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  1. I am trying to run a measure that excludes all teams from showing in the results that begin with EPR I have been using this in the 'Query where clause' bit is: WHERE h_fk_team_name NOT LIKE 'EPR%' but I don't think this is giving me a true result? can anyone help? The point of this measure is to count how many incident tickets were resolved within our agreed SLA'S last month. But only for ICT teams (we have a separate department who's teams all start with EPR that i wish to exclude) Many thanks H
  2. Evening all, I only noticed the other day that the Close request after period of time node is not depreciated, all of our tickets normally auto close after 5 working days. However it doesn't appear this is happening anymore - due to the depreciation? What is the equivalent new functionality for this as i cannot find a new model that uses a closure timer? or are we placing a pause in front of it for 5 days then adding the closure timer, in which case i would have to add 2 nodes where i only used to have to place one? Many thanks in advance Hayley.
  3. Afternoon all, We are trying to set up some custom views so that we can sort by who is a member and who is not a member. There is a option to sort by Member "is" however there is not a way to sort by Member "is not" is this a bug? or can i put in a request for this to be added as a feature? IS there another way i can pull up this information at this moment in time? Hayley.
  4. Hey Guys, wondering on how long its going to take for reporting to be sent to people via emails, As part of a new piece of work we need Hornbill to spit out a certain CSV file that then gets uploaded into another system, this is critical for any devices being moved or replaced to work, if this isn't happening soon can someone please help suggest ways to get the reports out of hornbill via a email so it goes to the relevant place to be uploaded? Many thanks Hayley
  5. This is something i would be interested in aswell
  6. Morning all, I seem to be having a issue with a newly created Pro Cap, I ahve created a quick log where all you have to do in the pro cap is select the customers name and then the name of the clinical research trial (this has been created as a simple list). However every time i try to log this servce request it completly skips the 2nd node (custom form for the clinical research trial simple list) and logs and resolves the call. I have checked to make sure it is set to never skip, deleted and restarted the pro cap and its still doinng it. The BPM is running exactly how i expected it too though. Can anyone think of a reason why (i may be having a moment here) Hayley.
  7. whatever you did made it work though, it wasn't before and is now
  8. Afternoon, We have a issue where we are unable to reassign re-opened calls to new teams since the most recent update? Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Hayley.
  9. I believe it has resolved the issue, but haven't checked in detail, am just not getting anyone talking about it anymore! No news is good news right? Many thanks
  10. I used to get this when certain BPM workflows weren't completed properly, It couldn't find the next node after a decision. Is it only happening against certain tickets that all follow the same BPM process?
  11. Is there any chance that when selecting the options for charts on reports, we could have the option to sort sample order in alphabetical order? Many thanks Hayley.
  12. Morning all, I ran the update yesterday for Service Manager, however when changing the priority the SLA is not changing like the update advised? Have jsut change this call from a P4 to a R3 (P4 is for incidnets with us and its a Service Request call) The priority has changed but the SLA hasnt? Is there something i need to turn on in the background? I was advised by Daniel yesteday when he was in our office that this was going to be in this update? Many thanks & happy friday! Hayley.
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