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  1. dwalby

    On-Hold Auto-Chase Mechanism

    @Steven Boardman - sorry to chase, are you able to provide any suggestions on how to achieve this?
  2. @Steven Boardman - Thanks for this, should be easy to implement
  3. Hi all, I notice that it's possible to filter 'Unauthorized' changes on the Change Calendar, my question is therefore, is it possible to add a Change Request to the Change Calendar during Progress Capture? That way proposed changes would appear on the calendar prior to CAB approval and can help decision making when reviewing conflicts between changes. Hope this makes sense? Thanks
  4. Hi all, Our Service Desk team handle all incoming requests, but in instances where we need to assign a Service Request to the Business Systems team we want the BPM to add it to the Business Systems team Trello board as a card. The question is therefore whether it's possible to trigger an action (Integration call to Trello) when a Service Request is assigned to the Business Systems team? I think this could be done with a human task, however I wanted to know whether we could automate it in anyway without requiring any additional action from the analyst on the Service Desk. Thanks in advance
  5. @samwoo that was it! Needed a Ctrl+F5 Thanks!
  6. @James Ainsworth I've updated to the latest version to take advantage of this feature however I can't see how to apply colours to existing priorities? I've checked the Wiki also but it isn't clear? Are you able to assist please?
  7. @James Ainsworth - Thanks just updated now so will test this out.
  8. Hi all, I remember seeing a post on this previously but can't for the life of me find it now, so apologies if I've missed it somehow. When setting a request sub-status to 'Pending Due Date' (On-hold until date specified) a notification does not appear to trigger when the request comes off-hold. Is this being fixed? Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks @Chaz - I removed the 2nd servicename filter which corrected the measures, but I'll look to fix the filters as per your post above
  10. dwalby

    LDAP sync - Leavers

    Hi all, Whilst viewing our users list within Hornbill the other day I noticed there're lots of users who've left the organisation still showing. Is it good practice to remove these and will it have any detrimental effect on previous requests/data? Is there a way to automate the removal of accounts that are disabled within AD or moved to a different OU? Thanks in advance
  11. @samwoo strangely I continued to get invalid date format errors with both of those date commands. For the meantime I've excluded the disposal date from the script just so I can get them updated.
  12. Thanks @samwoo - Looks like the error reporting is working. By the looks of it, it's now failing because it can't find the disposal_date_txt.text file, can't seem to get that to work, so in the meantime I manually entered the date into the script, but it's reporting that the below Invalid date/time format provided: [2018-12-10 12:00:00] for column h_actual_retired_date As per the Wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Understanding_the_Asset_Structure it's appears to be in the correct format however Date Time – must be in the format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS e.g. 2015-07-15 00:00:00
  13. Hi all, Just returned back from the Christmas/New Year break and noticed that our daily/weekly/monthly performance metrics have been going haywire since the 20th December. See below: It's entirely possible that this is as a result of the additional filter I've applied in bold in the below WHERE clause, however I'm not sure why: (h_requesttype='Incident' OR h_requesttype='Service Request') AND h_status!='status.cancelled' AND (h_summary NOT LIKE '%New SfB telephony number is required%' OR '%New Skype for Business telephony number is required%' OR '%Surface Phase 3 Upgrade -%') AND (h_reopencount = 0) AND (h_catalog NOT IN ('Submit Feedback, Suggestions or Complaints', 'Order Refreshments', 'Surface Pro Rebuild', 'Surface Pro Upgrade', 'Surface Pro Upgrade/Re-Build') OR h_catalog IS NULL) AND (h_fk_servicename != 'Data Protection') OR (h_fk_servicename != 'Test Service') If I run a report of Incidents/Service Requests logged yesterday it shows 0 so it seems it's almost certainly a problem with the measure, not the system. Any assistance on this would be appreciated
  14. dwalby

    On-Hold Auto-Chase Mechanism

    @Steven Boardman Thanks
  15. Hi all, Has anyone successfully implemented a auto-chase/auto-resolve mechanism? In scenarios where an analyst has contacted a customer via e-mail and placed a call on-hold, instead of the analyst having to manually follow up, is there a way a reminder e-mail can be sent after a set period of time? Then if no response received after X amount of attempts the request auto-resolves? Thanks in advance