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  1. Helen, I am not technical by any stretch but single sign-on is not going to work in that context. Firstly anyone, be that HR staff or end user can raise a new starter request for example via the self-service portal and there is no subscription required for this. Where the request is being picked up by the HR staff to action or progress a named subscription is required. I assume this is where you are talking about using a shared login to give access to more than one individual using a named subscription. The 'workaround' by using the single generic user is not in the spirit of our subscription model, furthermore, in terms of auditing trail this is compromised in that how would you know who has done what with a given request or process given that there is a generic user. There is an additional level of exposure in this approach that involved the changing of the 'shared password' when any changes happen within the HR team, for this and the other reasons highlighted this would not be a recommended approach. The answer to that specific question is, I am afraid, going to lie with increasing your subscription count. Just out of curiosity how many people are we talking about here? Abdi
  2. Helen, I may have got the wrong end of the stick here but the end users will just need to be subscribed to a Service Called HR Support in order to raise tickets against the catalog items published for that service. The 'shared user' in this case would be the person that picks up the requests as they come in. Abdi
  3. @Rebecca you can have a process that allows for the requesting and approval of a PO however there is no current capability to generate anything more than say an email template as a PO as an output of the process. If you are looking to store PO's then you certainly can store this as an attachment against asset(s) as per the below screen shot.
  4. Hello Rebecca. Can I ask a couple of questions to clarify how you currently manage the process for requesting and raising a PO. Do you currently have a documented process and does this have any approval gates based on the items being requested or the value for example? Furthermore what part does your Finance team play, if any, in this process and ultimately who generates the PO stationary that gets sent out (assuming thats how it works for you currently) Thanks Abdi.
  5. Hi Steve @Martyn Houghton has beaten me to it! External users are classed as Contacts in Hornbill and have access only to the single Customer Portal. This does support a multi client approach - its how we operate. Abdi
  6. Claire. Thanks for your question. In short yes, a Hornbill Collaboration user has the ability to action activities such as authorisations. Key to this however being that the user doing the authorisation, or undertaking whatever BPM driven activity you are asking them to undertake, needs to be a subscribed Collaboration User. Once subscribed the approval could be undertaken in a number of ways, via email, in the Hornbill Mobile App or via the main Browser Interface. Abdi
  7. Paul. Have you thought about including a link in your resolution email back to the specific request on the Service Portal with instructions to the end user to update the request there? Abdi
  8. Hi Martyn Can you give us an idea of a use case here please. Abdi
  9. Hi Sam, If you are trying to get a 'basic user' to log in to the Customer Portal this will not work. A basic user is configured as an 'internal user' and as such can only accesses the Service Portal. The Customer portal is accessed by 'Guests' so you will need to create a Guest User. In the Admin client navigate to Home>System>Manage Portals>Guest Accounts Service Portal = Internal Users (Basic and Co-Workers) Customer Portal = External Users (Guest Account AKA a Contact) Abdi https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Contacts
  10. Lionel. Great to speak with you at the event yesterday. Looking at your request above I would suggest that whilst 'technically' possible this would start to fly quite close to our subscription policy. As you know we try to keep things simple at Hornbill as such access to the Hornbill Service/Customer Portals is free for those who are 'being supported' AKA End Users. However once you cross the line from being the end user and into the realms of the service provider you do require a subscription to Service Manager. I would suggest that as the 'Business Service Owner' one is less the customer and more the 'Service Provider' if as you suggest they need access to update the timeline of the requests raised against their service as the 'subject matter expert' or 'owner'. Have you considered giving them access to dashboards relating to the service and some form of widget(s) based on categories KPI's and possibly a list showing last 10 requests for example. This will only require a Collaboration Subscription Abdi
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    Great @Reena Mahatma
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    Hi Reena, It would be helpful if you could post a screen shot here of what you are describing. If you are reffering to the Services Form in progressive capture (as per attached image) this will filter the Services presented based on the ones you as the support agent are associated to as a supported team. Please check to see if you are a member of a team that supports ALL of the services you are expecting to see presented. This is configured in the Service as per below: Regards, Abdi
  13. @gwynne Thanks for your post. This is a great area where we could look to innovate perhaps you could comment on the following: 1) Who would need to see this information - everyone or just specific users? 2) What information specifically would you want to share with these users? Do you have any specific use cases you could share. I.e. As a ...... I want/need to be able to ....... Regards, Abdi
  14. Hi Alex, You can indeed change much of the colors and this is documented here https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Customising_Self_Service. I am not sure that we can change these icons but will investigate and respond. Hope this helps. Regards, Abdi
  15. Hi Gareth. Just thought I would add the following for clarity. The Hornbill Configuration Manager is an integrated App you can install alongside Service Manager to extend the current functionality around the management of Assets/CI's by putting them into Policy amongst other things. The degree to which you can extend this management will continue to mature in the coming months and it is this type of feedback that we are looking to solicit. It is not anticipated that a customer would seek to put all their Assets/CI's into Policy, only those that are deemed to require this additional degree of management. As such one can still import and manage all their Assets/CI's in Service Manager at no additional cost, as is the case with the first 250 'In Policy' Assets/CI's. At the point the App comes out of beta one will only have to subscribe to manage 'In Policy' Assets or CI's over and above the 250 included as part of the App for free. As a beta program participant at the point we take the App out of beta and apply the pricing plan as published in the Hornbill App Store you will be entitled to claim the voucher as detailed - "Hornbill Configuration Manager Beta Program Voucher. This voucher offers you a recurring monthly credit to the value of a further 750 In Policy CI's meaning that you get to manage 1000 CI's for free going forward before you have to add in any additional CI's at a cost." I hope this make sense please ask if you need any further clarification. Abdi
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