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Found 15 results

  1. We are just testing implementing a LogIncident and LogServiceRequest API calls. These are api calls are successful and the results returns the RequestId, summary and an empty warning array. We are including the ServiceId and CatalogId in the requests which is showing correctly when we view the request in the live user application. However a linked BPM process is not being spawned when to make these requests, even though the documentation states it will be when the providing the ServiceId. We have also tried the LogRequestBPM node afterwards but this returns the 'defaultProcessNotSet'. We do not set a default BPM process at the Service Level as we have the system set to enforce the selection of the catalog. I wondering if the api documentation needs to be updated when using the combination of ServiceId and CatalogId? We are not passing a bpmName, as we are expecting the provision of the ServiceId and CatalogId to used to determine this rather than having to hard code this or make an earlier call to get the bpmname from the service details. Cheers Martyn
  2. Hi all, Is there a way of bulk updating ticket sub-status? I know I can bulk assign incidents. Thanks James
  3. As confirmed under linked post below. the current API log request nodes only spawns a BPM if you specify the the serviceId and have a default BPM set at the service level. With the development of the service catalog and catalog items are now available on all current request types to allow use of different BPM workflows, can the API call logic be enhanced to apply the same capability that it offers for 'Service' level requests, so that the catalog specific BPM workflow is spawned when passing both the serviceId and catalogId as parameters. At the moment you have to undertake an additional request first of to obtain the current BPM name from the catalog before being able to call the Log api endpoint as you need to pass the BPM Name, which is not efficient. Similarly you would not want to hard code the BPM Name in your application. Cheers Martyn
  4. Hi, I am currently looking into our incident process in Service Manager. Sometimes, faults need to be referred to third parties. We need to record the reference our third parties give us - I see that there is a "External Ref No." field within the "Details" section, which is editable throughout the incident lifetime. Is there any way that this can be populated automatically? I.e. if an analyst enters the third party ref in the call diary update or via an activity, it automatically enters that same reference within the "External Ref No." field. I have tried adding in a suspend node, where it waits for the external ref, but it doesn't seem to prompt the analyst for the information (i.e. with a suspend and wait for owner, it'll prompt the analyst to assign to someone by changing the tab). I am trying to make it difficult for analysts to bypass this stage, as this is important information. Any ideas are welcome! Lauren
  5. Good morning, Another day, another question . I am updating an incident via email (which works) however not all of the content of the email is being displayed. The total email length is 95 lines long, but you can only see the first 38 lines in the incident. I have copied and pasted the entire email in manually as an update and that saves/displays all of the content of the email. I have expanded out the email as much as possible. If I click the Open Post option, it opens a new tab and shows the same amount of data. The only way I can see the entire content of the email is by clicking the options button and select View Email in a new tab. Is there away to view the full content of the email within the body of the incident? Thanks
  6. Hi, Is it possible to be able to search on text entered in an incidents update/timeline? If something has been captured during the life of an incident but not entered into the Summary/Description/Resolution I can't search for it. Thanks James
  7. Hi, Is it possible to display more information in the My Raised Tickets section of the portal? Specifically I'd like to show the ticket sub-status as opposed to the current New/Open/On Hold Thanks James
  8. hello everyone, as the former administrator of our site has now left the company, it has been left to me to pick up the pieces with regards to Hornbill... therefore for my first post.... can anyone please point me in the right direction of some documentation outlining how I go about creating a new service within Service manager and updating the service categories to reflect this? I fear that we are going to need more services over time and therefore getting used to the way Hornbill works would be needed quite soon. thanks
  9. Since today, when using the attachments form. The forms says successful upload but no attachment appears in the ticket. Does anyone else have this issue?
  10. The currently supported Field Mapping's listed on the Wiki (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mapping_Fields_from_Customised_Forms) are quite focused on the change and release request types. It would be really useful to have the following additions for the other request types. Generic/Incident Source Site Priority Resolution External Ref No Logging Category Resolution Category Problem Workaround Description Portal Description Known Error Root Cause Workaround Portal Description Cheers Martyn
  11. Hi, I have been asked to see if i can come up with a way to determine the average duration of incidents resolved over a given time period (the last 6 months) in minutes during working hours. Our Incident SLA timer for all priorities is fix within 9 hours 15 mins (8am to 5:15 pm) monday to friday. Our working time calendar is also set up for 8am to 5:15pm. Is there any easy way to do this in reporting? i need to be able to say "the average time to fix an incident during the period was ???? minutes" Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Hi We often want to assign a mixed group of requests (i.e. Service Requests, Incidents and maybe other request types?) to a given member of our team, but the bulk action feature (cog icon at top of list) doesn't appear. It appears if you only select requests of one type, but vanishes if you choose a variety of request types. This is slows down assigning requests to our team. We also generally feel that the process of manually assigning a group of requests to an owner is rather too convoluted - too many clicks and not that intuitive. Bulk select is fine, but it would be great to be able to do a drag and drop to a given team member or something comparable in terms of minimal clicks/keystrokes.
  13. Hello, During switch on I needed our 2nd and 3rd line support teams to only be able to view, update and resolve incidents and service requests, not raise them. our switch on specialist created a custom permission set and when tested this worked. When they clicked the arrow next to raise new there was no incident or service request any more. However, somehow they have returned. On investigation it looks like this is because "self service user" gives analysts the ability to raise new requests. If I remove this they cannot see incidents or service requests any more. i'd very much like to go back to having the guys not be able to log incidents and service requests, but don't think I should have to disable self service access to implement it. Any ideas?
  14. Hi, I am able to raise a incident via the service portal successfully. However since yesterday evening, I am no longer able to raise an incident via the Service Desk Anaylst view. I click on raise new incident - it then generates an incident but bypass the progressive capture. Hence creates a blank incident and doesn't associate it to any BPM. Note: yesterday evening we downloaded the latest release Please can someone help me Thanks Sonali
  15. Can you let me know if it will be possible to change the timeline to show red crosses and not just green ticks? For example, when a change is raised by my company and it does not succeed, i have added a section into the timeline to show change failed, but it makrs this with a green tick, whereas id like it to show a red cross so it shows the difference between acceptance and failure. I have attached an example
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