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Found 6 results

  1. We want to able to utilise the option in the PCF to allow customer to choose another user as affected which we can do very nicely with a Dynamic Drop Down box linking this to users. However, as this list has all users this is causing us issues, for example we have all students and staff in this list and need a way of restricting this list by department/organisation or a query. To be able to define this list would help us as we have approaching 57,000 users and the vast majority of these are students and when completing these forms we are asking for other affected staff members, this would also make the list faster and easier to use and cut down on the potential risk of having duplicate names and choosing the wrong affected user.
  2. When using the user picker there is the option of a query string, is there any documentation to describe what you can use this for? Ideally, we would like to just display certain people in the list either via a role or by a field that is against a basic user like building, for example, we have students and staff in our system so we would like to just show staff by not showing those who have Student or Unknown in their site.
  3. Also, we are finding that when putting requests on hold when you are choosing the time, you select the hours and then the drop down disappears and you then have to click back into it to choose the minutes. Can the picker be kept up until you have chosen the hour and minutes so when you click off it disappears?
  4. Could I raise User Interface improvement request for the Time Picker as used in a number of places in the application, but specifically the one used when placing a request on hold, as below:- At the moment you cannot manually enter the time in numbers and you have to use the drop down to select the time. When you click on the field it drops down the selectors for both the hour and the minutes, but closes when you make a selection of only one of the values, either hour or minutes. You have to click on field again to open it up to then click on the value you want for the other. When you are updating just a few requests this would not be too much of an issue, but when you are updating a large volume of cases on a daily basis it can quickly become annoying. Would be possible to have the time picker to stay open until you have click/tabbed to a different field? Would it also be possible to be able to type the time in as well, given that sometimes you have to make a number of clicks to scroll the picker to the hour/minute you want. The reasons for the latter point is that we always put our requests on hold to the end of the day, i.e. 18:00 hours, so that our 1st Tier are able to chase up customers on the day it comes off hold prior to the SLA timers restarting. Cheers Martyn
  5. It would be useful in BPM node prompts for email template names, to be able to use the 'Picker' to select the email template name from a list with both the code and name displayed, rather than having to enter the code manually. Cheers Martyn
  6. Hello, In progressive capture there is a date and date/time picker available. Please can you include a time only version and also give the ability to switch off seconds for all as this is too specific and unnecessary in most situations. Also if some more thought could be given to the user experience of this form that would be great. A lot of the time it works fine but have had reports from users that it can be fiddly and after doing some testing have to agree with them. Sometimes you can type the time in, sometimes you can't and the minutes and hours don't "snap" to anything particularly useful for an end user (5, 10, 15 etc. or 00, 15, 30 etc). Many thanks, Tom
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