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  1. +1 sorry just seen this, I just created a new thread for this, feel free to close it, can see there has been no update since last Wednesday though??
  2. In fact its doing it for a new service I created that hasn't been used yet as well, I keep switching it off and it keeps switching on again. At this rate i'm going to have to delete it and redo it all over again as its going to cause users confusion.
  3. Morning, I am trying to switch off a service as visible on the portal as we no longer need it, however every time I do it, it switches back to visible again. Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong here as I'm sure its me, but I haven't had this issue before? Many thanks H
  4. You could put it in the Tooltips?? Although they don't appear in the section you have shown above, only when you hover over the button itself. H
  5. @John C We did thankyou .although we had to remove everything off of our ADFS server and start again, adding the new metadata URLS didn't work for us. H
  6. we had the same issues yesterday as you @Mark (ESC) endless weird bugs in the system since the banner appeared...
  7. We are also having issues with this since the banner appeared yesterday saying it would not cause any issues it has been endless issues with SSO. We have moved over to Azure today from ADFS in the hope that we can do two birds with one stone, I was advised that our SSO issues were nothing to do with Hornbill but my engineers do not agree and have advised there has been a change in metadata (which we also had a issue with downloading) is what has caused the problems. I cannot get access to my tickets on the support portal this morning as nothing is showing and there are clearly issues with it, I have emailed hornbill support and my account manager with no response as we need to get this resolved. A bit fed up over here.
  8. +1 this, we have found that its very helpful to be able to follow the path by highlighting it a colour for example
  9. Hey @Berto2002, The Field for user type is actually h_class It sits under h_sys_accounts, 1 = Full Licence and 3 = Basic. Very confusing right?, Hope this helps you! you should be able to still use the report that James supplied and just amend it slightly. H
  10. +1 is there a way to raise a request at the very least that will pull back the assets used by a user for them without them having to actually submit it? If for example if I created a 'My assets' request offering where it puts in the customers name, can we then use the Data Query - Get assets by type to then populate a field with all users assets that is read only? Can I put a expression in the filter assets box that will do this for me like I could for other systems? Failing that could we create a request that will then generate a email with the customers assets and information in them? As I'm assuming there is still no update on the enhancement request for this over a year later? Thanks
  11. Afternoon, I wanted to see if I was missing a trick here, we have a NON ICT member of staff that will be using our Hornbill system, we need them to only be able to see tickets assigned to their team. They should not be able to find any other tickets (via searching etc) How do we go about this as I can add her only to the relevant team, but if I start locking down services she wont see the tickets even if they are assign to her team if she doesn't have access to that service? or will it be overridden by the fact its been passed to her team? Hayley.
  12. +1 from us, our Change process forms can be quite lengthy and we would like the ability to save to draft like other ITSM platforms offer.
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