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  1. yelyah.nodrog

    Email Templates all missing

    Ta! At least they are still there!
  2. Since this morning all of my email templates have vanished? Is it something to do with the drop down menus? I have looked under all of them and cannot find them... This is a bit of a pain because i am trying to link some and create a new one for a new BPM before i go on AL tomorrow, is anyone else experiancing this issue? Hayley.
  3. yelyah.nodrog

    Usability of NEW analyst portal design

    I second this, Ours have also gone gray and shrunk, and the explanations/supporting info below the question are bigger and clearer than the question itself? Another problem is that the boxes don't expand with the amount of information typed, so analysts cant see what they have typed if they have typed more than the spacing allows. They have already started moaning about this. I am finding this quite messy, its not easy to view, especially if you have explanations underneath the questions, you cant easily tell where the next question starts? Hayley.
  4. yelyah.nodrog

    'Hornbill Today' View

    Would be nice if we could have a widget for your current requests outstanding or something.?
  5. yelyah.nodrog

    CH00128259 - Latest Service manager update

    Ta Guys, Its home time so jsut having a moment cleary! H
  6. Afternoon, I can see this has been added to the latest service manager update NEW: As an analyst, you can now search the timeline and historic updates of Requests that you can view via the Global Search. This requires you to run a New Re-index of the new HornbillITSMTimeline and HornbillITSMHistoric indexes. See https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Index_Storage for more information. {CH00128259} However when i go to https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Index_Storage There is no information on the page? Is it jsut me or is it not up yet? Hayley.
  7. yelyah.nodrog

    Teams disappearing

    All services are set up as everyone supports (appart from ones in development) They were fine until about 3-4 hours ago Hayley.
  8. yelyah.nodrog

    Teams disappearing

    Good Afternoon, We have reports of teams going missing when we try to assign calls, It appears to be 3 teams, ICT Security CST Imaging Business Applications Is anyone else having random bugs in the system today? Hayley.
  9. yelyah.nodrog

    No services available to select during PCF

  10. yelyah.nodrog

    No services available to select during PCF

    It now appears to be working after pushing through a fix in Hornbill service manager
  11. I haven touched the admin side of hornbill today and no updates have been pushed but but whenever someone tries to raise a change they get this error when it comes to selecting a service: IS anyone else getting this error? Changes were being raised fine up to around a hour ago? Hayley. (have also raised as incident on support)
  12. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

    Ta Victor, i will take a look at it properly when i get 2 secs Hayley.
  13. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

    if not its fine we will have to arrange a date next week!(earlier the better as it breaks every change if that option is selected.
  14. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

  15. yelyah.nodrog

    Task Outcome Error

    I have taken this node out of the process and it is till not working, so when we pick the tentative option on the change called "More info required" we get the error: flowcode ("s1"/"flowcode-07ca230e-2786-499e-f987-a499190ca29a") execute: at 1/125: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'outcome' of null" ((function(s){ return true || s !== undefined? s: "" })(functions.getTaskParams("task-8974dc14-ec21-4bda-ec95-309f03ab4592").outcome))" ---------------------------------------- ((function(s){ return true || s !== undefined? s: "" })(functions.getTaskParams("task-8974dc14-ec21-4bda-ec95-309f03ab4592").outcome) It has been working untill the last few dayys so i cant tell from this error what it means has gone wrong?