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  1. We have an integration with Service Now where a 3rd party will create incidents for us based upon alerts they get on their system. They currently use the API (LogIncident) to create these tickets. We are trying to allow them to update a custom field with the Service Now System ID to allow two way integration however while we are not receiving an error, the custom field is not being populated. Below is the payload information we are sending. Is there something drastically being done wrong? { "@service": "apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Incidents", "@method": "logIncident", "params": { "summary":"Test Ticket", "description":"Pls Ignore", "requestType":"Incident", "customerId":"J Smith", "customerType":"0", "teamId":"IT_Team", "status":"status.open", "serviceId":"31", "siteId":"59", "siteName":"Site A", "externalRefNumber":"CS0030050", "questionFieldMap": "[{\"h_custom_31\": \"c3062b18fbfdc2dcf1cbfb5ebeefdc7c\"}]" }
  2. We are trying to update a site via a business process based upon the subject within an email. We currently pull the subject from the email into an incident as the summary. We then use a Regex to pull the site name from the summary. Unfortunately we are unable to change the details that comes from the requester subject to include site ID. What we would like to do is use the site name to allow us to add a site name but from the business process (Update Request > Site) it suggest it can only be updated via Site ID. Is there a way we can get around this utilising the Site Name?
  3. Was this ever achieved as we would be most interested in this also.
  4. Thanks for this. Most of our users are across 59 different domains so hopefully with the email address attached to the user details on requests we should be able to distinguish between the two.
  5. Brilliant thank you Joshua and Steve. I shall check this out!
  6. Is it possible to get auto provisioning set up where we can use email address from Google as the Handle? We have set majority of users up via the import tool however any new staff we would like to be created based upon auto provisioning. The issue we are facing is that the auto provisioning is creating the users handle with first initial and surname which we have seen does cause errors and not allow new members to login due to existing users with the same handle. Being able to use email address would eradicate this issue and provide a unique identifier from our Google environment.
  7. We currently are using an autotask to create a case in Service Now however we want to update cases based upon certain information required by 3rd party. After having a look at the parameters on ibridge methods for Service Now > Customer Service Manager > Cases > Update, we have identified not all of the parameters are available in Hornbill that are via the ServiceNow API for the call made. Would it be possible to get Customer Reference and Description in iBridge?
  8. Unfortunately from what I can see when I access the support link provided there is only 3 options available and they are: - Hornbill Status - Hornbill Community - Hornbill Wiki Should I expect to see more as a Premier Success Customer?
  9. Evening, We are trying to identify if it is possible for a request owner to receive either a hornbill update or email update when a timeline update is made via an API call or via a user who is not the customer. Currently we have only identified settings that allows us to update the request owner when a customer updates the ticket. Any clarification on this would be appreciated.
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