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  1. Thanks @Martyn Houghton - I've got a basic configuration set up similarly now with generic category/sub-category for all service manager action types. I'll look at building some widgets to join to request data and get the request type and service name info I need for reporting. Cheers
  2. Hello, I'd like to understand what the below (circled in red) request type default category options are supposed to do in Timesheet Manager / Service Manager, and haven't yet found a specific answer in the Wiki or Forums or from testing, can anybody shed any light? Or point me to an article I may have missed? (or have I broken the process by orphaning data as per further info below?) I've found relevant instructions and managed to associate Service Manager actions with a default category and sub category using the below entries, but it appears you still can't have different default categories set based on request type? (as per this topic https://community.hornbill.com/topic/16550-managing-default-categories/) I've also managed to orphan some records in the h_timesheet_default_category table by deleting some categories and sub categories that never got past initial testing years ago, I'm not sure if support are going to look at this as I raised a support ticket with details of the data but have to post here first… This is an example record in h_timesheet_default_category, there are no records in h_timesheet_category with h_id 20 and 22 since I had a tidy up, could this be affecting functionality of the request type default categories? I’ve already spent a few hours searching / reading through forum posts including these which are useful, but don’t answer my questions: https://community.hornbill.com/topic/18975-adding-timesheet-catagories-how/ https://community.hornbill.com/topic/12551-default-categories-scope/ Any further info or links to forum posts I haven’t found from searching would be very welcome Thanks, Luke
  3. +1 for this functionality, we need to validate that an end datetime for change requests added during capture is after the start datetime entered (otherwise it fails silently to update the change calendar during the business process) I've tried adding a custom expression after a branch node and looping back via another customised form to inform the user but it doesn't work, presumably because the start date (field ID = SDandT) is converted to a string, and I can't find a way to convert it back to a datetime for comparison in the intelligent capture.
  4. @AndyG - excellent, that sounds like it's probably the resolution we need if we have tickets move between sites and need to update. I'll check it out
  5. Thanks @AndyG - I'll bookmark this and refer back if/when we have any issues.
  6. Hi James, thanks for the info, I'll check it out next time I'm looking at this Business Process
  7. Hi James, sorry my turn to delay! OK, so we don't have that application setting switched on, but the "Request Category Level" is selected on the service record in service portfolio, I'd only tested selecting at the next level down the tree (after the level selected for the service). I can see now that if I select one with 2 steps down the tree it stores everything beyond the level defined for the service So I can see these 2 levels saved in h_itsm_requests.h_category but not the parent node in the tree. I was also just wondering if this update notified today might provide something useful, is there any more info on this new functionality? "Bpm operation for retrieving category information about the logging and closure categories for the specified request" Thanks, Luke
  8. + 1 for us - customer not auto populating when raising from email. Not aware of any other issues here at the moment.
  9. If anybody finds this post and is trying to do something similar with profile/category data in a Business Process, this is my solution for now... The intelligent capture branches as required then goes to a series of customized forms with the same Form ID, each with a single field with the same ID and a default value set to something unique for the route it's taking, this means a warning is displayed against each of the customized form nodes but can still save & publish. The forms are set to "Never Skip Form" = False and the use doesn't see the form. I can then get the default value from Business Process designer (using this variable: &[functions.pcf("RecordRouting","routing")] ) and route as required Customized forms and node properties: Field settings: Warning (ignore):
  10. Hello, I'm hoping there's a solution I've just been unable to find, any help appreciated! I'm setting up a new service with multiple Intelligent Captures, I have a form node for the user to select from the Categories (they are presented with the Profile hierarchy from the level defined in the service definition). In the Intelligent Capture I can use branch nodes and custom expressions to route as required, in this case to switch to different captures some of which are being recycled. Then I get to the Business Process, and I want to replicate the same decision/routing rules, but I can only get the selected level from the Category/Profile data, not the full hierarchy, and there will be some duplication at the lowest level which needs to be routed differently in the business process based on the full hierarchy the user selected. I've got a node to "Get Request Information" -> "Request Details" and can use &[global["flowcoderefs"]["RequestData"]["loggingCategory"]] to get the selected item from the Profile, I've added everything returned by "Request Details" to the timeline to check if I can get what I need and I'm hoping this isn't a dead end... This is the Profile: And this is all I can get in the Business Process using loggingCategory: I know we have the option to use multiple services / catalogue items, but I'm trying to get a single entry point for users and direct as required. I could also look at adding a default value to a field using a custom form on the various captures, then use Custom IC data in the Business Process to direct, but I'm concerned about users navigating forwards and backwards through the Intelligent Captures and therefore setting up default data in various captures - I haven't fully explored this yet, just hoping I can get all of the profile data in the business process somehow... If I could get the h_category_id field value from the request and then return data from h_sys_profiles that would give me what I need, but I don't think this is possible? Thanks in advance, Luke
  11. It's still not fully resolved for us, but I have done a bit more investigation. Our sites didn't have a company set against them: But I can see that the call to smGetSites includes a companyId param (don't know if this has changed but suspect it has?): And the response returns no results with a search string I'd expect some: If I save a company against the site definition I can retrieve them which resolves the immediate issue. Am I right in assuming that: Tickets where the customer has a 'Home Organisation' set this is passed into the smGetSites call as a param to filter the list Tickets where the customer has no 'Home Organisation' this isn't passed into the call and we get the full list (filtered only by whatever's typed into the field) We have users across 2 sites with their home organisation set to a different 'company' to get self-service branding/content correct, assuming the above is correct I'll have to check if this will cause any issues with how we set sites (some tickets are passed between sites) - I don't want to create duplicate site definitions for different companies as this will break a lot of widgets/dashboards that are looking for a specific site, and we can't add multiple companies to each site definition. Thanks, Luke
  12. Hi @Mohamed - no luck I'm afraid, cleared browsing history/data for all time in chrome and new login but still unable to select a site. Thanks
  13. Thanks @Nanette - just tried the site search on one of our affected tickets and it's still not searching.. Have logged out and back in also.
  14. + 1 Not a huge impact as we've only got one open ticket without the site set (no idea why it wasn't set by the self service capture, user is set up correctly) - can't update the request and complete our process for this one though as the site selector isn't working.
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