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  1. Hi @SamS, I'm using v1.20.0 of the cleaner tool and I've now got 3 assets that should be removed by the criteria but it is still reporting that there are no assets to delete I thought it could be to do with it treating the ColumValue as text rather than a number but I tried with 30 rather than "30" and that gave an error If I set the filter to use the operator Before and set the value as "2024-04-01 00:00:00" then it deletes the records so it is reading the correct area and recognising the dates However, I want to be able to run it on a schedule to remove old assets
  2. Hi @SamS, I'll try some more data to see if it is a problem with that one record and I'll make sure that I'm running the latest version of the tool I'll let you know how I get on
  3. Hi, I'm looking to get the h_owned_by field populated for mobile phones from our Intune environment However, userDisplayName give "Firstname Lastname" and userPrincipalName gives the email address of the user Is it possible in the json file to trim userPrincipalName to give the name part before the @ symbol? That would then match with our Hornbill user IDs and populate the name Thanks
  4. Hi @SamS, I've made sure I'm not running it with -dryrun When I run the program it tells me that there are no assets to delete and when I go into the assets module and search for the asset it is still listed I appreciate your help with this
  5. Hi @SamS, The query came back with a count of 1 which is what I would expect based on the test assets I have in there
  6. That's fine, but I've got a computer on there where that date is 15th Jan 2024 which is before 16th March 2024 but it isn't removing it
  7. @Steve Giller yes, I tried it without that as I thought that could be the issue
  8. thanks @SamS I nearly tried that It is running without any error now but it isn't deleting anything I have 4 test records in there and one of them has the last logged on date of 15/01/24 so I would expect it to be deleted
  9. Hi everyone, I'm trying to use the clean utility to delete assets where the last logged on date is over 90 days ago but I'm struggling { "CleanRequests": false, "RequestServices": [], "RequestCatalogItems": [], "RequestStatuses": [], "RequestTypes": [], "KeepRequestsCancelBPTasks": false, "RequestReferences": [], "RequestLogDateFrom": "", "RequestLogDateTo": "", "RequestClosedDateFrom": "", "RequestClosedDateTo": "", "CleanAssets": true, "AssetClassID": "computer", "AssetFilters": [{ "ColumnName": "h_last_logged_on", "ColumnValue": "30", "Operator": "BeforeXDays", "IsGeneralProperty": true }], "CleanUsers": false, "Users": [], "CleanServiceAvailabilityHistory": false, "ServiceAvailabilityServiceIDs": [], "CleanContacts": false, "ContactIDs": [], "CleanOrganisations": false, "OrganisationIDs": [], "CleanSuppliers": false, "SupplierIDs": [], "CleanSupplierContracts": false, "SupplierContractIDs": [], "CleanEmails": false, "EmailFilters": { "FolderIDs": [], "RecipientAddress": "", "RecipientClass": "", "ReceivedFrom": "", "ReceivedTo": "", "Subject": "" }, "CleanReports": false, "ReportIDs": [] } when running the utility it gives me the following error I'm probably missing something obvious or being really stupid
  10. Thanks Steve, that did the trick I don't remember having it set as that the last time I was testing but it was at least 4 months ago
  11. This is one of the big annoyances for me as well, I will sometimes use the top search box to search for open tickets for a particular customer and it gives me pages of results in seemingly a random order If there was a way to sort these results into descending date order it would make it a lot easier to find the ticket I'm looking for I keep a view for things like this where I can change the customer and the date range but that takes quite a few more clicks
  12. I had started testing importing from a csv file last November and had it working but I then got diverted onto other things and have only just come back to it I made a bit of a change with the csv file and the import tool has updated to a new version since then I changed the field mappings to match the new column headings but it seems to be failing on the AssetTypes section which shouldn't have changed except for the column header I'm using "AssetTypes": [{ "AssetType": "Laptop", "OperationType": "Both", "CSVFile": "Asset Export Hornbill test.csv", "CSVFilters": [ { "Column": "computer_type", "Operator": "IN", "Value": "LAPTOP, NOTEBOOK, CONVERTIBLE, TABLET" } ], "PreserveShared": false, "PreserveState": false, "PreserveSubState": false, "PreserveOperationalState": false, "AssetIdentifier": { "SourceColumn": "servicetag", "Entity": "AssetsComputer", "EntityColumn": "h_serial_number", "SourceContractColumn": "", "SourceSupplierColumn": "" In the log file I am seeing the following error 2024/03/28 14:59:11 [DEBUG] Asset Type and Class: Laptop 6 computer 2024/03/28 14:59:11 2024/03/28 14:59:11 Running CSV query for Laptop assets. Please wait... 2024/03/28 14:59:12 [DEBUG] Validating computer_type value: NOTEBOOK 2024/03/28 14:59:12 [DEBUG] Column validation [computer_type] [NOTEBOOK] IN [LAPTOP,NOTEBOOK,CONVERTIBLE,TABLET] 2024/03/28 14:59:12 [DEBUG] Column failed validation 2024/03/28 14:59:12 [DEBUG] Validating computer_type value: NOTEBOOK 2024/03/28 14:59:12 [DEBUG] Column validation [computer_type] [NOTEBOOK] IN [LAPTOP,NOTEBOOK,CONVERTIBLE,TABLET] 2024/03/28 14:59:12 [DEBUG] Column failed validation 2024/03/28 14:59:12 0 of 2 returned assets successfully retrieved ready for processing. The system I'm importing from has multiple values for the computer type that I want to group into either laptops or desktops Laptops: NOTEBOOK, LAPTOP, CONVERTIBLE, TABLET Desktops: MINI_PC, DESKTOP, LOW_PROFILE_DESKTOP, MINI_TOWER, SPACE_SAVING, TOWER What am I missing? import file.csv
  13. Thanks Keith, I checked that earlier but there were no issues listed
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