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  1. Thanks @Victor. Do you have any idea if something is being actively worked upon to bring out a Github tool or something?
  2. Do you think this would be chargeable @Victor? I'm hoping as an activity that would not be done very often, the answer might be "no".
  3. @Victor & @James Ainsworth We are not long off on-boarding a new external customer (Organisation with a bunch of Contacts). Along with this new customer we will have to create a bunch (in excess of 25 services). I'm unable to see a bulk-import tool on Github to create said Services, but I remember us being given a comprehensive spreadsheet by Yodit to fill out which was used to import all our previous Services that our previous External customers had when we went through switch-on. It had columns for most of the settings. (see attached) You guys must have something that you use or can release to do this bulk import. Sample Additional Service Information_ForYodit_v1.xlsx
  4. Hi @James Ainsworth, would you be able to give us a progress update on this please. Quite a lot of us on here really want to see this functionality in Service Manager. Can you or @Gerry share with us any plans and thought processes on how you see this working and fitting in with Service Manager that works for both Hornbill customers who use Service Manager as an internal Service Desk tool but also for those of us who use it as an 'external facing' Service Desk. This has been logged for quite some time so we are hoping that Hornbill have made some progress on this. Cheers.
  5. ha ha - I knew I'd seen it somewhere else. Cheers.
  6. So to answer your question @Jeremy, this is where we changed the image and added our logo... Try it out and I'm sure you'll be able to get something that works for you.
  7. Thanks @Daniel Dekel. All working now. The quick fix is very much appreciated.
  8. Something must have changed in the code somewhere as we did have this image customised... (luckily I found an image from one of our internal training docs) But is has changed overnight to this... ... and our logo is no longer showing on the far right, both of which we have configured in the Portal settings.
  9. @Jeremy, my understanding was that the 'Customer Portal' image is configured here... guest.anonymous.portal.core.style.image.homeThis setting controls the Home page image of the header on Hornbill Customer Portal, this should be the full URL to the image.
  10. Is anyone aware of anything that has been dropped live in the latest "Platform Build" or the "Collaboration Build" that would make the Service Portal no longer present a custom defined home page image, but instead default to the one that gets shown when you 'do not' configure a custom home page image? @Victor, @Steven Boardman, @Bob Dickinson, @Gerry- any ideas please?
  11. My understanding is that the setting is this one... guest.anonymous.servicePortal.core.style.image.homeThis setting controls the Home page image of the header on Hornbill Service Portal, this should be the full URL to the image. , which can be found here... Home - System - Manage Portals - Advanced Settings
  12. @Jeremy, I'm wondering if something has gone awry as our Homepage image has suddenly changed from one that we had configured to this one. Can anyone from Hornbill validate this please?
  13. That has worked, thanks @TrevorHarris. I have just over a page of 'failed' BPMs to work through and correct now to push them through to proper completion of the BPMs. Headphones on and zone out
  14. @TrevorHarris, thanks, I will give this a go and report back ASAP. Much appreciated.
  15. In our Incident BPM, after an Incident has been closed, I've a 'Get Card Information' node to return the CardID of a card related to the RequestID so that I can then call a 'Remove Card from Board' node. Decision node is throwing an error (see below) There is a Card on our Breach Board (Board Manager board) for each Incident I've looked at that has this failure. The custom expression I'm using to decide if need to remove card from board is... As I'm expecting CardID to be populated from the Get Card Information node. Any pointers please anyone. Getting quite a few Incidents 'failing' after being Closed because of this.
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