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  1. @Victor, were you able to carve any time out to look into this please? This continues to be an issue for us. If not is there anyone else that can look into this?
  2. Has anyone else been successful in setting up two-way integration between Hornbill & Remedy? We have a customer who is really keen on making this work (and it would greatly help us too).
  3. This looks to be almost a 'visual issue' as the version of the BPM indicated as available to Publish is actually the most recent saved version, its just the 'version number' and the 'Updated on' fields are showing incorrect values. Confusing.
  4. @Keith Stevenson As of 13:20 UK time, they are still having the issue.
  5. @Victor - Thanks - I did obscure the one screenshot but missed the second one. I have a new screenshot but now cannot edit the entry? Can this be unlocked so I can edit and replace the screenshot? On a side note, do you have any idea why my edited version of the BPM is not available to publish?
  6. I'm seeing the same issue @Deen. I have just saved & validated a BPM but am unable to publish it as it is not showing as available to Publish. This is the saved version..... however this newly saved version is not there for me to Publish.... Ideas anyone..... ????
  7. https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/ is showing the following:- I'm guessing it is all in their hands now? Presume there is no way that Hornbill sites can be accessed without using the Cloudflare service?
  8. Its just been reported that its working fine for one of their customer in Johannesburg. Looks to be an issue isolated to Cape Town.
  9. The issue is affecting the Anana guys in Cape Town office, also the Service Manager who is still at home in Cape Town and also one of their customers in a completely different location in Cape Town so this seems to be ruling out browser based issues. They are going to get one of their customers in Johannesburg to check also. I connected my VPN to Johannesburg server and I was able to connect ok.
  10. @Steven Boardman We only have the Community Support (free support plan). Figured it would be more linked with Cloudflare and a local'ish issue in that part of the world, traffic not being able to maybe resolve to the Hornbill domain successfully? Error is saying to contact Hosting provider, which would be you guys?
  11. Morning @Steven Boardman, are you able to assist with the above please?
  12. Can anyone assist please? Our colleagues in Cape Town are are unable to get to the 'live.hornbill.com' or 'community.hornbill.com' or 'customer.hornbill.com' domains. They are getting the following error. and Our South Africa customers cannot log in to the Portal and the Support Team cannot also log in to the 'live.hornbill.com' URL to handle any requests. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  13. @Victor, thanks for responding. I will get you some examples. Do you want the logs too? If they are recent enough I'm guessing if you had an API key you could grab the relevant ones yourself. Let me know what you want to do. @Martyn Houghton, thanks for your reply too. Yes, the messages that are not being processed are staying in the Inbox, which kinda indicates some sort of failure, but then the emails go there anyway don't they before being parsed by the Routing Rules? AFAIK, this issue has been there for a long time, at least 6 months, we were just able to manage the few that used to evade the rule, but seeing a lot more now, hence me following up the issue. I can do some tests on attachments.
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