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  1. Breach Emails

    Can I please request it as a possible enhancement then?, as at the moment it is only emailing to a single person (the call owner) or the call owners manager, this really is creating a single point of failure, as if the manager isn't in, no one knows it has breached?
  2. System Autoresponder

    thanks victor this has now been resolved
  3. closed and resolved Report and measure

    perfect thanks bob!
  4. Breach Emails

    Hey Victor, Thanks for getting back to me, unfortunately when I look in this option it only gives me the option to escalate to the owner or owners manager... what we really need to a way to send this to a agreed distribution list, is there a way I can do this? I cant seem to see a option? Hayley.
  5. System Autoresponder

    Morning, Quick question We have recently starting having issues when sending out a email to our Change stakeholders distribution list on our changes, we are getting a message advising: mail Update by unknown sender (administrator@gosh.nhs.uk) Undeliverable: The Change CH00024674 has been implemented Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: ChangeStakeholders@gosh.nhs.uk Your message can't be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted. Diagnostic information for administrators: Where is it getting the address administrator@gosh.nhs.uk? I think its restricted due to something happening to the distribution list as it advises delivery to the address is restricted, however it is also advising that the administrator@gosh.nhs.uk email address is a unknown sender and I cant remember ever setting anything like it up? Can someone tell me where this is and why it is showing as this? Please see attached email with more errors: RE Request CH00024674 has been updated via email.msg Thanks Hayley.
  6. Breach Emails

    Can you please advise where the screen mentioned is? Thanks, Hayley.
  7. Breached call percentage by team

    that worked! your a star! thankyou!
  8. Breach Emails

    Morning, I had a few questions around Breached email templates and notifications. At what point does the system send out a Breached template and how does it know who to send it too? I'm assuming it looks at the person/team that raised the call and finds out the managers of that person/team from the field: Home > System > Organisational Data > Users, then the about tab and the Manager field? If this is the case we are finding that half these fields are incorrect and this is down to the system its pulling the information in from being incorrect.... Unfortunately at this tie this is not something we are looking to correct, so I wanted to know if there is any way to stop the breach notifications going out in this fashion.....we still want breach notification (templates) however we would like them to go to a set distribution group.... is this possible? if not is there a way to at least turn this feature off for now? Hayley.
  9. Breached/Met (Clearing out blanks)

    I think it might have been that..... :D, unless anyone can think of anything else? However that doesn't help me with the issue of blanks instead or Breached or met in my reports..
  10. Breached/Met (Clearing out blanks)

    Could it bee that I need to put in the percentage sub-query h_withinfix OR h_withinresponse? instead of AND
  11. Breached/Met (Clearing out blanks)

    I have noticed recently that when I am running repots on calls that have breached or met SLA's, I am being greeted with a lot of blanks. in the Within Fix or Within Resolve columns, We have recently implemented Round robin calls which I think may be effecting the Response SLA's. As you can see from the below picture I have the Start and stop Response time in the BPM for the MS SQL Team: However when I run the report for Calls resolved within response OR resolve time, I get a lot of blanks in rgw within fix and resolve columns: Running my measure with the below information: I am getting only 13% close within response OR resolve....which is not true to the report... I would like to know if there is a way to ignore the "blanks" in the Measure? and also if there is something wrong with my BPM which explains why it is not marking on the response timer? as round robin has assigned the call to a user within seconds? Thanks Hayley.
  12. Breached call percentage by team

    I am trying to create a measure that can tell me the percentage of calls breached by teams monthly. I want to know the percentage of calls that have breached response OR resolve times, by team. as well as overall totals for the department. I also want to know the overall percentage of calls that have been resolved within the response OR resolve times by team. This measure it generating percentage but I am not 100% sure it is true? 1, can someone advise if this is the correct way to write this measure 2, can someone advised me of how to generate this again in a report so I can confirm the measure is correct? Thanks! Hayley.
  13. Inappropriate Emoji

    mmmh yes please because even better its currently being promoted as the "Daily Emoji"
  14. Inappropriate Emoji

    Can someone please explain to me why this is considered an appropriate emoji on a work platform? and this is just the worst one.... is there a way to turn the emoji option off.
  15. email not updating to calls

    Thanks victor, I have never touched this rule though and it has worked for weeks previously? I have now turned it on and we will see if calls update. Hayley.