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  1. dwalby

    Change Calendar

    @conorh - You're right, my fault. Rather rarely we didn't have any scheduled changes at the time I looked at it. They're appearing now. Thanks for your help.
  2. dwalby

    Escalate requests with no owner

    @Steven Boardman - yes currently the 1st line analysts are completing an impact assessment manually. Arguably this could be reviewed and an SLA determined automatically based on the prog cap results submitted by the end-user. I'll need to look into that but that'll be a long-term activity for me. In the meantime I'm looking to alert the 1st line team that there has been a request outstanding for X amount of time, via Hornbill Notification and a team e-mail if possible.
  3. Hi all, In our instance when requests are submitted via the portal they're assigned to the 1st line service desk queue but do not have an SLA/Priority assigned until an analyst has picked up the request. These are often getting missed in the mass of requests coming into the queue, is there a way of creating an escalation trigger to alert the 1st line analysts despite the fact they do not have an SLA associated? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks @Lyonel and @Victor - I've setup the role and will test with a number of users.
  5. @Miro - The affected user was using IE11 at the time.
  6. Hi all, A customer has reported that they were unable to complete our new starter request process as one of the fields did not present any options. As per below screenshot the progcap contains a Dynamic Checkbox group which references a simple list. I believe refreshing the page resolves this, however this can be frustrating for users as they have to complete the form again from the beginning. Is there a permanent fix available for this?
  7. dwalby

    Change Authorisation E-mail Template

    @Dan Munns Thanks for this - I knew I'd seen this somewhere before!
  8. Hi all, I think this has been asked before but can't seem to find via search. Is it possible to edit the e-mail template for 'Authorisation for Request' as below:
  9. dwalby

    Managing Major Incidents within Hornbill

    @James Ainsworth - Thanks for the response on this it certainly clarifies a few things. I'll be reviewing our BPMs with major incidents in mind and will try to post back here with any findings.
  10. Hi all, Just looking for some advice on how Hornbill users manage major incidents. When receiving the initial report of a major incident (highest priority) should this simply remain as a single incident record with a linked problem record to determine the root cause? Should any further reports of the same major incident be raised as incidents also & linked to the P1 - how should they then be prioritized? Obviously not P1. Is there a way to automatically update/resolve child incidents linked to the major incident? Is there a way to utilize e-mail templates for business-wide progress updates on major incidents? Once the major incident is resolved a major incident report needs to be created, is there a way of integrating this into BPM? Thanks in advance
  11. dwalby

    Change Calendar

    @conorh - I've attempted to use your custom SQL query but it doesn't appear to return any results (the headers show). Please can you confirm that the SQL query is correct?
  12. Hi all, We have 1 mailbox within Service manager, only members of the Service Desk need access to monitor this mailbox and be notified of new e-mail. All other members of IT only send e-mail from this mailbox when handling requests, but do not need to see new e-mail. Is it therefore possible to remove the e-mail icon and e-mail count from the notifications area for certain teams/analysts?
  13. dwalby

    Change Request Details

    Hi all, I've just noticed that when selecting the 'View Details Form' button of a Change Request (as below) It then allows you to enable and show some additional fields (see below) which could be quite useful for us. Currently when IT members are raising changes they complete a progress capture form which contains a custom form capturing the; implementation plan, test plan, etc. I was therefore wondering if it is either possible to map the details they enter into these additional fields within the 'Details Form'? Or somehow present the additional details fields shown below directly in the progcap? Alternatively would it be better to have the IT members raising a Change Request by simply inputting a Summary and Description during the progress capture, then having an activity in the BPM prompting them to complete the additional fields - implementation plan, etc? If so, is there a way of making the additional details fields mandatory? Interested to know if anyone else uses the above additional change details and if so how?
  14. @Victor - OK so after re-sampling the number of requests logged for April has gone from 1788 down to 892. Just to confirm I'm understanding it right, that is because previously it was calculating ALL Incidents (Ever logged?) + Service Requests logged in the month?
  15. @Victor Thank you very much I'll check this out