so if no content have been added in their language they will not see the article? Is this something that has been considered?
  10. @Martyn Houghton Yes, this is also an issue for us. We have not found where to do this either, so would be grateful for any pointers.
  11. We had the same problem, but we created a custom button for quick access to portal guest accounts (which is going to be extremely helpful for us anyway) and after that no more error messages and everything works fine.
  12. Thank you @James Ainsworth this is much appreciated!
  13. Hi, I found a really nice feature in the Organisations view where I am now able to view the contacts for filtered organisations. This is going to be really helpful for keeping our data relevant, and also to be able to export data for sending emails, until bulk email sending is possible to filtered organisations. However, the export option doesn't work for me. It gives the attached access denied error message, regardless if I am logged in as admin or as myself. Can you let me know what I am doing wrong? Cecilia
  14. When you have multiple connections to a ticket (in one recent case we had more than 170) and recieve feedback that one or a few should be removed it would be extremely helpful to be able to sort alphabetically or to search, instead of manually browsing through page after page looking for the correct one.
  15. We are also +1 on having connections being able to view a ticket - and as for @Martyn Houghton our focus is the customer portal and external customers.
  16. We attended and appreciated your webinar about top tips and tricks to enhance the Hornbill Portal user experience this week. For us it worked well as a way to tick off that we have utilised the options available to us at this point. However, working with external customers the portal is very important to us, so we have listed our top development suggestions for an enhanced customer experience here: 1. Possibility to add our own icons. As our product/service brands are familiar to our customers it would be terrrific for them to recognise the icons in the portal. 2. Sorting of Catalogue Items. Once created the order between Change requests, Service requests and Incidents can not be changed. Unfortunately we were not aware of this when setting up our services so they do not appear in the order logic to our customers, and we are unable to change that without re-creating the whole service from scratch. 3. Enhance the visibility of the "Login" on the landing page, preferably adding login and password boxes directly on the landing page removing the extra screen for entering login information. 4. Possibility for customers added as connections to a ticket to view that ticket in the portal. 5. Possibility to publish dashboards (and potentially documents) in the portal, visible for a specific customer. 6. Possibility to have the landing page in local languages. 7. Having the possibilty to structure customer organisations as parent/child and set visibility in the portal for the parent to view all child requests or not.
  17. We went live on August 1st. This week we have experienced our first major incident with multiple customers impacted and we are learning a lot about how to optimise and utilise the tool. BUT we have one very major concern especially in these days of GDPR requirements. When sending email updates on status to our customers we used a ticket where we added the impacted customers as connections. We have recieved a lot of negative critique from our customers due to them being able to see each others emails. Setting them as BCC will risk the emails to end up in spam filters instead which is equally bad. We would prefer emails being sent singly to each recipient. Could you please let us know what is your view on this? (I would prefer not to have alternative email groups to our customers in mailchimp etc for these situations but be able to keep it all in Hornbill).
  18. Thanks @alextumber I had noticed that, but this was a case of having an existing project which we realised would be repeated, so I was hoping to save some time. I'll make sure to start with the templates in the future if there is a chance of a project being repeated... /Cecilia
  19. Hi, since I need to insert some additional tasks in a project I will also need to update dependencies. However, this does not seem to be possible at the moment - or am I missing something? Cecilia
  20. Hi, I have created a project which I would be interested in re-using as template for another project. Is that possible? Best wishes, Cecilia
  21. @alextumber - Thanks for answering so promptly - found the problem so my mistake!
  22. As mentioned, this is something Axiell is also very keen on having. Our external customers on some markets are very sensitive to having everything in their own language.
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