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  1. Thanks Mary, That popped into my head overnight and i did think it was probably there Thankyou for Clarifying H
  2. Morning, I am trying to run a report showing the following columns that are collected against an asset: Last Logged On Manufacturer Model Operating System Network IP Address I cannot find them in the Asset Reporting or database direct? Hayley.
  3. We are using it in our Change BPM to populate the summary of the change request, We capture the change start time in the Pro cap using the h_proposed_start_time Then set the summary and description in the BPM using this as the summary: Disruption Level: &[functions.pcf("changeDetails","h_disruption_level")] - &[functions.pcf("changeDetails","approvalLevel")] - &[functions.pcf("changeDetails","serviceArea")] - &[functions.pcf("changeDetails","h_proposed_start_time")] - &[functions.pcf("changeDetails","changeTitle")] However the time itself comes back a bit of a
  4. Afternoon all, Is there a way to use the variable h_proposed_start_time but take the time off of the displayed output? It is currently pulling back time/date like this: 2021-04-01T12:00:00.000Z Which we want to use in he summary however we would like it to just be the date? Many thanks Hayley.
  5. Many thanks for this @ArmandoDM I have managed to get this to close after a set amount of time, I clearly was just being a bit silly. However if I reopen the ticket after its been resolved but before its hit the agreed time to close, its closing the ticket and setting the status to closed?. What loop do I need to build into this to be able to open a ticket without it closing within the agreed time if it has been reopened after being resolved? H
  6. Morning all, I am just going through our current BPM's as I have been away for over a year and I have noticed that the old 'close request after a period of time' option on the update request automated task has been depreciated (I think this happened before I went away and I never got around to adjusting it) It has now been replaced with the 'suspend - wait for request resolution' automated task, I'm not sure from looking at it or the descriptions how I set this up to replicate what we had before? Does anyone have any experience with this? I understand that if I put 5 in the
  7. Morning @Victor I have tried lower case, same issue, I have also tried other users emails who can normally use this feature and the same thing happens. Thanks H
  8. Morning, I am trying to log a issue to hornbill support however i cannot get past the first page, whenever I put in my details it either clears them or leaves them in he box but nothing else happens, no error messages appear? I can still get into success.hornbill.com fine but obviously cant raise a ticket from there? Many Thanks Hayley.
  9. Morning, Is there a way to create an Autotask and link it to a custom button, where it completes all outstanding tasks on a ticket? Hayley.
  10. @Steven Boardman Thanks for the quick response, I have gone to the newsfeed for a change I am following from the newsfeed: This is what I get on the timeline? Hayley.
  11. Sorry @Steven Boardman Where would I find this? Hayley.
  12. Hey @Steven Boardman No we specifically weren't in the ticket for the above reason. However I am seeing the updates in the newsfeed. H
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