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  1. yelyah.nodrog

    All SLA's Breaching even when on hold?

    Yes please Victor, its not letting me raise one atm, and i guarantee that it's because we are having network problems atm....(atm meaning ALWAYS) If we raise a call, and place it on hold, it appears that the SLA timer is still running in the background, it doesn't seem to register that its on hold and i believe the response or resolve timer continues to count down in the background. - However i don't think the calls are breaching, its just issuing out the relevant breach emails at the relevant times. Hope that makes sense. H
  2. yelyah.nodrog

    All SLA's Breaching even when on hold?

    @Victor Apologies if i missed that victor, i don't really come on here all the time, and the emails I get from yourselves magic into a folder i don't look at regularly enough clearly... Here are some examples of SR and IN's where i know we have had the issues I will log another ticket for you, but can you please tell me if you need any particular information or if ticket number examples are enough? SR00060593 IN00060473 IN00060388 SR00060390 Many thanks as always Hayley.
  3. Is there a way to report on all calls where the priority has been ammended? Say for example its been ammended from High to low as it was raised as High in error, or assessed not to be high. Thanks Hayley.
  4. yelyah.nodrog

    All SLA's Breaching even when on hold?

    Thanks for this advice, would be nice if changing the priority would change the SLA, as otherwise there isnt really any point in changing the priority is there? Keep me updated with the breraching problem... However this isnt the first time i have reported it. Please see: Thanks as always! Hayley.
  5. Since early last week, when we try to reassign a call to a new team member, or team. The analysts appearing under the team selected are the wrong analysts. In the below example. We have selected the Endpoint team, but all of the Telecoms analysts are appearing... if we assign anyway and refrest the page then try to assign again to the correct members it works.
  6. Good evening, Since one of the most recent updates, we have noticed that all of our calls where the priority has changed are breaching there origional priority even if on hold. Even calls assigned to priorities with no SLAs are now breaching. We are getting Breach emails aswell as the calls actually breaching. This is going to be a serious problem for our stats. The Below example is of a call that was logged as a R2 (with a SLA) but downgraded to a R99 (Outside SLA). It was downgraded a day before it breached. However it appears it still ran on the R2 timer and breached anyway... We have had quite a few of these happen over the last week Here is a snip of me downgrading the ticket to a R99 (a ticket ourside of SLA as it is a project) Here is it breaching resolution the day after and here is the breach email So clearly they are not downgrading in the background? Hayley.
  7. yelyah.nodrog

    Bulk uploading Service Requests

    Afternoon, Is there a way or a functionality to bulk upload a bunch of service request or Incidents into the HB system instead of maually having to create them. I remember when we first went live, we manually had to upload all of our open calls from our old ITSM tool, manually. Many thanks Hayley
  8. Morning, Is there a way to intergrate hornbill logged tickets into Service now? One of our external suppliers uses service now and we would like to make it so we can raise a ticket through HB into Service now? Many thanks Hayley.
  9. yelyah.nodrog

    List stage on boards

    @Victor would be helpful!, sorry was on A/L Hayley
  10. yelyah.nodrog

    Email Templates all missing

    Ta! At least they are still there!
  11. Since this morning all of my email templates have vanished? Is it something to do with the drop down menus? I have looked under all of them and cannot find them... This is a bit of a pain because i am trying to link some and create a new one for a new BPM before i go on AL tomorrow, is anyone else experiancing this issue? Hayley.
  12. yelyah.nodrog

    Usability of NEW analyst portal design

    I second this, Ours have also gone gray and shrunk, and the explanations/supporting info below the question are bigger and clearer than the question itself? Another problem is that the boxes don't expand with the amount of information typed, so analysts cant see what they have typed if they have typed more than the spacing allows. They have already started moaning about this. I am finding this quite messy, its not easy to view, especially if you have explanations underneath the questions, you cant easily tell where the next question starts? Hayley.
  13. yelyah.nodrog

    'Hornbill Today' View

    Would be nice if we could have a widget for your current requests outstanding or something.?
  14. yelyah.nodrog

    CH00128259 - Latest Service manager update

    Ta Guys, Its home time so jsut having a moment cleary! H
  15. Afternoon, I can see this has been added to the latest service manager update NEW: As an analyst, you can now search the timeline and historic updates of Requests that you can view via the Global Search. This requires you to run a New Re-index of the new HornbillITSMTimeline and HornbillITSMHistoric indexes. See https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Index_Storage for more information. {CH00128259} However when i go to https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Index_Storage There is no information on the page? Is it jsut me or is it not up yet? Hayley.