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  1. Hello, There have been a number of instances where a request logged to team A also has an activity assigned to it for completion by team A and when assigning to team B that request cannot be closed without team A completing it. This has resulted in a few queries to be fired back and forth between departments and is less than ideal. What would be the best way to prevent this from happening? Can I create a role that allows any team member to complete activities assigned to other teams? Can I make whichever team a request is logged to the new owner of the activity once a request is reassigned? I was thinking that I might create a custom button that could complete all activities against a ticket however our change process creates multiple activities during the authorisation process and I'd be keen to avoid all of those being closed. At the same time, our change manager does sometimes need to close multiple activities in a change where multiple teams are tasked to approve/reject/question a change so would a specific role help here? Many thanks
  2. When chasing up change control, we create an activity for the user to undertake the change, which then expired after 24 hours before we email then again and create a new activity (thus triggering notifications/email etc). The activities show correctly on the Service Manager requests, but when you go into the main 'Activities' view you see both the current one and all the previous ones which are have expired. Should this not just display the current un-expired activities? Cheers Martyn
  3. I am trying to manage some activities that have been set up by an ex employee and they are causing lots of issues within our teams so want to delete them so they don't auto populate when a certain call type is raised but I cannot find the part of Hornbill where I look at all of the activity types that have been created. Is anyone able to help please!! Thankyou!!
  4. I would like to view the current assigned activities for other users. When I click on the available other users I only get the choice to of my own name. Is there a way to add other users to the drop down to I can see their activity progress. Is this a view issue, or possibly the way the activities were created ? Thanks
  5. I apologise for how basic a query this is. While looking at our business processes I have noticed that with our non standard changes a due date is being added to the activities which is set to be completed in 48 hours. If I were to change this to 2 days is that 2 working days? If it is two working days does that account for Bank Holidays? I have tried looking in the Wiki and not put my finger on the answer to this one. The concern we have is that changes may be submitted on a Friday and not seen until the Monday by which time 48 hours will have passed so defining working days would be preferable. Many thanks
  6. Hello I would like to use the functionality of Activities in tickets, the process of setting them up seems simple enough the think I do want to know is the email notification part, How to I sent this up? Where does the template live? How do I assign the template to be used for Activity notifications?
  7. Is there a way to show your activities and request that are assigned to you or your team? We don't think that there is a way to do this but wondered if there was anything in the change backlog to accommodate this? We have analysts that want to be able to see both of these things in one view.
  8. Hi, we've got some staff who have left/moved and I need to remove their user license, but it says they have tasks assigned to them. How can I get a view of their assigned tasks and what requests they are on to get the tasks completed/reassigned please?
  9. Hi, Can you advise if there is a way to bulk cancel a team's old activities that have been created by a Scheduled Job? ie not relating to any requests. One of our teams has well over a 100 activities showing as needing actioning, that they won't be progressing. Going forward I can cancel the Scheduled Job to stop more being created, but reluctant to have to go into each activity individually and cancel each one. Many thanks, Neil
  10. Apologies, I know this applies to the activity list rather than Service Manager. If you are listed as a line manager in the user properties, you are able to see that person's activities via My Activities. However, if the staff member you are managing manages others, you cannot see those staff members' activities as well. Is this designed behaviour? If so, is there a way for a manager to view the activities belonging to every staff member that they are responsible for (i.e. all staff members that are below them in the structure)? Thanks Lauren
  11. Hi If you complete an activity that is assigned to someone else, it doesn't note that on the timeline entry when the task is completed. It just says 'Task X was completed by Person X' (Person X being the user that has completed the activity). It doesn't give an indication as to who the task was assigned to in the first place, or who the task has been completed on behalf of. Are there plans to add this at all? Lauren
  12. Hi, Apologies if this is a silly question, but is there a way to configure a business process to raise two or three activities at the same time? We have some business processes that will require work from multiple teams, at the same time (i.e. one team's work isn't reliant on another team completing their activity). Thanks Lauren
  13. Hi We utilise activities largely, whether they're generated from business process, or raised from assets, or even raised without a linked entity. We cannot see a column in the "My Activities" area that lists who the requester or creator of the activity is. Is there a setting I can enable to amend the columns available in the "My Activities" list, or is it not possible ? Thanks Lauren
  14. Hi Is there a way of amending the outcome of an activity at all? We have some activities that are generated as part of business processes, but the outcome doesn't influence what happens next so wouldn't necessarily impact anything that happens after. Thanks Lauren
  15. I need to give my 1st Tier team the permissions to edit and complete activities on requests they have access (i.e. they support the service) to but are not the owner. I can do this as a system admin but only want to give them the permission to do this not everything else. Cheers Martyn
  16. Morning all, My apologies if this has been raised before, I wasn't able to locate it via a quick look. We have a number of reports running to give us figures on tickets being resolved/closed etc by various teams and individuals however it would appear activities are not recorded in these figures. Is there a way to report on active/resolved/closed activities within Service Manager? Many Thanks
  17. we rely on Activities and use the to request other teams / roles take action for a Request. we've noticed that Currently Users can see the Activities are assigned to their Team / Role however when an Activity is assigned to an individual user the viability of it is lost. Please note: one exception to this rule is the user's line manager (set in user's Hornbill profile) - they can see and have the option to to filter on Activities that belong to their subordinates. Could a similar principle be applied to allow team members to see the activities assigned to other individual users that are a member of their Team? I've attached two screenshots as examples. The first is when i'm set as my colleague's Line Manager and i can see their tasks. The second is when i'm not set as my colleague's Line Manager and i cannot see their tasks Thanks, Jamie
  18. Hi Would it be possible to add 'run quarterly' as option when scheduling activities? thanks Darren
  19. Hello, I think we have an issue with custom category outcomes in our instance; they used to work fine but now just offer a single option of "Complete > Done". Any chance someone could help us out to find out why? Thanks in advance! Tom
  20. We have a number of daily, weekly and monthly tasks to complete as part of our BAU. Is it possible to setup a calendar view in My activities for reoccurring tasks like these?
  21. I'm wondering if I add 'Collaboration user' to the access of some 'basic' users, whether they then would be able to authorise via activities. At the moment, in the Service Manager bpm I can add an authorisation task, which full users receive an email notification, which they can click the 'authorise' button on. Would collaboration-only users be able to authorise that sort of authorisation task. Any thoughts....
  22. Hi all, I have been asked how an analyst can see the tasks assigned to them that are not attached to calls. We are currently using the scheduler api to generate a number of daily, weekly and monthly tasks, however once the task has been opened from the activities bar on the right it seems to disappear. Selecting 'My Activities' shows all activities ever assigned to a user / team and makes finding the ones which are still open / require attention more difficult than it needs to be. I am sure there is a simple fix but I can't work it out for the life of me. Thanks Dan
  23. We are just looking at testing Timesheet Manager in conjunction with Service Manager. Is there a way to set a default category and sub category on an activity within the BPM, so that the end user does not need to click on the timesheet category button unless they need to override it? Cheers Martyn
  24. Some of our support teams deal with mostly Activities (as apposed to Requests). We've noticed that when you create an activity via BPM you can set a priority against it (please see BPM_Priority - attached). If / when a BPM created Activity is created you cannot see the Priority that was set against it. Equally, when you raise an ad-hoc Activity (i.e. created manually from a Request rather than via BPM) you do not get an option to set a Priority. Are there any plans to enable the following: View priority against an Activity. Set a priority against an Activity. Thanks, Jamie (PSG)
  25. Hello, I'm aware we've raised a similar Topic regarding Requests however this is a more general. We use Requests and Activities to complete work. We've gotten to grips with Requests - in terms of views, filters, charts, dashboards etc. On the whole things are working pretty well and we like being able to create dashboard and views. We would really like to have the same functionality applied to Activities. For example, in the Request view you can select multiple filters in the same condition. i.e. i can select where Statue is not "closed", "resolved", "cancelled" however with Activities you have to add a condition for each status. This doesn't sound like a big thing but it's indicative of the additional functionality that Requests have over Activities. In general we'd like to be able to have the same features in Activities. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks, Jamie
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