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  1. Hi, Is there a way that I can enable an email update to a customer when one of our analysts adds a comment to a request? If the customer is logged into the Portal and is looking at the request, they will see any updates we make in the feed, but if they are not, then I cannot see how they are informed that an update has been made. Any ideas please folks? Thanks Steve.
  2. Hi, We are still getting this issue. We have validated that the sub-statuses are set-up correctly (and we know this to be correct as we did have it working). Very strange how it has just suddenly stopped working for us. Any help that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve.
  3. Hi, We too are getting this issue - we are still in a 'testing' phase at the moment, very soon going to go live and our requests are no longer coming off-hold when a customer update is done via the portal. It used to work but is no longer working (testing last week and today) identified this. Please can someone have a look into this. Many thanks Steve.
  4. Hi all, I have scoured the forums and would like to get clarification please if there is any way that either a 'Full User' or 'Collaboration User' can reply back to an Authorisation Request email with the word 'Authorised' or 'Rejected', either in the Subject or Body, along with the request reference, to then complete the 'Human Task' with the selected outcome? This would allow the authoriser to not have to log-in to Hornbill on the web (or launch the app on their phone) just to authorise the request. Thanks in advance. Steve.
  5. Hello all, As a new customer to Hornbill who is not far off completing our Switch-On, we were sure that we could have specific branding for each of the Customer Portals that we would have been building for each of our Customers. As I have just recently found out this is not yet possible so we are VERY keen to see this implemented. We would be VERY keen to assist in helping drive this enhancement using any means possible - we are hoping to go along to INSIGHT19. Cheers Steve
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