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Found 8 results

  1. Following discussion with Hornbill Support regarding issue with on hold duration and suspend await expiry nodes, it was confirmed that Service Manager BPM when using the 'Apply WTC' option to calculate on hold periods, does not use the actual 'Working Time Calendar' associated with the Service Level Agreement the request is assigned to. What it does do is use the Working Time Calendar specified in the Service Manager setting "guest.app.timer.defaultCalendar". As we operate services over multiple time zones with different operating hours, this means that this option is not usable in its current state. Can we request an enhancement for the 'Apply WTC' option to query the linked Service Level Agreement (SLA) on the request to obtain the linked Working Time Calendar (WTC) and use this in its calculation. If there is no linked SLA, then the WTC specified by the current default setting can be used as per the current behaviour. Cheers Martyn
  2. Our trust is placing a "change Freeze" in place over the xmas week and we need a way to block out dates in the change calendar so none are scheduled. From the 15th Dec to 1st Jan. I have had a look at previous topics and the only thing I can find is: However this was last year. and I am wondering if there has been any update? and if not if anything can be advised as a work around? Hayley.
  3. Hi, Is there a way to add scheduled jobs o the change calendar? I need to have reoccurring events scheduled on the calendar for our UAT and production systems patching without the need to raise a change request every time. Is this something that can be done via tasks? If this is not possible can I raise this as an enhancement please? Thanks
  4. Hi, We have the need for the user to choose a date in the future, with the dates available to be selected in the list to be a minimum of 5 work days from now, or beyond. We have customers choosing "todays" date therefore causing issues, in particular with New Starter Requests. Can I request there be an option to set the minimum number of days after "todays" date that can be selected? And if we can have the option to use the Working Day calendar or not too that would be great. Despite having information on the Progressive Capture form, that a date needs to be set a minimum of 5 working days or beyond, users are still not complying with the rule therefore we need the option to force it on them. Thanks, Samuel
  5. Afternoon all, Just a quick question, I'm curious about the Round Robin functionality in terms of call assignment but am wondering how this can be managed when a member of the team is away on Annual Leave. Is there an Analyst calendar of sorts that annual leave can be entered on that will prevent that person being assigned calls? Thanks
  6. Afternoon, The recent changes to the Change calendar are great, however is there any plans to change the text colour when a change is closed? At the moment it goes grey with white text which is not good. Cheers Andy
  7. It would be really useful if activities in the Service Desk Calendar could be linked so they automatically populate the Outlook calendar. For example, if a task was scheduled and assigned to an individual in Service Desk it would automatically appear in their Outlook calendar. Are their any plans for this?
  8. Hello, My colleagues are wondering if there a way to add planned changes directly to the Change Calendar without having to raise a call through Hornbill? If not we welcome any other solutions to go about doing something like this, but can such feature be thought about in future releases? Many thanks, Samuel
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