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  1. @samwoo - Now that I've actually taken the time to properly study the script I've worked it out - going to give it a try shortly. Thanks!
  2. @samwoo I'm just picking up on this as we've recently disposed of a number of assets. Possible stupid question... Where should the disposal csv be saved/located in order for the PowerShell script to pick it up?
  3. dwalby

    Error opening Board

    Hi all, I'm getting this error when attempting to open a board, any ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, Is there a way of finding out who deleted an e-mail from an inbox within Hornbill? I've seen a few cases where genuine e-mails from customers have been deleted but can't see a means of finding out who deleted it! Also, once a request has been raised from an e-mail, is there a way to see what the request reference is? Thanks in advance
  5. dwalby

    Analyst Performance Widgets

    @Victor - Thanks, sorry for the late response on this. I think the graph you've shown displays the metrics I'm looking for, but presumably your measures are for overall performance. I'm looking to create a graph which shows logged, resolved & open for each analyst over the current week/month. I'm guessing I'd need to setup a measure for each analyst to achieve this? I've used some insane paint skillz to hopefully demonstrate what I'm looking for a bit better.
  6. dwalby

    Use Serial Number on Custom Buttons

    @Michael Sharp - Suspect this might not be possible currently. I was trying to achieve a similar thing but with asset tag in order to initiate a TeamViewer session. Apparently it's not possible to pull through the asset info variables.
  7. dwalby

    Highlight 'Start Assessment' when required?

    @Paul Alexander - it might be worth a read of this thread if you haven't already: I had similar issues but it seems the only way to do this is to lock down all other actions in the request.
  8. dwalby

    Editing a failed Business Process

    Thanks @Ehsan but unfortunately didn't work in this instance. I've pinned this thread for future reference though as I'm sure it'll come in handy!
  9. Hi all, A while ago I stupidly set some human tasks to require 100% completion of checklists despite the task not containing a checklist. This has since been rectified, but there're still a few requests open that were following this incorrectly configured BPM - when attempting to complete the task it throws an error: It doesn't appear I can bypass this either by deleting the task or using the resolve action. Is there any other means of progressing this aside from cancelling it? @Ehsan - I think you had involvement with implementing the 100% completion of checklist requirements so might be something you could assist with? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all, Is there a simple way to automatically select a request category (profile) for requests logged via the service (end-user self-service) portal? Currently I have incident BPMs for each service setup as 'Get IT Help' that follow all the same steps as my main incident management BPM, however they have a decision and auto-task to set the category based on the ProgCap answers the end-user has selected. This makes it difficult to maintain any changes to the core process as I then have to make amendments to each individual service BPM also. Hope this makes sense! Thanks in advance
  11. dwalby

    E-mails Waiting/New E-mails Count Widget

    @Victor - Awesome this worked Thanks again!
  12. dwalby

    E-mails Waiting/New E-mails Count Widget

    @Victor sorry, all e-mails ideally, from the Inbox only.
  13. @Steven Boardman Thanks, glad you understood what I was asking to be honest! Currently only analysts raise change requests so presumably it'd be Get Owner Info instead of customer?
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to re-design our Change Management process so that changes raised by non-management staff are assigned to their line manager, the line manager would then assess whether the change is Standard, Normal or Emergency. Any Changes raised by management staff are self-assessed by the manager who raises the Change Request. To clarify: Scenario 1 - Change Request raised by non-management analyst > Assigns a task to their line manager to assess the change Scenario 2 - Change Request raised by management > Assigns task to manager who raised the Change Request My initial thoughts for Scenario 1 are: Add a custom expression decision with Assigned Team (for tasks) = Teamname and Job title does not contain 'manager' , 'lead' etc. variable which then routes a Human Task to the line manager using the Manager variable (From owner details) Scenario 2 would be be routed based on no match and assigned to Owner or Created By This may be a really convoluted and messy way of doing it however so wanted some advice and guidance on any other recommended ways? The reason we're looking to do it this way is because currently ALL Change Requests get assigned to the Change Manager, but the Change Manager isn't knowledgeable in each of the IT Business Units to be able to make a informed decision on whether it is Standard, Normal or Emergency. So the thinking is, the line manager (business area subject expert) would perform the assessment. The idea is that this will speed up the Change process. Thanks in advance
  15. @Steven Boardman - I think this is one of those posts where after posting it I realised I answered my own question within my original post! Yes, I'm using the suspend on Impact Assessment node, but analysts were able to resolve without completing the impact assessment. Essentially locking all the appropriate actions prior to the suspend on Impact Assessment would overcome this.