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  1. Back up and running for us @ GOSH - Thanks for the speedy fix.
  2. Afternoon, I have noticed that the cost center picker also shows the Organisational ID in the ticket in Hornbill. This is causing issues if we use this variable for the summary on tickets. Is there a way so that it will show just the name instead of the Name & Organisational ID. Please see screen shots See result of using this group picker: It has been doing this for a while now but it never used to. Using this code for the summary: [Device Integration issue] &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_e")] in: &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_b")] Bedspace/Room: &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_c")] This bit being the group picker: &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_b")] Hayley. Hayley.
  3. @Chaz We seem to have a issue now where even if we manually type the times it doesnt allow us to schedule. (same as @HGrigsby if within a 24 hours period) Hayley.
  4. Afternoon all, We are only just starting to use our mailbox in Hornbill to update and create tickets from. We have noticed that when you click the "Raise Request" Button At no point in the call logging process does it pull across the email details, It doesn't add it automatically as an attachment and it doesn't pull the information from the email into the description or the timeline. (like it does when you pick the apply to request button) Should this be happening, as it seems very strange to log a ticket from a email in the mailbox if its not going to pull the email information across? Or is there something we should be doing to make this happen? Many thanks Hayley.
  5. Morning, I am having trouble this morning scheduling the change on the change calendar, It wont allow me to put a time in for the Change end date? it is grayed out? Am i doing something silly? - It will let me manually type in the end time but i cannot use the picker? Many thanks Hayley.
  6. Morning, I wondered if i could request that the Advanced field feature under the request list be extended to include all custom fields that can be used? It seems to only go up to "O" Currently? However they actually go up to "T" in the reporting background? I need to use the h_custom_t field to pull information out in the front end. Many thanks! Hayley.
  7. You don't have anything to take something off hold if something comes in via email? can this please be looked at as a enhancement feature? As taking something off of hold after a email comes in would be very helpful. Allowing analysts to know the ticket has new information and it has gone back into a open state. H
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