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  1. Hi @BillP Which iBridge integration is this using ? I would like to investigate doing this for our Starters and Leavers process. Kind Regards Si
  2. Hi , cant find an option to export the Service Portfolio or a report on the Service Portfolio , is there one, has anyone else got one that I could perhaps adapt? Thanks
  3. Thanks David, had used the other two Service tags but not SLT, what a dunce I am, much appreciated
  4. Request List - Hornbill Wiki at the bottom suggests this is defined somewhere or switched on, I am trying to find where as I would like to have a colour code for analysts to easily see their assigned requests approach or in breach. Can anyone direct me to it? Thnaks Si
  5. Hi We would like to explore if an enhancement to request reassignment can apply team based auto assignment rules. Currently we have round robin on requests that are raised to the Service Desk team , but when our Service Desk team triage a call and it need to go to 3rd Line , 3rd line assignment rules dont apply ? Regards Si
  6. I would like to run a report on licenced users that shows a Full user ( agent) v Collaboration User (limited) in what area would I need to be in Administration and against which entity does this report need to run. Thanks in advance. Simon Adams
  7. an .ics feed would be an ideal solution?
  8. We would either like to find out if its possible or to request an enhancement to allow either a PCF upon login or Enable for certain users We would like to send out a data capture to our users to confirm if their user details are up to date or need updating so we can use the data in a data cleansing exercise for AD or other systems to be able to force this on login would be useful as a one time action, I suppose its possible to send people a link to a catalogue item as an alternative? Has anyone else had this requirement?
  9. We would support the request to be able to save a draft before its moved on to the next stage. From a business process its reasonable to need to update a draft over a number of days before submitting to the next stage as well as the autosave for cases of network connectivity issues
  10. We are struggling configuring email notifications that go to our users. We have users on the Employee Portal and we have users on our Customer Portal. Currently the email that goes out embeds the url or our instance an defaults to the Employee Portal. Our external customers who receive the notification email get the url to Employee so therefor cannot follow the link live.hornbill.com/oururl/catalog/com.hornbill.servicemanager/request/{{.H_pk_reference}} is what is in the template and we cannot change that ? Has anyome come across this or do we need to raise an enhancement request Which for a customer wont translate http://customer.hornbill.com/oururl
  11. Thanks for responding, I was hoping that a team manager would be able to see escalations from a user, a good metric to use regarding how well we are performing, do we have a prioritisation matrix issue
  12. Hi All New customer here , we are aware that an Licenced User/Agent can escalate in Service Manager but what is available to a user to escalate their SR/Incident ? Regards Si SBC
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