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Attachment Restriction - File Size Setting

Martyn Houghton

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@Paul Alexander almost everyone, almost all instances have the quota exceeded so is not something specific to you, that's why I did not worry too much about this info. I have no details as of when it will be enforced but it will at some point and of course we will notify in advance. As for what can be done to reduce this it really depends on what takes up space, is it pure attachments (like the one on request), is it email attachments or maybe report files... also there isn't an easy way to tell which... some of the reasons why this quota is not enforced yet.

As a first thing, you can have a look at emails.purgeDeletedItemsAfter setting (default value is 3 years). If you can reduce this, meaning the emails will be stored for less than this time, then this will help with the storage.

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Guest Paul Alexander
2 hours ago, Paul Alexander said:

HI @James Ainsworth

Thank you for that..I'll take a look.

If I set up a OneDrive account for this, is there a way to then get the attachments added to the OneDrive folder through the PCF, or will I need to add this as part of the process in the BPM?


In addition to this, is there a way to get the BPM (iBridge) to create a new folder, name it the SR number, and then share it with the customer so that they can then upload any files to the correct place without someone physically having to do the folder creation please?

I can see that the iBridge has functions for getting and sharing items, but does this cover creating folders? 



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