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  1. @TomW - I'm fairly certain the only way to do this is to utilise the timesheet plugin as highlighted below - one of the Hornbill devs should be able to confirm though. You can enable this within the request config section of the Service Portfolio
  2. @TrevorHarris @Daniel Dekel - Hi both, have there been any further developments on the features mentioned here?
  3. Hi @Steve Giller - different procaps for each change - I'll give it a try on the ProCap and let you know. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, Is it possible to update the built-in Change Request fields (e.g. h_implementation_plan) during BPM? I'm trying to put together catalog items for common Change Requests (e.g. Windows Updates) that always have the same implementation plan. I'd therefore like to create a BPM that has pre-populated implementation plans, justification, etc. but I can't see how to do this? It can be done during progress capture:
  5. @Steven Boardman has there been any further progress on this please? This is one of the main blockers for us moving purely to self-service for all customer requests and discontinuing email.
  6. Interested in this also. We have an extensive range of Known Error records and FAQs but I do not think these are being fully utilised due tot he fact they're only presented to the analyst during progress capture, not after the incident/request has been logged. Could we have an update on Knowledge Centre development in general please?
  7. Hi all, Is it possible to schedule Service Requests (or any request types) and have them reoccur? We need to perform an audit action twice a year with specific checks which I'd like to capture within a BPM/workflow with associated tasks. I'm aware this can be done with tasks/activities but can't see anywhere it can be done for requests? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi all, Is it possible an integration with Pivitol Tracker could be implemented? https://www.pivotaltracker.com/integrations Our Business Intelligence team uses this tool and would like Service Requests to drop into their 'backlog' automatically. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi all, Is it possible to change the text that is displayed in the search box on the Service portal? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all, Is it possible to add change requests to the change calendar during progress capture? Currently our BPM required the requester to populate the proposed start/end date, but this is not shown on the change calendar. It would be useful for us if all changes appeared on the change calendar, with an unauthorised status as soon as a change is submitted. Thanks in advance
  11. @Deen sorry to chase, do you have any further pointers on what might be causing this issue?
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