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  1. @DeenIt appears to be doing it for all of the charts i currently have set up. I am only using Bar and Pie though. I have a total of 18 charts. Many thanks Hayley.
  2. Morning, I have noticed when i click on a Graph on my dashboard so that it takes me to the list in horn bill it doesn't populate the list. So for example if i were to click on the title of this graph: It used to take me to a list of all the the results i have asked for it to pick up, It should take me to a list of 60 tickets (have removed names and amounts from graph) However is taking me instead to a list of all open or new requests. (1418 of them instead) I have checked my other graphs and it is doing the same on all of them. I can still gt to the list by clicking on the Custom views drop down and selecting the relevant view as a work around: However its a bit inconvenient, i can also click on the individual segments of the chart and it will take me to a list of records just for that segment. Many thanks Hayley.
  3. @Vikki Cameron Yup we are having issues with Chrome/IE and Edge
  4. Hey James, Yes we are using the FTF feature, we had built in our own one until this most recent feature came out and we switched our processes over to this last month. However it more the 2nd and 3rd line teams we are trying to manage the work for.
  5. Afternoon I wonder if you can help me, We are trying to track the overall impact of particular service requests and incidents. If we gather only the statistics that occur at the end of the call, then it would appear that there is no impact on any of the intervening teams (i.e. 2nd and different parts of 3rd line), which certainly is not the case. Additionally, all the credit (for work done quickly) or the blame (for lateness / breaching SLAs) is attributed to the team that finally closes the call, even if the work done by the final team is minimal. We’re aware that we could create a new call for work done by each of the teams, though this is a huge overhead and defeats the purpose of having a Service Desk (1st line). To date, we’ve only been able to capture the closed call stats at the end of the call that are obviously skewed for the reasons mentioned above. Does anyone know how we could have dashboards and/or fixed reports that would show these intervening statistics? I believe we may be able to report on the one team before the last team by joining some tables, but is there any other way we can get more accurate information? Hayley.
  6. @Paul Alexanderchecked this too, there is only one node after the one its failing at and its the add attachments one which is full. Might delete it and add it again see if its just corrupted somehow.
  7. Ta @Paul Alexander if only it was that easy! have done that so many times! Lol
  8. Morning all, I might be having a baby brain moment however i am getting this error message and i cant for the life of me figure out why. When i am trying to log a ticket on the portal for a new catalog item i am getting the error: The flow is poorly formed. Please contact your PCF manager. Looking at the error message (which is huge) i can pick out the following: "noActiveFlowMessage":"The progressive capture for this request type has not been made active" However when checking the BPM and Pro Cap both are in fact active: I have checked the BPM and Pro Cap and there are no errors on any nodes, and the catalog item is using these captures: Does anyone have any ideas as to where i have gone wrong? i have never had this error in 3 years. Please also see notepad ++ copy of error message: Hornbill error message Ta Hayley
  9. Back up and running for us @ GOSH - Thanks for the speedy fix.
  10. Afternoon, I have noticed that the cost center picker also shows the Organisational ID in the ticket in Hornbill. This is causing issues if we use this variable for the summary on tickets. Is there a way so that it will show just the name instead of the Name & Organisational ID. Please see screen shots See result of using this group picker: It has been doing this for a while now but it never used to. Using this code for the summary: [Device Integration issue] &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_e")] in: &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_b")] Bedspace/Room: &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_c")] This bit being the group picker: &[functions.pcf("DeviceIntegration","h_custom_b")] Hayley. Hayley.
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