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  1. Hi Is there any other way to update or add Bulletins or do you have to log into service manager and go to Service Portfolio select the service and Add a Bulletin? thanks lee
  2. Hi What role(s) do i need to give someone to allow them to access and be able to update the service portfolio area? In particular adding Bulletins and FAQ's thanks lee
  3. @Victor thanks victor. it was created as a new role. so i may start again and do a copy of an existing role and see how that goes. thanks lee
  4. Hi, Is it possible to give some one read only access to hornbill, so they can view incidents, service requests and change requests? Would you need to create a new role and assign that role to them? Ive created a role with the below permissions but wondered if I need to also assign any database rights or system rights or is the below sufficient? There is a View column in Database rights so wondered if I need to select view for any options in here? thanks lee
  5. Hi, is there any way to get a template to be added by default to an email when composing an email in hornbill? I can see that you can create and manage templates, but it appears you have to select your template every time you want to send one? Can it be defaulted to add one as soon as you select compose?
  6. Hi is it possible to set the All sites as the default when logging a call. See image below it always defaults to customer site which we dont have setup so always have to select All sites before we can select a site. thanks lee
  7. yes me too. sorry just seen thispost and have just raised a new post for the same thing.
  8. i know this is the wrong area to raise this but wasn't sure where else it would fit. But is anyone aware of any issues accessing the success\support website https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/. I was wanting to log a service request but the site is not accessible. thanks lee
  9. Do custom fields still have a character limit of 255? (asking for a friend) thanks lee
  10. @Steven Boardman ah great thanks. Got that now, will give it a test now thanks lee
  11. @Steven Boardman Hi steve, im just setting this up I have the decision node setup, but as it is looking at the last node outcome which is as below, do I need to specifiy the outcome on this node to look at the specific custom field (h_custom_a in my case) that will have the name in i want to check against? how does the decion (custom expression) know which outcome to check against or does it look at all fields completed on the form for any match? (hope that makes sense)?
  12. @Steven Boardman brilliants thanks steve I will give this a go. There wont be a need to match them from the pro cap form as the field will be a plain txt field where the person completing the form will just manually enter a person name. I just want to then capture that name as it could be anything and generate the email if it is a list list of people. Obviously the key will be the user completing the form and spelling correctly to match I guess. But I could possibly use and email address as the name to match so should hopefully always be spelt correctly. I will give it a go and let you know if I get stuck with the expressions. thanks lee
  13. @Steven Boardman thanks steve, so basically an answer on a form is to provide a users name, then I want the BP to generate an email if any name given on the form matches a pre populated list of names. the list will probably be about 10 - 15 names. if the name doesnt match it continues as normal through the BP. it sounds like from your explanation that this would work i think lee
  14. Hi, Is it possible during the BP for it to check against the text in a custom field from the Pro Cap form against a pre populated list? if it finds a match to then perform another action i.e. send an email? thanks lee
  15. @Victor ok thanks victor im off now so wil lcatch up next week have a good weekend.
  16. @Victor ah ive just done it..its a bit confusing becasue when creating the mailbox it has the option for a role (which was laready created so i selected it. which didnt work i tried again without adding the role then saved ok. However now when i go back to roles I get the same issue on the role it wont let me add the new shared mailbox as it says i don not have acces to the mailbox? its all very confusing
  17. Hi I am trying to create a new shared mailbox but keep getting the below error I have created a new role first and assigned myself to it. then gone to create new shared mailbox and when trying to select save get this error. I dont understand why it would say you do not have access to something i haven't created yet? any ideas? lee
  18. Hi, is it possible to generate a new call and assign it to a team in the BP. We don't use tasks (very often) and think it may help us if we could get the BP to log new call as part of it's process. thanks lee
  19. @Martyn Houghton Ah yes thanks Martyn I forgot about all the email templates... and the need to setup their own procap forms and BP's which will need to reference the new mailbox. Where about do you configure the "default mailbox" on their services? I haven't decided whether to create a new service to show\list their logging forms or to try and setup a new service domain in the employee portal. Do you use service domains? I wasn't sure how visible or obvious a different domain will be when users access the employee portal so if they would just end up logging calls on our existing default home page rather than selecting the new departments domain? lee
  20. Hi, We have a new department about to start using Hornbill to manage their own helpdesk. If I want to setup the 2nd shared mailbox for them to use so that all email sent goes from their own email address (rather than our current and main Servicedesk email address) Am I correct in thinking all i need to do is configure the 2nd mailbox (within system- email- shared mailboxes) with the required email address and assign that mailbox role to the required analysts? Do I need to do anything else and I also assume there is no requirement to add an additional outbound mail routing. thanks lee
  21. Hi, I may have asked this before (have a vague recollection of maybe changing a setting for this somewhere?) Is it possible to change the timeout value for the company home portal? I have a complaint from someone saying they spent ages completing a form, didn't quite finish as got side tracked and when they went back they had to start again as the session had timed out? thanks lee
  22. @Steven Boardman Brilliant steve thanks. Exactly what we are after. Sorry I didn't even know that was now a feature. Probably my own fault but I do struggle to keep up with whats new in Hornbill. thanks lee
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