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  1. Thanks @Steve Giller, I have just checked and it is currently set to ON, should I change it to off? Thanks
  2. Thanks @Steve Giller. I don't think that I am actually hitting the right PCF when I log a call on behalf of someone. Looking at app.itsm.progressiveCapture.newRequest, this calls Which runs this very basic flow -> This runs the ever-so slightly more complex I think the issue is that when using one specific Catalogue item does meet the criteria on the branch And as a result it runs the no match path. As a result, it looks like the ticket is logged using the correct PCF (because I prompt for the same things in the same order) but it isn't. As a result,
  3. Thanks @Adrian Simpkins, I have followed the process/logic through from app.itsm.progressiveCapture.newRequest and it all looks correct. Strangely, almost all of my progressive captures work when used by technicians, there is only one (plus a duplicate of it for testing) that do not follow the process and get caught by my default PCF.
  4. That would be great - I currently have information here by converting what I want to say as a picture and linking that there - but it is not interactive/have links etc so this would be a +1 from us.
  5. Thanks @James Ainsworth. I have turned on app.request.raiseNew.hide so we have to select Incident to ensure this is known first and I still get the same issue. Thanks
  6. Thanks @Steven Boardman, I had seen and tried that option but the internal feedback was to disable that feature . I just need to steer my company around to the idea of using the portal as the first port of call for checking on incidents and requests as opposed to having everything sent to them directly via email.
  7. Hello, I have a number of BPM's that have the same issue. In the PCF, I have a Custom form that has a Static Radioset (for ticket priority - high/medium/low). This gets captured, and then in BPM there is a decision tree that initiates various actions depending on the priority selected. I thought it was working fine, and that just one particular BPM was not working as intended, but it turns out that any BPM that has this logic in takes the path of no match Can an outside pair of eyes spot the obvious mistake that I have done? PCF name = PCF Form details = P
  8. Hi all, Is there a way of bulk updating ticket sub-status? I know I can bulk assign incidents. Thanks James
  9. @Deen I assumed I could, however I am struggling to see what options I should be using. I've gone through Hornbill Automation -> Service Manager/Entity/Requests and then gone through all Types and their options - nothing jumps out at me. I can see that I can lock it by Access Control/Lock Actions, but that is as close as I have come. Thanks
  10. @Dean, @HHH is correct. A little bit of a fail upload there. Ideally there would be an option here to email linked ticket users not just connected users: Thanks
  11. At the moment, when someone is a connection on an incident, we have the option to email them through the email tool. Is there a way that I can email people who have incidents that are linked to this ticket but not cc'd on it? Thanks James
  12. Hello, Is it possible to have it setup so that when an incident is canceled with the option of Duplicate it prompts you to link it to the duplicate incident or failing that wont let you save and cancel the ticket without it being linked? Currently I can close a ticket as duplicate and not have it linked to the originating duplicate ticket. Thanks James
  13. Thanks @Nikolaj for that example - I have tweaked it and got it working in my setup. Thanks James
  14. Hi, I am struggling to get the correct syntax relating to email routing rules. I have a few basic ones created and working, and it has just occurred to me that new tickets are being updated and created because I am not filtering out "out of the office" automated emails. I have taken the main rule [simply fromAddress != "x@y.co.uk"] that most of my tickets get created by and tried the following with no luck. Initially my rule was: fromAddress != "x@y.co.uk" and subject != '%out of the office%' But this didn't work. After a while, I deleted the first part to see if I had ma
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