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Question on portal visibility


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I have a question regarding portal visibility for external customers
A bit complex but I'll try to explain.

There are 2 organizations A and B, both of which are customer organizations in Service Manager.
Organization A has two contacts, Anna and Andrew, both of them have "Organization View" and can see the requests of all of Organization A.
Organization B also has 2 contacts, Bob and Betty, both of them have "Organization View" and can see the requests of all of Organization B.
After a while Anna switches jobs and starts working for organization B. She has three requests open where she is the customer. These were raised while she was part of organization A.
In Service Manager, the admin moves her from Organisation A to Organisation B, still a customer in the three open requests.

My question is. Who can see the three open requests?
Anna? Since she's the customer, even though she has switched organizations.
Andrew? Since he has organization view of the organization to which Anna was attached when raising the requests.
Bob and Betty? Since they have organization view of Anna's current organization, even though they were raised while Anna was part of A.
None of the above? All of the above? Something completely different?

Can someone clear things up for me please.

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We do not normally move contacts from one organisation to another. We archive them if the move, so in your scenario when one leave one organisation and returns to the former original one, we would have unarchived the original one and archived the newer one. We also manually update any open request to other contacts within the same organisation.

Given that that request table hold both the customer and organisation ID as foreign keys, it will come down to the query used for both the request and organisation view in the portal, as changing a contact organisation in the contact record will not cascade the changes down to requests in service manager.

I suspect the only way to confirm this without Hornbill Dev is going to create the scenario with two test organisations and see what output occur.



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Sorry for the delay in responding we seem to have missed this due to the moving between forums.

To confirm in your scenario originally posted, once Anna has been moved to Organization B within Hornbill....

  • Anna - Will no longer see the request in the portal as the request is tied to Organization A (despite still being the customer associated)
  • Andrew - Will still be able to see the request via the "Organizations View" being granted
  • Bob and Betty - Will have no visibility of the request as it is tied to Organization A, only those raised from this point for Organization B will be visible.

Hope that clarifies the situation.

Kind Regards,


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