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  1. Thank you, this has sorted the issue.
  2. Thank you I will amend and try now.
  3. I have a user receiving the below error, he is set as a user in the system not basic as the message seems to suggest. I have attached the permissions on the users account which matach another colleagues who can work without issue. Any advice on what I am missing?
  4. This is something that we would also be interested in so that all staff can view the change calendar if they desire. If I could expand on that, is it possible to import an external calendar (O365) into the change calendar so other planned outages could be visible via this method?
  5. Sorry to add to the list but also have same issue.
  6. @Daniel, I have attempted the App cache reload and this has made no difference.
  7. We are having very similar issue that we are missing large amounts options, no request list screen etc. I have not updated the system in the past week. Service Desk Manager is missing from our applications.
  8. @Steven Boardman Thank you kindly for your reply. I shall set some time aside next week to review the above fully and try the set up. Have a nice weekend
  9. Good day all, I have had been asked if it would be at all possible to automate an appointment in a personal calendar (ideally with a hyperlink) to show when a call is scheduled to come off hold (possibly by using an API?). Currently, we have a few people in our team that manually create appointments in outlook to prompt them for when calls are due to come off hold as they do not live in Hornbill. The ability to automate this would be a nice benefit for them and others likewise. I don't see that the BPM would be suitable for this as these are not always done at a specific point in the call as part of a process. Cheers for any information or help.
  10. @Ehsan Please can I add ourselves to this as we have had issues adding assets today.
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