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  1. Same here, having run an inventory check we have lots of little correction to make which would be ideal to bulk update.
  2. Thanks @Victor this has resolved the issue after deleting and re-importing.
  3. Sam, Thank you for the reply. This is what I have done and on the asset overview page this does appear to have linked correctly, however when you the select the user on the list no information for the account is shown. When you open the actually asset record it shows no user, owner or company however imported without issue.
  4. Can I ask if a solution to this was found? I have just imported 200+ new laptop devices and while the asset screen registers the device against the user, when you open the record it does not show and is not linked.
  5. Good morning I have been advised that call owners can no longer see attachments on calls assigned to another agent. If you are the call owner you can see the attachments and as soon as the call is assigned to another user you lose sight. This is having a large impact for teams collaborative working and has only just changed for some reason. Any advice welcome.
  6. @Mohamed Thank you this has cleared the errors being received. I was asked if the search has a wildcard facility ?
  7. @Chaz Thank you for your reply, is that Update this update? I had been installing all other updates over the week from Monday.
  8. Good Morning, Has anyone seen the below error before? We have not amended any customer permission but it does seem to refer to permissions. Our customers have started getting this when searching the customer portal for call or references. This has worked before but the customer can not be 100% when it last worked.
  9. @Pamela Sorry I hadnt added an attribute field, thi shas now worked.
  10. @Pamela I'm afraid that has not worked, I get a access denied symbol and will not allo w a drag and drop. I am confused however why I should have to try and change something that uptill Mondays issue had been working fine.
  11. To be honest the Phone calls side is not a worry as the numbers are not showing, which is our issue lol
  12. This is the same for Me, since applying the update on Monday this is our view and for all staff.
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