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We were wondering if we could have better integration with the Change Calendar  a few suggestions are as followed

Make it an internet Calendar  so we can add it to outlook or a possible integration with outlook.


Or possibly a downloadable ICS File

We just wanted a better way of sharing changes out 


Let me know your thoughts



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@gwynne Thanks for your post.

This is a great area where we could look to innovate perhaps you could comment on the following:

1) Who would need to see this information - everyone or just specific users?
2) What information specifically would you want to share with these users?

Do you have any specific use cases you could share. I.e. As a ...... I want/need to be able to .......



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1. No specifics on user access this would be ideal to be able to have the flexibility to allow anyone to see if we need them to. Example is we have project teams who request changes from the technical team so having that overview would be great.I appreciate currently there is licences needed for change cal access however this is info only and a licence would be OTT

2. Not great amount of info is needed for us as its more about the complete view of changes rather than the specific info  Title, Description Date & Time of change Status of change


Like I say use cases we have involvement from all walks of the business and having the overview of changes in outlook would be ideal from a project/ Team management  point of view  to see. Plus we have users who have a low usage of Hornbill itself so having a overview for them would also be good.

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