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  1. Can confirm we have this issue too. It isn't fixed after a logout/login or if clearing the cache. Using Edge or Chrome.
  2. @AndyG Just noticed today no images are working in our FAQs anywhere across our instance (Portals, Service Desk or when editing). Examples below: Portal Service Desk Editing I'm not sure when these stopped working, but pretty certain they have been OK in the last couple of weeks. When right clicking on the image icon within service desk or portal and selecting open the link in another tab, we get this... Any ideas why this has just started for us. Even if we create a new FAQ and add an image (using the image button), it doesn't work. Tested on Chrome and Edge on a Windows PC and also via the mobile PWA, not working on anything. Is anyone else affected by this? Is it likely to be related to the new UI that has gone live today?
  3. hi @Daniel Dekel Has the fix for this been implemented as it is still an issue for us, example below of a table within the editing tool and then how it appears in Employee Portal. Anyone else still have this issue? How it looks when editing... How it looks on the Employee Portal...
  4. @Daniel Dekel I can confirm this is still an issue and is also documented in this post; Fairly urgent - FAQs not displayed when using a table - Service Manager - Hornbill Community Forums. Would be good if we could have an update on this. Thanks
  5. Can confirm we also have this issue and it is when accessing FAQs in the Employee Portal. I've included screenshots below of a mocked up article, but this is now affecting existing articles that were working a couple of weeks ago. Admin view: Employee Portal view: Service Desk view: Prior to this, there has been an ongoing issue with the formatting of tables as well which I believe is covered in this post; FAQ Formatting - Employee Portal - Hornbill Community Forums. Do we know if there is an update to this or has there been a Core-UI update in the last couple of weeks that has possibly caused this new issue?
  6. We have an issue after a user has used the 'paste image here' option when raising a call using the Employee Portal. When pasting the image, the file is attached to the open ticket with a name of 'paste_xxxxxxxxxxxx.png' (where x is replaced by randomised numbers). When attempting to open any of these images (in any of the available image/photo applications), they appear to be corrupt and throw up an error message (see attached example). If the same copied image is first pasted into a 3rd party program (such as MS Paint), saved as a PNG file then attached to the call, this issue doesn't occur. Therefore it would appear Service Manager is corrupting the file when saving it as a PNG file. Does anyone else have this issue or know how it can be resolved? Seems this has only started recently as we can go back to calls raised about 3 weeks ago and open attachments pasted into calls in the same way without issue.
  7. We seem to be having the same problem. Has been working fine but all of a sudden customers are updating comments and the calls aren't coming off hold (even though we have the 'On customer response change sub-status to..' set to an off hold status). This seems to be across all services. Would be good to get a response from Hornbill on this.
  8. Hi James, We have already setup your suggestion and have a folder for processed requests within the email. However we'd still prefer to not have to use this, we like to keep things tidy. We don't consider it good practice to use the email for permanent storage. We previously used Supportworks and had that configured to attach the email to the call. So never kept any emails as they were either copied into the body of the call raised or attached to the call. This worked seamlessly for calls manually logged from email via an agent and also emails picked up by the auto responder. We just assumed Service Manager would do the same thing. Could this possibly be considered as a future enhancement? I'm sure there are others who would like to keep their Service Manager mailbox tidy as we do.
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