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  1. Hi, I've come to export all of our calls from the last 2 years using a view in the Request List but it keeps failing The wheel goes round for a while and then seems to crash out I export the calls in this way every month but this month it doesn't seem to be working I've tried Chrome, Edge and IE and the same happens with them all Any ideas? cheers, Pete
  2. @James Ainsworth I'm not getting the Description Text and Resolution Text info when exporting to a CSV from a view We applied a fix last Friday which fixed an issue with other missing columns but I'm still missing these two
  3. Hi everyone, Is anyone experiencing any issues with the performance of Service Manager over the last 20 minutes? Our instances is running really slowly and sometimes isn't loading the pages even after refreshing the page multiple times
  4. @Victor thanks Victor, we've just tested and were able to send the email
  5. Hi, Two of our helpdesk staff are having problems sending emails from tickets this morning but I don't seem to be affected The email section is opening up ok and they can type the email but when they click to send it just comes up with the Hornbill rotating logo and doesn't send Could this be related to the other email issues being reported this morning after the overnight upgrade to build 2975. thanks, Pete
  6. thanks @James Ainsworth this should help me with our reporting
  7. @Victor it turns out it was an certificate on our mail server that had expired, I found that out by going on the server to check the recent updates, the services and then the event logs
  8. @Victor Thanks for coming back so quickly Victor, I've passed the info over to our network team
  9. Hi, We're having a problem with the system pulling in the email from our Exchange server We have it configure to use POP3 but it stopped working Thursday morning I've asked our network team to check out the connectivity through the firewall and they're asking what the IP address or addresses of the hornbill servers are Could someone supply me with the IP addresses of the Hornbill servers that will connect to pull the meail? thanks, Pete
  10. @Victor I'm able to access the live and service portals again now
  11. I did a serviceability check and it failed on the database connection, I waited 2 minutes as I suggested and did it again This time everything checked out but we still can't access our instance
  12. linked to I had those sorts of errors first and then closed and reopened my browser
  13. Hi, Is anyone else having issues accessing their instance at the moment? We've been having problems for the last 15 minutes or so, we'll try to load the page, it goes to our federation server and then we get a hornbill error page up My colleague has managed to access the admin portal and is looking at the SSO profile but it is running very slowly and generating errors Some of the error messages I've been getting on the live and service portals are Invalid authentication source Unable to Establish a session: The specified portal is not defined on the system Unable to Estabilish a session: Unable to load the security context. There is no record of the specified account [service] on this system Failed to initialize application FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.core/flowcode/fc_ops/guestInitaliseData): nodeName: Get Translation Strings; nodeId: 409d3d19-0c7f-4815-833d-dcadc2ef3c64; At 161/1: "Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[session::getApplicationStrings] You do not have any rights to access the database: swdata" throw(e); _fc_node_exec_409d3d19_0c7f_4815_833d_dcadc2ef3c64
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