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Maximum step count error

Steve Giller

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Error message:Process::Execute: exceeding maximum step count (1000)...

Process::Execute: exceeding maximum step count (1000)...

We get this occasionally on some of our Facilities requests - I have no idea what causes them, and the vast majority of requests go through without issue.
It's on our Facilities Incident business process, but I can't identify anywhere that might be causing it - although without really understanding what the error indicates I'm not sure what I'm looking for anyway.

If it helps it most recently happened on IN00026767 and IN00027271

Any ideas?

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@DeadMeatGF just a thought, but one of my colleagues has suggested this limit was put in to handle Infinite Loops which may have been introduce into a business process - for example, using the raise new request node is used,  which in turn uses the same business process which again then raises a new request, and on and on etc........

The tricky bit may now be looking for where this might occur in the facilities requests, could you share the business process perhaps?


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@Steven Boardman, @DeadMeatGF

I've seen this error too.

On request SR00246717 in our instance, nothing special about this request but I can't restart the BPM.

This request was reopened by the customer - so the HUD is showing resolved, but the status is open.

Anything I can do to repair the request?



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@Paul Alexander @nasimg this might be something we need to look at in regard to your specific processes and example tickets where this issue has occurred.  

Could you point us to some examples on your instances and the every helpful @Victor can perhaps take a look and see if there is something causing these loop errors


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@Victor....I've now had another of these 'step count error' tickets. Call ref SR00039172

The BPM being used is the ' SERVICE REQUEST - CONQUEST - New User' one. This does have a 'wait for status update' loop in the last stage  - is this what's causing the error? (Do you need the BPM def file or can you see this on our instance?)



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11 hours ago, Victor said:

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Also, this is a moon!


The moon is really bright tonight... And getting brighter by the second...

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On 7/17/2018 at 11:04 AM, Paul Alexander said:

This does have a 'wait for status update' loop in the last stage  - is this what's causing the error

Yes, that is the reason why:


The loop occurs when the status changes to anything but "Closed" and before the node expires. In this scenario (e.g. status changed to open) the infinite loop is initiated because the "Wait" node will be bypassed because is configured to wait for a status change from "Resolved" to something else. It is bypassed because the request is not in a resolved state anymore. Same situation that @nasimg has...

My solution would be in the "No Match" branch (which I assume is there in case the request is reopened) to add two new nodes:

  • one node to update the request and blank out the previous resolution 
  • another to wait for (new) resolution (if the above node is missing, this one will be bypassed because a resolution already exists)
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