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Request List and Activities


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Is there a way to show your activities and request that are assigned to you or your team? We don't think that there is a way to do this but wondered if there was anything in the change backlog to accommodate this?

We have analysts that want to be able to see both of these things in one view.

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@Jeremy thanks for the post.   There is nothing i am aware of to combine the views at the moment.

Currently you can access your tasks on the righthandside from any view in Hornbill, including when onthe request list. 

We continue to add features to this area, including:

* Filter the activities

* Filter by Activities assigned to you, rather than one's where you are the owner

* Activities which are New - grouped

* Activities which are overdue, further out or have no due date. 


As with everything else on Hornbill we are always happy to listen to suggestions and community support for specific features.  

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@Steven Boardman



I have raised this before also (although I cannot find my thread)


Just wondered if there were any plans to add this feature?

I find we don't use activities much as people(teams ) forgot to look in their assigned activities - they only concentrate on their actual team request list.


Having the ability to view and show assigned activities in your request list (one central place) would be more efficient and people would then be more willing to use and assign activities.





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Guest Paul Alexander

+1 for this!

I've requested this before too and, although we DO use the 'activities' view, we still feel that a combined view where ALL work items are showing in one place would be beneficial to us.


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@Paul Alexander @lee mcdermott,

There are no plans to enhance the Request List to show or merge activities. The Hornbill interface already has activities as a sidebar, which is accessible when in the Request List area or in a Request's details page. It's totally interactive and activities can be progressed directly from the sidebar. We have discussed an enhancement to the activities sidebar to allow personalised filers to be included in the sidebar. This enhancement request has been added to the Hornbill Collaboration backlog. We are not likely to tackle this in the next 90 days but as usual this will be prioritised when we next review the activities functionality.


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I think a combined view for activities and requests would be realy nice here. The Activities sidebar is quiet good if you have not too much activities about 20 or something but if you have 100 activities then it comes very frustrating to work with it.

so +1 for one place from us. 

best regards



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The sidebar has an option to show activities that are assigned to you only. Showing the activities in the Request List would pose the same issue in that you'll see all the activities assigned to Requests that you're able to see. The enhancement discussed above will allow you to filter by Service Manager activities and those that are assigned to you.

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