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Found 19 results

  1. Good afternoon, We are using activity templates to create set check-lists for some incidents, and am having issues with people not having access to said activities. Our manager and team leaders are going in and adding activities to incidents, but by default it is automatically assigning the activity to them and not the owner of the incident. I have checked, and when the new activity is assigned, you can assign the owner here but by default the option is hidden and has to be enabled under advanced options (people forget to check/set). Can I either set it so that the owner is automatically taken from the incident that the activity is assigned to or can I set it so that the owner option is automatically displayed by default when the activity is assigned? Thanks James
  2. Related to my earlier post below, can we also request an enhancement to allow the optional inclusion of as link to the activity itself in the timeline entry. We are creating a number of processes where a human activity is assigned to a 'Full User' to a request they are a connection on so that they can see the request timeline in the Employee Portal. We would like the option to include in the timeline entry the link to the activity itself so they can click on this directly in the Employee Portal to complete it. Cheers Martyn
  3. Related to my earlier post about snippets on Human Task reason field, can there also be an option to enable this on any additional fields of the type 'Multi line text' as well, as we make use of a number of additional fields of this type, especially for integration, which this would be very useful. Cheers Martyn
  4. Hi My colleague user FCoker needs to be able to reassign activities on requests where the owner changes and the associated activity needs to be manually reassigned to another support team member. I've compared permissions with user ASharpe01 who can reassign activities and can't see any roles he has that if given to FCoker would enable activity reassignment. Please could you advise what standard roles include this permission.
  5. We've just added Templates to the Activities. Soon you will be able to create templates for Activities which will be available to all users. These templates specify the outcomes and checklists that will appear on an Activity and a list of available templates will appear when creating a new Activity. To manage these, you need the "Activity Template Manager Role". Some of the template functionality, such as the outcomes, were previously handled by the Categories. Now it's been separated, but don't worry, we've created pre-defined templates for you based on your existing Categories. Those categories will still be there, but now will be much simpler. You can also now create and change Outcomes when editing an Activity. Hope you like it!
  6. I wanted to tell you about the new features being released to the Activity View. Based on an experimental flag ( experimental.feature.bpm.allowcustomtaskfields ) the new view will be available. Apart from the obvious UI change, there are several interesting new things: 1. Less clicks based on the situation: If the Activity doesn't require reason, time spent and other outcomes details, the outcomes will be displayed straight away as you open it instead of showing a complete button and then displaying the outcomes. * Activity view mode when no further input is needed * Activity view mode when input is needed 2. Custom Fields: By enabling the experimental flag, the BPM will allow you to add custom fields for a task to be presented when completing the task or a specific set of fields when selecting a particular outcome. The values can then be used in the BPM. Custom fields are very much like the ones in the Progressive Capture. * Outcome RAISE PROBLEM is selected. * Further questions are presented to the user 3. Enforced amending in specific situations: There are three basic types of Tasks (or Activities); Manual Activity - Created by the user in the Collaboration Core. This one is fully editable and remains mostly as it was before. Outcomes - by default will not allow editing and only one outcome "Done" will be used. Use Templates to customize the outcomes. BPM Task - This one is created by the BPM and can only re-assign and change the dates. BPM Approval - This one is also created by the BPM and it will not allow editing, only complete. 4. Reason and Time Spent: Time Spent can be hidden in the Template configuration. The Chargeable option will also be hidden if no time spent is displayed. If the Reason is not required for the specific selected Outcome, it will not be displayed. 5. Material Design Style and Layout change New style has been applied based on Material Design. The Action buttons were moved from the bottom of the popup to the right hand side. This is because of several issues we had with unknown number of outcomes. That lead to problems in the layout and after a few attempts to solve this issue we decided to use a vertical layout for the buttons. NOTES: * The Mobile App does not support yet Custom Fields. Therefore when opening an activity that has custom fields, it will not allow completing. Hope you like these changes and please let us know what do you think. We still have time to amend things before we remove the experimental flag. Thanks, Daniel.
  7. Hi, I am looking into the possibility of scheduling activities from assets rather than using standard changes, e.g. for server reboots that happen each week on the same day/time. When viewing an activity, after it has been created from the asset record, it displays the asset ID information rather than the asset name - see screenshot below. I would like to propose that it shows the asset name, rather than the asset ID, that the activity is linked to - in this instance, rather than saying "Asset: 1" it would say "Asset: Server123" (I promise our server naming conventions are better than that!). This would mean that the analyst owning the activity wouldn't have to navigate to the asset properties every time to confirm the asset the activity is in relation to. Is this a system setting that I am able to change, or is this something Hornbill would have to put forward as an enhancement? Thanks Lauren
  8. we rely on Activities and use the to request other teams / roles take action for a Request. we've noticed that Currently Users can see the Activities are assigned to their Team / Role however when an Activity is assigned to an individual user the viability of it is lost. Please note: one exception to this rule is the user's line manager (set in user's Hornbill profile) - they can see and have the option to to filter on Activities that belong to their subordinates. Could a similar principle be applied to allow team members to see the activities assigned to other individual users that are a member of their Team? I've attached two screenshots as examples. The first is when i'm set as my colleague's Line Manager and i can see their tasks. The second is when i'm not set as my colleague's Line Manager and i cannot see their tasks Thanks, Jamie
  9. Hi I'm looking to start using activities so I've been experimenting however the alerts don't seem to work (that I can see). How should I be alerted? Via email/pop up etc? Thanks J
  10. We are having issues where users are deciding to put themselves 'on holiday' or another code, to stop themselves being assigned calls via the round robin feature. Is there a way we can take this ability away so only admin or managers can do it? Also is there a way to stop users from being able to reassign a call? As some people are just reassiging because they dont want to do the work. (even if there is a way to build in a node for a activity can go to a manger to approve reassigning) Hayley
  11. Morning, We have a procurement process in Hornbill and the last activity that runs on the process asks 3 questions "Kit Built", "Delivery" and "Collection" I want the process to resolve and close after one of these options is selected. However when it resolves and closes I want it to pick the correct Resolution category and text and closure code. I wondered if there was a Decision node (like when you select your progressive capture question outcome to send the process down a different path) for the activity outcomes? Any ideas? Hayley
  12. Hi, A couple of my colleagues are having issues opening an activity (see attached screenshot - ref # IN00052705). The same behaviour happens from all screens (my activities, request, side nav bar, notification). Could you please let us know if it is human error or an issue with the system? Thanks, Lyonel PS: Could not log into as a support call via your website - see other post
  13. Hello, I think we have an issue with custom category outcomes in our instance; they used to work fine but now just offer a single option of "Complete > Done". Any chance someone could help us out to find out why? Thanks in advance! Tom
  14. Project ID appears instead of project name in the Activity list pane: Same in activity list
  15. Not sure if it is something just happening in our instances, but since the end of last week when completing activities the time spent fields are being pre-populated with very large erroneous values, with some the duration's being before the request was even logged. We are currently on Service Manager 1043, Collaboration Core 673 and Platform 2787. Cheers Martyn
  16. Some of our support teams deal with mostly Activities (as apposed to Requests). We've noticed that when you create an activity via BPM you can set a priority against it (please see BPM_Priority - attached). If / when a BPM created Activity is created you cannot see the Priority that was set against it. Equally, when you raise an ad-hoc Activity (i.e. created manually from a Request rather than via BPM) you do not get an option to set a Priority. Are there any plans to enable the following: View priority against an Activity. Set a priority against an Activity. Thanks, Jamie (PSG)
  17. Hello, This query is related to the visibility of Activity updates in the Request Timeline. Per the attached image, an Activity has a few fields for notes - Title Field, Description Field and Resolution Field. When you open the Activity these three fields are visible however, only the Title and Resolution fields are added to the Request timeline. Can the Request / Activity be updated so all three are added? The driver for this is our IT Security and Compliance teams would like to be able to see all the detail for an Activity, i.e. what was asked and what was done, in the Timeline. Thanks, Jamie
  18. Hello, I’ve noticed that I’m able to filter on “Assigned to” > “Role” (see attached) however other users are not able to filter by “Role”. It appears as though you have to be a member of the “Admin Role” role to be able to filter on “Role”. I've raised this as a support Request, they've confirmed this is correct and they suggest i raise a thread about it - please can all user be able to filter based on a role. e.g. Assigned to > is not > Role
  19. Hi, I am looking at setting up a new assignment role to overcome a "problem" that we have in our organisation. Basically, we have teams (so far so good) amongst which some individuals have a particular skill set that allows them to perform certain specific tasks. The "problem" we have is when a request comes in and we need these people to help out, we want to be able to assign an activity to this group of people. But they belong to multiple teams... So I tried to create a new assignment role and added 2 members (for testing purposes). I then created an activity and it worked beautifully. Only key problem: users are not able to select "Role" in the drop down when assigning an activity. They only get "User" and "Group". Note that I am the super admin. Am I missing something? Is there a particular setting I missed? Any help would be appreciated.
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