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Enhancement - Selecting Users in drop down


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We want to able to utilise the option in the PCF to allow customer to choose another user as affected which we can do very nicely with a Dynamic Drop Down box linking this to users.

However, as this list has all users this is causing us issues, for example we have all students and staff in this list and need a way of restricting this list by department/organisation or a query.

To be able to define this list would help us as we have approaching 57,000 users and the vast majority of these are students and when completing these forms we are asking for other affected staff members, this would also make the list faster and easier to use and cut down on the potential risk of having duplicate names and choosing the wrong affected user.

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@Jeremy, that is fine. I've added this to our list. I'll let you know when is ready. It will be depending on the latest platform and Service Manager builds.

@Martyn Houghton, just the thought about opening up SQL to customers gives me headache ;-) . We'll add a "kind of" query that will allow you specify parameters in the query, but you won't have access to the actual SQL if it makes sense.



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