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Found 18 results

  1. So when I have opened BPMs this morning, on the first stage we can open the decisions and edit but on the later stages any decisions will not open. This means we cannot edit these decisions, please can this been looked into. We have tried opening in multiple browsers all with the same issue.
  2. When using a Via node prior to or earlier in the flow to a Decision Node the Variable Picker does not show all prior objects in list. Cheers Martyn
  3. Good afternoon, On a test BPM I have created a decision loop to try and get the BPM to wait at the wait for request update stage unless the status has been changed to resolved. In my mind, after every update to an incident, it would run through the loop and see if the status was resolved, if it had it would proceed, and if it wasn't go back to waiting for an update I created a test ticket and it worked the way I was expecting, I was able to keep updating the incident and it did what I wanted, then after changing the status to resolved it progressed and completed as desired. I then tried it again and kept the ticket open for longer, proceeded to make more updates to the ticket, but not a massive amount. I then got the attached error I have read this post here: https://community.hornbill.com/topic/13117-maximum-step-count-error/ and understand that this was put in to stop infinite loops which is fine. I am just trying to understand that even if the node is a wait action, it will continue looping through in the background and not just when someone updates the ticket? I thought that I would get this error after 1000 customer/technician updates to a ticket. I know that at the time (the post is 2 years old) the recommendation was to break the loop by inserting two additional nodes on the No Match: + one node to update the request and blank out the previous resolution + another to wait for (new) resolution (if the above node is missing, this one will be bypassed because a resolution already exists) I have been asked to see if it is possible to not have it wait at the resolution stage by default. I still need a wait for resolution as there is further actions taken after the resolution is set. Thanks James
  4. Hello, I have a number of BPM's that have the same issue. In the PCF, I have a Custom form that has a Static Radioset (for ticket priority - high/medium/low). This gets captured, and then in BPM there is a decision tree that initiates various actions depending on the priority selected. I thought it was working fine, and that just one particular BPM was not working as intended, but it turns out that any BPM that has this logic in takes the path of no match Can an outside pair of eyes spot the obvious mistake that I have done? PCF name = PCF Form details = PCF Properties = PCF = Radioset BPM Decision logic BPM expression I am using Display value (although I have tried RAW). Looking at the expression I am using the correct PCF, custom form, details and output. I am getting the PCF answers via Get -PCF Responses I was just about to submit this post when I thought I would double double check again to make sure I wasn't missing something, and discovered something that I really don't understand. The twist in the plot is that if the incident is logged via the self service portal, it works fine, and whatever priority is capture is set, however if I as a technician log the ticket on someone else behalf (or as me as the customer) using the exact same catalogue item, when the ticket is logged the BPM follows the No Match path. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks James
  5. Can I just check what time zone is used when retrieving a date/time field from the request in the BPM? The reason being is that we want to put a change request on hold until after it has been scheduled and until it is scheduled to be done. I am presuming the BPM works in UTC, so have used the Get Local Time node set to UTC and then using this to compare is the scheduled start date/time is greater than the local time. If the BPM using the session time zone then this potentially may not be correct, given the session may be user interactive or operate as the system context. Has anyone else come up with a method to check if a request is scheduled in the future? Cheers Martyn
  6. Hi, I have a catalog item that deals with a specific automated email for some alerts that we get. The ticket gets logged correctly, email subject is match through to summary/title and the contents of the email goes through to description - life is good. During the Business Process I have a decision that says if the summary/title has "Down" in it then do X otherwise if no match then do Y. I am obviously using the wrong criteria as it just keeps using the no match option. I've tried the following to variations with now joy - I am assuming that I have missed something obvious: And Thanks James
  7. Is there any update on the fixing of KE00163927 which affect the use of the Service Id parameter in Progressive Captures for decision nodes and conditional fields? This is having quite an impact for us, as we prompt for different questions in our progressive capture based on the service the request is being logged against. Cheers Martyn
  8. Hello. I am looking into ways that I can create a BPM that assigns tasks depending on if the User is in a group. I have attached a sketch BPM to show example. (The logic for the decisions has not been applied so ignore errors) Custom Attribute Solution I have considered using "Custom Attributes" to determine if a User has that software e.g "Custom Attribute A" = Yes / Custom Attribute = Software 1 My issue with this is we have more software than "Custom Attributes" and I dont know of an easy way to populate these fields automatically. Roles Solution I have considered creating a "Role" for each piece of software and adding Users. This also doesnt seem practical for keeping the groups up to date. Active Directory Solution We have the groups populated in Active Directory already. Does the new "IT Automation" allow to see if a User exists in a group? Or even "Cloud Automation" with Azure. Is there any way to see if a User is part of a group? We do not have these additional features just yet but are looking into them. Any suggestions or guidance on how to solve this would be great! Thanks Jamie
  9. I am trying to find details of the format to enter a static date as part of a decision node custom expression. In the example below we want to change the routing in the workflow when a request is logged against a certain service but only do so from the 1st July. At the moment the custom expression when logged against Service ID 245 is equating as true, even though the date logged is still June. Is there a specific format the date value needs to be entered as for the date/time condition to work? Cheers Martyn
  10. So when I have gone into a decision today that looks for contains it seems that it has split the word/phase into separate individual components? Why has this happened and does this affect new decisions do we now need to set them up like this (as this is very labour intensive!)?
  11. When logging certain requests we make decision based on users email addresses but when we log into the new portal it does not honour these decisions.... basically if you have a @port.ac.uk email address it let's you proceed and if you have any other email address it will refuse your request with an incorrect account message. New Employee Portal Current Portal allows access: The PCF decision is as follows:
  12. Possibly a very stupid question but when I am using the variable picker i know longer see Flowcodes as an option. Was this changed to Hornbill Automations at some point and I have missed it? As per above we have set up decisions using the flowcodes previously but when I have gone it to make a change there are no flowcodes option.
  13. We have a PCF with a custom form which includes a date/time field, is there a way to make a decision from this so if for instance the date is between two dates then it can push you to another confirmation node? Node: Attempted decision (that doesn't work)
  14. Hi there, In our progressive capture form for Change management we have a customised form to capture impact and urgency. What I want to do is use the information captured for impact and urgency to then determine the priority of the change via decisions in the business process. Like a prioritisation matrix. Is there a way I can base a decision in our business workflow on the information captured from customised form in progressive capture?
  15. Hi, we have quite a few different priority levels that all have separate SLAs. When trying to set this up in the business process, I realised that decision nodes can only have a maximum of 3 outcomes. This means that in order to include all of our different priorities, we would need decision node after decision node. This makes the business process an awful lot more complicated than necessary. Is the number of possible decision node outcomes something that could be changed in the future? Thanks, Melissa
  16. As far as I understand, the custom expressions for decision nodes have to use literal values when using a static value. It would be really useful to be able to use wildcard and the like operator to be able to branch based on a matching value, i.e. if the Service name beginning with 'HR' follow this branch, rather than having to enter each literal value of the Services that begin with HR. Cheers Martyn
  17. Not sure if it is something I doing wrong in the process editor, but the Decision Node, seem to be limited to three output connections, i.e. four connectors on each point of the diamond, one is for your incoming process (at least), leaving only three options for the expression, but in reality you will normally always use one of these for 'No Match', so in essence you can only have two conditional paths from one decision node. Is the four connections the current limit and if so is there any plans to increase this? Cheers Martyn
  18. At the moment it is only possible to use a single variable in a Decision Task and the variable has to be the output of the previous BPM node. Which means that if you have multiple decision tasks in your process which are based on the Request Details or Questions you have to prefix each with a Get Request/Question node. Can we request a change request for the following options:- Variables/Parameters to persist in the whole process or stage, to remove the necessity of multiple Get Request/Questions nodes Decision Tasks to have the ability to reference these persistent variables rather than just the output of the previous node. Decision Tasks to support structured expressions using multiple variables, rather than be restricted to a single variable evaluation. Thanks Martyn
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