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  1. You need an Automated Task node in the BP set to 'Automated Task -> Hornbill Service Manager -> Entity -> Requests -> Get Request Information -> Progressive Capture Answers' Then in the Decision node you can set the branch to test your answer using the variable picker, expanding Custom PCF and selecting the required answer.
  2. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    A bit like this:
  3. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    You can test this by adding a "No Match" exit branch that then uses an Automated Task to output Custom_O to the timeline.
  4. Removing Cancelled Calls from a Board

    I don't remember if this got posted elsewhere, but I did wonder if we could approach this from the opposite direction - by having a setting within the Board itself to auto-remove cancelled Requests; if this was set to true, then they would auto-purge, if not they would remain until manually removed. With regards to this similar thread, we could have a Board option to auto-remove Requests after a set time period based on Status - e.g. Closed for 28 days.
  5. I've updated this similar thread to include your suggestion, @lee mcdermott
  6. What are you importing from? Excel/CSV/Database etc? The import appears to be generating the XML of: <customerId>&lt;nil&gt;</customerId> i.e. <customerId><nil></customerId> which is not going to match - for no owner it needs to be <customerId></customerId> I can't say whether that's happening at the source or within the import, but it needs correcting.
  7. What games do you play?

    As far as I know (anecdotal, I admit) the game was built with VR in mind, but they couldn't get it to work properly so they didn't ship it with a VR option. I think you could activate it for the DK2 but it wasn't compatible with the retail release of the Rift. Nibre has unlocked that code, and developed it a bit so it works with the current version of the Rift. Unfortunately, you can't do that kind of thing on consoles. I will say that 5 minutes in VR on Alien, a decent blast on Robo Recall, and a stint in the chair with Elite Dangerous VR over the weekend is all it has taken for Draxxor to go home and buy a Rift!
  8. What games do you play?

    Just got back from Elite Community Meet 2018 - one of the highlights was terrifying people with Alien Isolation in VR. If you have a Rift, I strongly recommend giving it a go! It's still an Alpha fan-mod, so a bit buggy in places, but it's a lot of fun. No idea if it works on the Vive, though.
  9. Looks like the requirement is a different kind of escalation based on assignment - fundamentally (if you're a SupportWorks convert) like the OnCallAssigned node in VPME.
  10. I would use this feature for placing a Request on hold, but would not want to do this for any other type of update. Will we be able to be that granular when enabling/disabling the feature?
  11. Can't delete BP

    Thanks @James Ainsworth, will do.
  12. Business Process not recognising Status

    That's what I'm selecting via the variable picker - although as you notice, not how it's displayed in the dialog.
  13. Integration: Microsoft Flow

    Ah - no problem, just me jumping the gun
  14. SLA Timers not showing.

    You can create an SLA of "Incoming" (or whatever title works for you) and have "No Match" set to that - this way the timers are running. Once the priority is set, you use the "Set SLA" node and it will change to the appropriate SLA. I don't know if that resets the timers - if not, it doesn't matter, carry on as normal. If so, we could use an enhancement to (optionally) stop that happening, but you should be able to test for a response breach, store it in a Custom Variable, and then you can report on that where necessary.