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Can we disable the link that takes a user back to the Service via a Request?


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In the Employee Portal, for the majority of our Services, we don't link to Service page.  We simply create a page dedicated to that service, with a Links widget that takes users straight to the individual Catalogs within that Service.  We prefer this over the Services screen at the moment as it looks better and gives us a more flexibility.

What I have just noticed is that when a customer accesses the ticket, they have the option to go to the Service page... but we don't want this, as this will cause confusion as they will have ended up on a page that isn't accessible to them via the Employee Portal.

Please can we have the option to remove this link if not already possible?



We are not live with the Employee Portal yet.

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+ one for this. 

I have already mentioned this as part of the feedback post but unsure what the answer was.  We too like you don't use the Service page but links to other pages we've setup.

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