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Incorrect users number

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We had this very unusual number showing the number of users who have "admin" access to Hornbill. Look below and you would see the difference between Application Subscription Users and System Users numbers: 50/55 & 49/55:


I went through the list literally like 5 times and twice with @samwoo but we could not see any missing member. I have never ever scratch my head that hard thinking if there is something wrong with my brain or my eyesight! :wacko:

Can anyone help please?


Aaron :)

P.S. Can you elaborate the difference between these two (I know roughly but want to get properly explanation so I can relay toward my manager and department) this is also another opportunity for me to speak to my senior manager about giving few users access to HR to try and bring them into Hornbill. :D

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Is the difference down to the you not adding the latest users via Home > Hornbill Service Manager > Application Subscription widget

Not really understood what this is even needed (any explanation from the experts would get a "like" from me)



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We've compared both "full" users in organisational data and the service manager app subscription... Everyone is in there and matches up perfectly.

The only difference is that the 50 App subscription doesn't match the count of 49 users in both lists.

But if the app subscription is not required to be populated then what is it really for?

Sorry... @James Ainsworth should've wait for Aaron to create a new topic in the relevant thread.

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Application Subscription option in the Administration tool allows you to see every user currently taking up a licence as well as manually remove and add a user something you shouldn't need to do on a day to day basis. When you add an application role with a user privilege level to one of your co-workers a licence for that application is taken when they next log in. Yesterday we had a bit of an issue with this where users with a Super User role were taking up licences on applications they were not directly assigned to, this is something we are currently working on resolving, we did as a result of this notice incorrect number of licenced users against various applications. 

@Aaron Summers in your specific case the subscription utilisation shown in the main users list refers to Core "Collaboration" licences this is the base licence every Full user needs to log in, the usage against application subscription for Service Manager is the number of licenced users of the application currently assigned these are needed for each for the Core users to interact with paid for applications. The case of the applicable subscription usage being higher than the core usage is odd we would need to double check on this if @Victor has a login to your instance I can have a nosey about and see why they are not matching. 

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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  • Victor changed the title to Incorrect users number

Hi @James Ainsworth

On 7/26/2018 at 4:18 PM, James Ainsworth said:

could you post this under System Administration

I thought I did posted it under System Administration? :wacko:

On 7/27/2018 at 7:41 AM, TrevorKillick said:

The case of the applicable subscription usage being higher than the core usage is odd

@TrevorKillick Thank you for your simple and straightforward explanation. Yes I thought it would be odd for application subscription to show 50 whereas in system users show 49. (I have just double checked again and it still showing the same numbers on both page.) :o

@Victor Hopefully you still have login details to access ours... :ph34r:

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@Aaron Summers  -  we do not have login details from customer instances...

Count of users in Home - System - Organisational Data - Users does not include the admin account when the count is done... so you have 49 counted and if you add the admin account you have the 50... in Home - Hornbill Service Manager - Application Subscriptions the admin account is included into the count (because is an application license, applying to all user accounts)

Hope this brings some light into this ;) 

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@Aaron Summers the admin account is a "free" account. All instances have it and It is not counted against subscription license... The issue is (upon further discussion with @TrevorKillick) is that the Application Subscription should not actually include admin as, again, is a "free" account. So, admin account has now been removed from application subscription users but this should not affect the function of this account (i.e. nothing changed regarding the admin account). The counts in your instance should now say 49/55 in all places :) 

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