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  1. @James Ainsworth Any update on this as it's nearly a month since we last spoke about the progress? Thanks Tina
  2. + one for this. I have already mentioned this as part of the feedback post but unsure what the answer was. We too like you don't use the Service page but links to other pages we've setup.
  3. @James Ainsworth thanks for the update however as it's not ready yet I have no option other than to archive it. Our Employees still seem to insist on using it and it's breaking the BPM as we use the drop downs to send emails which clearly aren't making it to correct people. Once you let me know the change is live I'll reactivate it. Thanks Tina
  4. @James Ainsworth sorry to ask again but as it's just over the 2 weeks any update? This is really causing us issues? If it's going to be too much longer is there any issues if I disable the account?
  5. @Steve Giller @Daniel Dekel Can someone confirm the above please? If it's only 'today' and not if a due date is set can I put in a request for an enhancement for us to be able to set under the widget - if it displays today, tomorrow or how many days? This would be for both the activities and the authorisations? Thanks Tina
  6. @Daniel Dekel OK thanks for the update. Can I check if applied to one on the line it will expand the others to match or will it just expand the one it's applied to? So to clarify what I mean this is our page as it stands: If I turn the new feature on for the 3rd links widget will the others stay as they are and the 3rd one get longer or will they all get longer too? Also if it uses 'whatever height is needed depending on the content' might the boxes shrink? I'm trying to work out if these boxes might end up being all different sizes. Thanks Tina
  7. @Daniel Dekel I've tried to have a look at the design on my page and discovered that if I recreate the exact same links setup as the one I refer to above but put it on the second line it displays without a scroll bar: However as soon as I move it to the top area it adds the scroll bar. I've even tried moving the <Back link so it's above all the options and made it full width (so it pushes everything down a little) and it still keeps the scroll bar within the links. Can you please advise why this might be as I really need to remove the scroll bar but need them to appear on the top. Thanks Tina
  8. Hi, I noticed the update yesterday included this: Can I check if there is any further work on this as I still have to scroll in this section (where it was setup to fit in one window when we went live last month) If not then I'm going to have to re-think the design of this whole page as the idea was to have everything visible to the customer without having to scroll - which isn't the case since the new UI went live. Thanks
  9. @James Ainsworth - do you have a date when this release will be live? Thanks Tina
  10. @Steve Giller - So just to clarify you've put: So can I set the due date to 5 days for example and it show in the widget every day once the activity is created? As you've put set a due date OR due for today. Thanks
  11. Hi, We use custom field P in a business process however I'm unable to include it my analyst view: Can this be included please? I also notice that there are many other (more recently added fields) that don't appear here either. Thanks Tina
  12. @Daniel Dekel I've just logged another test call as the other one was cancelled but yes the authorisation is for today. This is the activity/Authorisation when viewed from within the call. It's not showing on the portal. This is how it's setup in the business process: I can't have these set for just the one day as what happens if someone is off for a day or two and it therefore needs to wait? Thanks Tina
  13. Hi, I've put the activities widget on our Internal page which is set to 'users' and is set to show both activities and authorisations, however it's not showing anything. Widget: I can see the authorisation when I go into the call: This is the setup of the authorisations on our portal: Can anyone shed any light onto why this isn't working? Thanks Tina
  14. @Daniel Dekel - has the above Hornbill Core UI been put live yet? Thanks Tina
  15. @Paul Alexander Thank you it's the same thing you reported so I've updated that post. Thanks :-)
  16. @David HallAny update on when this fix is due please? This is still happening
  17. Hi, I've noticed that it's cutting words in half in the questions section now. Here is one example: Can this be fixed please? Thanks Tina
  18. @Gerry please let me know about the sizing as I can't find anything under the design to change it. This is really annoying after spending so long making sure everything was clear. It looks like the space around the icon & description has been made larger therefore pushing everything down. I don't know how to get round this as turning off tiles then creates loads of unwanted space below. Thanks Tina
  19. Hi, We are getting uses who are being asked to sign in - this has only happened today. Is this linked at all? Thanks Tina
  20. @Ehsan Done and working now. Thank you :-)
  21. @Gerry I'm using Chrome. Zoom at 100%. I've just tried what Andy said and if I kit F5 it shows the full request number: If I go into a call and then click back on the request list I too loose the last digit again. Thanks Tina
  22. @Gerry This is the Analyst Request list view. One that I had setup and using prior to the new preview that displayed fine. It's now chopping off the last digit of the call number. I didn't know if this was because the spacing has been increased between the columns and if so how I can change this so I can still see all the information I need? Thanks Tina
  23. Hi, Like @AndyHill we also are going to need to rev isit the portal design as our 3 icons are now showing with a scroll bar - something we worked hard to stay away from and present everything clearly on one screen. I'm about to take a look at this but how so I change the height of these so the 3 icons all show again in the one box (or the 2 with a bit more description). We only went live on the 5th July - not only have the icons changed (which I could live with) the scrolling is going to be an issue! Thanks
  24. Hi, Is there any way of changing the spacing on the Views as the one I had has now chopped off the last digit on our call numbers for Service Requests which makes it very confusing: There appears to be a large amount of space between these fields (Specifically the last updated field): Please can you let me know. Thanks Tina
  25. Hi, We have an out of the box user called System Administrator which I want to hide from the list of co-workers on the portal because people are selecting it. I'd checked the 'Hide User Account from Co-Worker Directory' but this hasn't hidden it. Other than making the user status 'Archived' is there any other way of hiding it? Thanks Tina
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