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Bulletin image size


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Please could we have the option to change the image size in the bulletins? At the moment, the image is taking up a lot of space on the left and then there is a lot of white space underneath the description text. We'd like to have the image about half the size so it doesn't take up too much space.

Many thanks,

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Hi @Alisha, @Sam P,

The issue we have here is that the image can be uploaded in any size in the service catalog config, but the widget can be shown in different sizes in each page (or domain).

No only that, but the bulletin widget can display many bulletins rotating. So I'm not sure how will this work. 

I'll talk about this with my team and get back to you.



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Hi @Daniel Dekel, All,

Sorry to jump on this post, but i have also noticed Bulletin's when published seem to have a lot of empty space even if you do not use all 500 characters. If you do use all available characters there still seems to be some white space appearing.



Kind Regards,


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I'm happy to create a new post however as this is related to Bulletins I thought I'd post here first. 

I'd like to highlight the fact that when you increase the size of the Bulletins box to match the surrounding sizes it doesn't seem to increase the size of the text area/image.  It makes it look rather odd - especially when there is more text to display when you click show more....


Is there anyway this could be changed please (so the bulletin expands with the box)?



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Hi @Daniel Dekel,
I'm new to Hornbill so just in process of setting up our environment but I'd agree with others that the bulletins on domain pages are too big just now so take up too much screen space and leave a lot of white space under the text that is just wasted space.  I think they would look better at about 2/3 or maybe even half the height they are now - or better still, give the admins the option to set the height themselves for certain widgets?   



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