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  1. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

    if not its fine we will have to arrange a date next week!(earlier the better as it breaks every change if that option is selected.
  2. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

  3. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

    I have taken this node out of the process and it is till not working, so when we pick the tentative option on the change called "More info required" we get the error: flowcode ("s1"/"flowcode-07ca230e-2786-499e-f987-a499190ca29a") execute: at 1/125: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'outcome' of null" ((function(s){ return true || s !== undefined? s: "" })(functions.getTaskParams("task-8974dc14-ec21-4bda-ec95-309f03ab4592").outcome))" ---------------------------------------- ((function(s){ return true || s !== undefined? s: "" })(functions.getTaskParams("task-8974dc14-ec21-4bda-ec95-309f03ab4592").outcome) It has been working untill the last few dayys so i cant tell from this error what it means has gone wrong?
  4. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

    Hey Victor, we have been doing this for a while? Daniel Riley set it up 1 1/2 - 2 Yrs ago and it has been working until the last few days? It works further up in the BPM but doesn't appear to be working further down? Hayley. Unless we are getting our wires crossed?
  5. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

    Hey Victor i am still getting the error message even after the fix, Please can someone tell me how to resolvethis flowcode issue? Hayley.
  6. yelyah.nodrog

    Outcome settings on Task Nodes not working

    This is snow working perfectly again thankyou
  7. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

    Ta victor ill take a look, but also how do i find out what the correct flowcode is for a task? to make sure i am using the correct one? Hayley.
  8. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

    I am getting the following error when the outcome for a task 'More information required' is selected. flowcode ("s1"/"flowcode-07ca230e-2786-499e-f987-a499190ca29a") execute: at 1/125: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'outcome' of null" ((function(s){ return true || s !== undefined? s: "" })(functions.getTaskParams("task-8974dc14-ec21-4bda-ec95-309f03ab4592").outcome))" ---------------------------------------- ((function(s){ return true || s !== undefined? s: "" })(functions.getTaskParams("task-8974dc14-ec21-4bda-ec95-309f03ab4592").outcome) I am assuming that the node where i am trying to update the request timeline with the custom outcome for the task is the issue here. I have set it as so: I believe the function is incorrect and prehaps the task code is the wrong one, if this is the case how do i find out what he task code is for that node? When i go to variable picker- tasks- i get 2 options 'get additional info' becasue i have 2 task nodes with the more information required button on them It doesnt matter which option i select they both come back with the same error? Jsut with the differnet Task code: flowcode ("s1"/"flowcode-07ca230e-2786-499e-f987-a499190ca29a") execute: at 1/125: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'outcome' of null" ((function(s){ return true || s !== undefined? s: "" })(functions.getTaskParams("task-8974dc14-ec21-4bda-ec95-309f03ab4592").outcome))" ---------------------------------------- ((function(s){ return true || s !== undefined? s: "" })(functions.getTaskParams("task-8974dc14-ec21-4bda-ec95-309f03ab4592").outcome) Or flowcode ("s1"/"flowcode-07ca230e-2786-499e-f987-a499190ca29a") execute: at 1/125: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'outcome' of null" ((function(s){ return true || s !== undefined? s: "" })(functions.getTaskParams("task-57c5d569-4a57-4801-25eb-59fd5a90f381").outcome))" ---------------------------------------- ((function(s){ return true || s !== undefined? s: "" })(functions.getTaskParams("task-57c5d569-4a57-4801-25eb-59fd5a90f381").outcome)) Hayley
  9. Since the update last night, i can no longer open the outcomse settings buttons. I have tried under admin and on my logon, aswell as on chrome, ie, edge and mozilla. Nothing happens, i dont get any eror messages it just doesnt load up. Hayley.
  10. yelyah.nodrog

    Avaliability & reassigining

    We are having issues where users are deciding to put themselves 'on holiday' or another code, to stop themselves being assigned calls via the round robin feature. Is there a way we can take this ability away so only admin or managers can do it? Also is there a way to stop users from being able to reassign a call? As some people are just reassiging because they dont want to do the work. (even if there is a way to build in a node for a activity can go to a manger to approve reassigning) Hayley
  11. yelyah.nodrog

    Top bar on PDFs not displaying totals

    Sorry i never saw thefirst reply, I beleive it was for 250 and thnaks for letting me know that the fix wil lbe aval soon.
  12. yelyah.nodrog

    Issue with Node on Change Error

    Thanks Victor!
  13. I have been having a issue with our change process for a few days, We havent changed anything on it to cause it so am a bit confiused by it. This is the error received, I believe its around these nodes that the issue is occuring: I have attached the change aswell, if anyone could take a look and let me know where i have gone wrong? Thanks Hayley.
  14. yelyah.nodrog

    Breach emails - continuing on hold?

    Logged as requested: IN00151097
  15. Afternoon all, Wonder if i can grab some advice, we are currently tryingn to implement our SSO profiles for the Self service portal. We are coming accross a issue where it direct the portal but does not sign users into it Here is a screenshot of our profile. we are using another piece of software (Centrify) as our source atm. so for example, Someone logs on to the centrify app or centrify webpage and then every app on that webpage is SSO from this point as AD credentials have already been supplied. Here is a screen shot of our SSO Profile: As far as i can see i have completed it to the instructionsn on the wiki page. We have done the same at the centrify end (just FYI) But the result we are getting is as follows: Does anyone have any ideas/advice in regards to this. Thanks Hayley.