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  1. +1 - we had https://live.hornbill.com/ become unavailable for 5 minutes
  2. Thanks @Steven Boardman, I have tweaked your example and it works exactly like I was hoping. Just need to figure out the daylight saving part. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the explanation @Steve Giller, I had seen a similar value whilst testing different options and couldn't understand how it was arrived at. Thanks @Steven Boardman that looks almost exactly what I am trying to achieve, I'll have a look at seeing if I can replicate it. Thanks both for your help. James
  4. Good afternoon, I am trying to get a BPM decision to work based on what time an incident was logged. The purpose is so that when it happens out of hours a set of actions gets triggered that don't normally happen in hours. I thought it looked simple enough until I found out that the Hornbill Automations -> Get Request Info -> Time logged is not written in the database. Its been a little while, and I am struggling to get insert this variable into a custom filed (which I believe I will then have to manipulate into a string ... ) so I can then do <> for the different actions.
  5. +1 for me. I'd like to be able to email a supplier contact from within an incident in service manager. If I understand this correctly, at the moment I will have to create two entries for each contact contact? Thanks James
  6. Thanks for the clarification, just wanted to make sure I hadn't set something somewhere by accident
  7. Steve from support showed me the error of my ways and pointed out these could be edited/archived through the contacts section of service manager
  8. Good morning, Another day, another question . I am updating an incident via email (which works) however not all of the content of the email is being displayed. The total email length is 95 lines long, but you can only see the first 38 lines in the incident. I have copied and pasted the entire email in manually as an update and that saves/displays all of the content of the email. I have expanded out the email as much as possible. If I click the Open Post option, it opens a new tab and shows the same amount of data. The only way I can see the entire content of the email is by clicking the o
  9. @David Hall, it appears that I cannot delete them. How do we manage guest accounts? Thanks
  10. Hi @David Hall , good catch. That is exactly where they are. I did not release I had any guests in here, I shall purge them now. Thanks
  11. Hi, I am seeing some strange user account appear when I am raising incidents on behalf of other people. Without wanting to paste in live user details, I am getting this happen: I have checked the user and there are no Paul's set with no last name within Hornbill, I have checked my Azure AD settings, and the users there are correct, so I am not sure where this is coming from. Anyone got any ideas on how I fix this or is it a support question? Thanks James
  12. +1 for me too. Any news on this one please?
  13. @Victor Thanks, could be its Friday and I just can't explain what I mean - has been known to happen on occasion
  14. Hi @Victor So after some testing and scratching of head, I have realized that I posted the wrong screenshot. If I use the Wait for Request update, I do not get the execute error message, however after I have resolved the the ticket it does nothing, and I have to put an update in for it to close because of the afore mentioned Wait for Request update vs Wait for New Update. What I had actually done, is had the same logic and loop setup but had a Wait for Status Change. I must have tried the Wait for Request Update, found it not working and then tried this. I have tested and c
  15. Thanks @Victor for the quick reply. I was trying this the morning this week where things went a bit crazy in Hornbill. I will re-create my BPM and do some more tests to confirm that what I did wasn't a one off and that it does actually do what I am expecting it to do. I am guessing that there is currently Wait for New Update type node?
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