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  1. Hi @Paul Alexander, The first message I'm not sure about to be honest, your Azure admin may be able to help with that. The second message suggests that the keysafe key that the integration node is configured against has been deleted? Could you check the integration node in your workflow and make sure it's got an active key defined against it? Cheers, Steve
  2. Hi @SimonSheldon, The logs should be in a /log subfolder within the folder that holds the import executable. Cheers, Steve
  3. Hi @David Longley, Re ITOM availability, you may want to follow this post Re attachments, no this isn't possible currently, as there's no method to pull the files together in the BPM to send to a Zendesk integration node. I reckon it could be done easily enough with a Powershell script though, so may be another job for ITOM... Cheers, Steve
  4. The latest build of Hornbill iBridge Content Pack (123) has been released to live.Change Log for this release are as follows: Fix DocuSign Send Envelope Template integration - fixed issue where we were unable to populate envelope with multiple document tabs of the same type.
  5. @SimonSheldon Yeah exactly, import your cost centres then follow it up directly with your user import. SQL would be the preferred option for us, the tool already supports SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB and ODBC. I'll give @Victor a nudge to get it released, as he's the one who's been writing it Cheers, Steve
  6. Hi @Paul Alexander, This will most likely be due to an Azure session being active in the current browser (or the Stay logged in option has been taken on a previous Azure login, so the session information is kept in the browser storage). So when keysafe launches the Microsoft page for authorisation, the MS page detects an existing account session and uses that for the key... Hard-logging out of Azure in your browser before trying to re-connect the key should fix this. Cheers, Steve
  7. Hi @Izu, From that page, you need to click Releases to get to the executable downloads. Or visit the Latest Release page directly. Cheers, Steve
  8. Hi @SimonSheldon, The LDAP import tool won't currently import new cost centre records if a match is not found. Are these cost centres just in your LDAP, or are they stored seperately in your accounts system too? The reason I ask is that we're in the process of writing an import tool for group type records (so cost centres, departments, teams etc) which could be pointed at a database or ODBC data source of your choice, that could be scheduled to regularly import any new cost centre records in to Hornbill. Cheers, Steve
  9. Hi @David Longley, The custom button functionality can only write its output to a popup on the screen and/or in to a message in the request timeline. It can't actually write in to fields within the request itself for further automations to use I'm afraid - you can only do that with the BPM workflows currently. But! There is functionality on its way that will allow you to do this - as part of the ITOM release that Gerry spoke about at Insights, so watch this space Cheers, Steve
  10. Hi @Paul Alexander, I've just done some testing, and that error is returned from Intune if the Azure user who the Keysafe key is created with doesn't have an Intune license, or access to those records. If the key is created with the details of a user who does have access to the record, the connector returns the device details as expected. I will improve that error message though! Cheers, Steve
  11. @David Longley Sorry I should've been clearer - it's not in that node, it's the Update Text option in the Write Zendesk Details to Timeline node: Cheers, Steve
  12. Morning @David Longley, Just had a look at the Zendesk API, and that returned URL is the one for the API rather than the web view - and they don't actually return the web app view URL in the API response. You could construct the URL in the workflow node that writes to the timeline though, so looking at your screenshot above you would replace: URL: &[global["integration"]["url"]] With: URL: https://sequelchorus.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/&[global["createticket"]["id"]] And on my instance this would look like: Cheers, Steve
  13. Hi @Paul Alexander, I've made a few changes to the Hornbill Cleaner tool, it's currently at v1.10.0, and allows you to delete targeted sets of assets based on a single asset class and/or type. I wasn't able to allow multiple classes and/or types to be configured for deletion, as a change to Service Manager was required - which I've actually done, but Service Manager isn't due for release for a little while as yet, so until that's released you'll just be able to delete assets of a single class or type. Let me know how you get on with this. Cheers, Steve
  14. @David Longley No worries, glad it worked for you Zendesk is pretty basic, and doesn't have the concept of resolution notes... But! To work around this limitation, I've added a couple more methods to the iBridge: One to get the last comment from a Zendesk ticket; One to get a Zendesk Users details (so you can get the comment author details from the last comment node). So you can now get the last comment that was added to the Zendesk ticket (which includes the author ID), and then go get the Author details (name, phone, email, role), before writing both in to your Hornbill request timeline. I've attached the demo workflow again, which includes the new nodes so you can see how they work. I've just promoted these new methods to live, so you should see them on your instance in the next few minutes! Let me know how you get on with these. Cheers, Steve zendesk.bpm.txt
  15. What's New Additional iBridge integrations for Zendesk: Tickets - Ticket Get Last Comment; Users - User Get Details. See https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/ZenDesk for more information.
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