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  1. @James Ainsworth @Victor Hi Both, thanks for the info appreciate the feedback
  2. @Victor still have colleagues that cannot use the search function any news
  3. Hello So I have the below setup in the progressive capture, this capture I am testing with as you can see the Change type before pressing the Test(eee) button is Emergency However soon as I click it it does not retain the info and makes it go into a no change type I can go back and select it but no matter where I put that in the progressive capture it seems to skip that form and I need it to retain the info
  4. @Victor any update on this?
  5. Hello I am in the need to delete all departments so I can recreate the new structure, how easy is this to do as I dont want to manual remove users from the departments to delete them. is there a cleanup tool I can use. Plus is there any scope in the future to auto create departments via sync? G
  6. Admin Role, thats fine if its not related its the only difference I see between accounts. So for example if I type Member AND Email I get results back I have tried this with quotes and without where as my collegue does the same he does not find anything, please note it terms of teams and services we are the same
  7. @Victor Yes the key safe item is in there but it does not show up in the dropdown
  8. Hello It looks like for some reason team members cannot use search terms such as AND no results return however when I and another admin use this result appear perfectly. has there been a permission change. G
  9. Under the import configuration on the Authetication the drop down does not show any of the Keysafe items. Is this a bug or am I missing something? G
  10. I know this a possible way of doing things but considering the amount of tasks we can actually put through at template value this would be considerable amount of work where is if you can pull in a template for a choice selection the work flow becomes much more manageable
  11. Ideally being able to customize the form based on your own needs would be great or importing a progressive capture already created would be good
  12. We would like to see the ability to create prepopulated templates based on a progressive capture. Example for changes, we have a standard set of criteria that we fill in every time bar examples like specific server name - when creating a change you part of the capture is to select a template which fills in fields while still allowing you to amend any key details. This would be such a time saver. Regards Gareth
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