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Business Process nodes moving when linking together


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Dragging a node arrow to link it to another, has started moving the whole node (while the arrow flails about stuck to the side). It still links but you then have to move the node back into place. 

I have been making PCFs and BPMs pretty consistently for a few weeks and have noticed it starting on 23/5/18

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36 minutes ago, Dan Munns said:

Mildly annoying.

Nicely put... I find it quite irritating especially when you spent sooooo much time making sure all of them nodes are perfectly aligned, all lines are straight, no connecting lines intersecting...  when this happens my first thought is "people died for much less" ... :P:D 

But I could have sworn it was fixed... :unsure:

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As a possible workaround, should further updates break this, I've had some success in hovering over the exit arrow, then moving off completely, and back on again before clicking and dragging.
Worth a try, and slightly less frustrating than having to re-position nodes.

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