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  1. DeadMeatGF

    Anyone harvesting the Twitch Prime games?

    Only really got the one above - I've added all of them to my library (I'm assuming they don't disappear at the end of the promotion, but we shall see!) but I've only had the time to download and play Q.U.B.E. 2 It's quite fun, the story is reasonably engaging so far, not as good as Portal for me but a fun, playable puzzle game, manipulating panels to bounce, create blocks and extrude platforms in order to manoeuvre around the map.
  2. If so, have you any recommendations for which ones to actually spend time playing? I've had a go on Q.U.B.E. 2 which I've been enjoying, even though (or maybe because!) it's fundamentally an adaptation of Portal!
  3. DeadMeatGF

    Shared user account in service manager

    For simply logging calls, the HR users shouldn't need a license - they can do this as Co-Workers. They will only need a license if they are actively participating in processing the call.
  4. DeadMeatGF

    Maximum step count error

    Error message:Process::Execute: exceeding maximum step count (1000)... Process::Execute: exceeding maximum step count (1000)... We get this occasionally on some of our Facilities requests - I have no idea what causes them, and the vast majority of requests go through without issue. It's on our Facilities Incident business process, but I can't identify anywhere that might be causing it - although without really understanding what the error indicates I'm not sure what I'm looking for anyway. If it helps it most recently happened on IN00026767 and IN00027271 Any ideas?
  5. DeadMeatGF

    Link requests - bulk Request Action

    Cancelling would be a great start, not least for during testing!
  6. DeadMeatGF

    Notification when Request Owner Changes

    In the meantime you could store the original owner at the start of the process, and then test the current owner against that at various points in the BP. Wouldn't be a "live" update, but if you have a process that is likely to have changes to the owner and can predict roughly where that might happen this would work well enough for those kinds of Request.
  7. I'm not doing this yet - but if I do, I'll be trying to achieve this; during testing at least
  8. DeadMeatGF

    Mandatory Checklist

  9. DeadMeatGF

    What games do you play?

    @Victor - based on that comment you're due a pay rise
  10. DeadMeatGF

    Setting values on automated Request

    Sadly not - If I could extract data from the email into Custom Variables rather than just compare data, or even extract data from the Description I would be happy.
  11. DeadMeatGF

    What games do you play?

    I miss Quake Fridays :'(
  12. DeadMeatGF

    What games do you play?

    Were you in the pub all this time?
  13. DeadMeatGF

    LDAP 3.0.3 import error

    That's fixed it - I can only assume that there was an issue saving for some reason. Thanks for the help @TrevorKillick
  14. DeadMeatGF

    LDAP 3.0.3 import error

    Sent you a DM