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  1. DeadMeatGF

    View attachments in browser

    Thanks @Pamela, this is welcome news.
  2. DeadMeatGF

    New User Alert!

    That's good to know - currently we're using a small subset of assets which will probably become one of the In Policy sets when we have larger numbers included.
  3. DeadMeatGF

    New User Alert!

    I'm finally getting around to looking at working with the Config Manager. Do any of you lovely people who are already using it have some good tips on how to get started without getting overwhelmed, or pitfalls to look out for? Cheers, Steve.
  4. DeadMeatGF

    Progressive Capture - Form field options

    This does crop up regularly in various guises - fundamentally I believe the functionality of the Customer Search default form, but as a field rather than a complete form in itself. Could be useful for the above, for logging calls on behalf of colleagues etc.
  5. DeadMeatGF

    Contact Search not working

    In Selfservice you are logged in, and the system recognises you as a customer, so skips the "Contact Search" form, populating it automatically.
  6. DeadMeatGF

    User not importing after name change

    I'm guessing that because we leave the 'old' email intact the import is picking this up and matching on that value, and updating the existing account to have the new handle. Then the new account cannot be created because of the matching handle.
  7. DeadMeatGF

    User not importing after name change

    Thanks @James Ainsworth I'll have a look in the database and see what's happening.
  8. DeadMeatGF

    Can Connections View Requests?

    +1 here
  9. DeadMeatGF

    Possibility to search or sort connections

    +1 for this.
  10. DeadMeatGF

    Mapping Simple List to Custom Field

    Beat me to it - I was just grabbing those screenshots!
  11. DeadMeatGF

    User not importing after name change

    That's enabled the creation - I'm still slightly confused as to why it considered the handle as a duplicate. Which field is it comparing to check for duplicates? I can probably make sure that this does not clash after a name change if I know what to look out for.
  12. DeadMeatGF

    User not importing after name change

    @James Ainsworth I'll try that and let you know what happens, but there shouldn't be any duplication: The existing account should the handle "Firstname Old_Surname" and the new account has the handle "Firstname New_Surname" The sync next runs about 10:00 so we'll see what happens!
  13. DeadMeatGF

    User not importing after name change

    Any suggestions on this? The customer has finally noticed