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Could we have an Enhancement Requests section on the forum please? 

It is getting a little difficult to find posts that I have commented on to add my 2 pence to an enhancement request from someone else to see if there has been any movement.

Also I cant remember if I created a post or commented on someone elses half the time which makes life even more difficult. Couple all that with the fact it could have been a Service Manager ER or a Collaboration ER or a Reporting ER etc and I am just about losing my hair trying to get updates for people here who have asked for things.

I know I get a notification when a post has been commented on but sometimes I click to read one notification and as it marks them all as read they disappear into the void...

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If we can keep everything in a single location for enhancement requests, as long as we are able to identify what application the enhancements are related to (maybe force a prefix of SM / PM / DM etc. to the title)

However in the mean time @Dan Munns, have you had a look at the options available on the Activity tab at the top of the Hornbill forums?

If you click on this tab, then click on My Activity Streams underneath it you will be able to filter the forum posts a bit more, such as to find the content you've posted it, or even the posts you've started.



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@samwoo yes the activity tab is my go to at the moment.

But with so many posts I comment on / create it is a bit of a nightmare. Especially as it shows all comments I have made on each post so sometimes I am on page 3 before I have cleared todays posts. 

Plus like I said the post might be someone elses, I may or may not have posted on it. I may or may not follow it, I may have just read it and thought 'that's a good idea, Ill have to remember that' and then inevitably forget about it for a month or so :) 

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