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  1. Hi @Steve G, that does work better but I may have found a bug. In the Human Task where I was asking for a date/time to be recorded, I had this tick-box ticked to prefill the variable with the current date/time. If when completing this task they don't change that date/time value, despite having the fix in place you suggested above, the BPM still fails with the same error. If they use the date/time picker to choose a date/time, everything works perfectly. For now I have just un-ticked that tick-box so that the field is blank and they have to use the date/time picker to set a date/time. So essentially the API call does not like the system generated date/value as a seedtime. Any chance this can this be looked into please? Cheers.
  2. Thanks @David Hall, We will get the update applied and see if this fixes what we are seeing. It sounds very similar. Will this work for requests that are already raised or only for new requests raised post the update?
  3. Hi, where can I see more info please on the fix highlighted below? I'm keen to see if this fixes something we are seeing also. Thanks
  4. Thanks @Steve G, I see what you mean. I thought the variables were stored, associated with the running instance of that request. I have updated the BPM to pull the Task answers. I will see how that works and post an update. Thanks again.
  5. Morning @Steve G, This is the section of the BPM The seed time is being captured on completion of the 'Start Change Implementation' activity... (see below) and injected here ... It looks similar to what you are doing so confused why this isn't working. Can we chat about this maybe? Cheers.
  6. Hi @Steve G, We are seeing a problem with this API. When the seed time is set behind current time, we get this error thrown... Is this something you can take a look at please as all the requests which have the seed time set to not the current time are failing. Cheers Steve.
  7. @Victor, were you able to carve any time out to look into this please? This continues to be an issue for us. If not is there anyone else that can look into this?
  8. Has anyone else been successful in setting up two-way integration between Hornbill & Remedy? We have a customer who is really keen on making this work (and it would greatly help us too).
  9. This looks to be almost a 'visual issue' as the version of the BPM indicated as available to Publish is actually the most recent saved version, its just the 'version number' and the 'Updated on' fields are showing incorrect values. Confusing.
  10. @Keith Stevenson As of 13:20 UK time, they are still having the issue.
  11. @Victor - Thanks - I did obscure the one screenshot but missed the second one. I have a new screenshot but now cannot edit the entry? Can this be unlocked so I can edit and replace the screenshot? On a side note, do you have any idea why my edited version of the BPM is not available to publish?
  12. I'm seeing the same issue @Deen. I have just saved & validated a BPM but am unable to publish it as it is not showing as available to Publish. This is the saved version..... however this newly saved version is not there for me to Publish.... Ideas anyone..... ????
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