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  1. +1 from us - that would help maintain a better audit trail. Yes please.
  2. @Steve G, I've found the logging in the EspServerService log and I cannot obviously see the error being caused by anything that I've put into the 'body' of the method call. Any ideas? Cheers.
  3. Hi @Steve G, Have added a custom button to a Service Request and I'm trying to use the 'HTTP Request'' iBridge integration to post to a Webhook in Teams as per your earlier post. I have two questions.... Why do I get the 'Credentials' box showing as a mandatory field for the 'HTTP Request integration? Also, why am i getting the following error whenever I click the custom button? Thanks in advance.
  4. +1 for this idea please .....we too have a lot of views and they've quickly become unmanageable.
  5. Still happening this morning. Screenshot attached shows trying to add a file that is larger than 10MB. I can add this file from the Analyst view, just cannot do it from the customer's perspective in the Customer portal. File is 19,999,999 bytes.
  6. Is there anyone that can look into this please - we have two occurrences this morning where our customers have wanted to upload a zip file of logs for us to investigate an Incident they have logged with us. Thanks in advance.
  7. Works great now - I can get a 'valid' & accepted node in the BPM. Will get to testing it out to see if I can get parameter driven & meaningful content into the Teams message. Thanks @Steve G for all the tweaks & help you've given. Really appreciated. I hope this helps others to get good use out of the Microsoft Teams integration. Steve.
  8. @Steven Boardman, can you shed any light on this one for us please? Thanks in advance.
  9. @Steve G, Ok, so got the credentials re-entered into the Key and the dropdown of the list of 'Groups' in the node works, but it seems to be truncating the list of Groups. My test 'Team' is called "SteveC Test01" and this one is not showing. Can't see any groups that begin with the letter 'F' onwards in the drop-down list. I have tried both scrolling down the displayed list looking for "SteveC Test01" and also by typing "Ste" into the field to 'filter' the displayed list. What does this truncate to and how can we get round this?
  10. Why is just a simple HTTP Request chargeable?? Especially as it's under the 'Experimental' section.... Do you know if the IFTTT integration is chargeable too?
  11. @Steve G, with our previous ITSM tool on the Teams Channel I configured an 'Incoming Webhook' to allow posting of messages. Is this a way that we could maybe post to Teams using Hornbill - possibly using IFTTT, as I could not see anything else suitable in the list of available methods in the 'Cloud Automation' node? Has anyone tried this?
  12. Aaaargh - Have just revoked access, now on connecting it's popping up the 'prompt for credentials' window which is going to need the credentials of the guy who has the Admin access, along with his MFA approval. Going to talk to the Infrastructure guys and see if we can have a different account set-up. We had this discussion around admin level account access in this thread and our security guys was trying to get details on how to set-up an account which had 'just' the access permissions that were required, but I believe this is not so straight forward due to the integration using Microsoft Graph API which just needs the Group.ReadWrite.All permission.
  13. The Key was created as below. Not used the key as yet as not been able to set-up the Integration node correctly. Was getting this error when I first set it up, but didn't know if I was doing it correctly. Only just got back to looking at this due to other work priorities. Now I have some time I want to get this nailed.
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