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  1. Resolution Text not picked up

    So this is OK as a workaround - but the 255 character limit and being forced to have everything on a single line (unless using a variable that is already split over multiple lines) makes it less effective than I'd like.
  2. Resolution Text not picked up

    This may come in with the next update along with unlimited size custom text fields?
  3. Resolution Text not picked up

    Nope, sadly not. The only potential for forcing a new line was to use headings as standard Wiki markup uses an actual new line (i.e. Enter on the keyboard) as a new line, as you would expect, but the markup comes through as typed. I tried the \r\n version as well, to no avail.
  4. Resolution Text not picked up

    Ah - crlf, that's the issue with the custom fields. I may have seen that somewhere, but while I'm searching feel free to drop a method to add a crlf onto the end of the text I'm appending, see if you can beat me to it!
  5. Resolution Text not picked up

    Certainly can - was flagging this here as it doesn't look like expected behaviour based on the available options. I'll go with the custom field unless (until?) I hear otherwise.
  6. Auto-Chase Requests

    From another post I believe I read that the next SM update is due in a couple of days.
  7. Resolution Text not picked up

    I'm fairly convinced I'm doing something wrong, as my brain is fried from building this rather large process, but I can't get the Update Resolution Text node to append. I have a number of Automated Tasks set up in a Parallel Processing section, but whether I have selected 1, 2, or 12 actions I end up with a single line in the Resolution Text at the end of the Process. I've tried setting "Overwrite Resolution Text" to Yes, No and leaving it on Auto - all with the same result.
  8. Human Task - Visibility

    I have guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility set to team but in the Requests I'm testing every Human Task is showing on the timeline in the Service Portal - is that because I'm a super-mega-admin type as well as the customer, or should I be hiding those updates from the customer elsewhere?
  9. Boards Enhancement

    Thanks James, I thought I'd mentioned it before, although I couldn't find it - or I'd have just updated the thread. I know one issue is that the Business Process doesn't have a real concept of triggering events such as 'If call is cancelled at any point, process these nodes' (at least not at our end) so I wondered if tying those actions to the Board itself would be easier to achieve.
  10. When I'm dragging from the exit arrow to create/join the next node, the UI regularly drags the existing node as well as creating the link. While functionally this is a very minor thing, on a larger PC/BP that you have taken great pains to lay out in a readable manner this can be very frustrating. (To the point of making NSFW comments in the office, if I'm honest!) Could anything be done to reduce the frequency of this happening, please?
  11. Boards Enhancement

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but I'm not sure it's been approached from the Boards side rather than the BPM side. Could Boards have an optional setting to auto-purge cancelled requests? Cancelled requests are not a major problem, but they do build up over time and being proactive enough to delete them manually isn't really happening. In most cases there is no benefit for a cancelled request being on a board, so if the functionality could be built in to automatically delete them it would be really useful. Obviously having it optional would be required as some customers may have a use for keeping them on the board.
  12. Viewing Sites within Service Manager

    I don't think you can do that with Sites, but you appear to be able to access the address for the Organisation; also there are a number of custom fields for the customer which could hold Site Addresses if your customers don't move around from site to site. Not sure if they'll help as a workaround.
  13. Error using Parallel Processing

    Yes, that works - thanks. So the simplified version is: When nesting PP, close each level from the outside in? *edit* On testing - works as in lets me create the nodes. When I select every option: The S Drive & Email Tasks from the outer process are created fine. CRM, EBS, Registers Tasks and the ProSuite branch from the middle process are all working. The Visitor Task is ignored. All 6 Pro* Tasks from the inner process are created. This is still confusing me. The visitors decision is "Custom PCF->[DEV] IT Access Requests->servicesRequired->System(s) Required contains visitors" The registers decision is "Custom PCF->[DEV] IT Access Requests->servicesRequired->System(s) Required contains registers" so I really can't work out what I've done wrong!
  14. I have a BPM with three nested parallel processing sections. All but one of the required tasks would be created, so I did my default fix attempt of deleting and recreating nodes/links - this now brings up the error as shown in the attached image. After taking the screenshot I completely deleted the "Visitor System" branch, but after creating a Decision Node off the PP Start node I get the same error. Is there something I'm missing? Or is this a glitch? I wondered if it was to do with the PP Start/End nodes names, but I have changed them to all be unique and the error still occurs.