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  1. Hi all, Recently noticed that notifications within Hornbill are not triggering when a requests sub-status changes. For example, I just placed a request on-hold pending a due date of 9:20am, then navigated back to the request list. When 9:20am came a notification did not appear in my notification area, despite the sub-status of the request changing. From what I understand the notifications should derive from this setting here: Is there an issue? Thanks in advance
  2. @Steven Boardman please add me also
  3. dwalby

    High-Level Resource Estimation

    @alextumber almost, however as we're looking to make resource estimations for projects 2 years in advance we won't necessarily know or have the tasks populated within the projects. Essentially we want to be able to make a very high-level resource estimation for each project to determine how much resource from each team is required to deliver a project, measured in FTE (Full-time-employee) time.
  4. Hi all, Does Project Manager have any capability to output a high-level resource estimation for projects? Currently we use an Excel document with a list of all our projects spanning 2 years, with a resource estimation (Number of Full Time Employees) committed next to each month. Could Project Manager, Advanced Analytics and/or Reports be setup to do this? Thanks in advance
  5. dwalby

    LDAP Imports

    Hi all, I have a single LDAP import setup currently that pulls through AD account information into Hornbill, including Managers. For a particular department I need to exclude the sync of the Manager field, from what I understand this will require 2 LDAP imports. Does anyone have any guidance on how to achieve this? Presumably I'll need to exclude the departmental OU not requiring the Manager field from the master LDAP import, then create another that filters on the OU of the department excluding the Manager field? Are there any dangers running 2 LDAP imports? Thanks
  6. Hi all, Is it possible to allow customers to view Problem Records within the Service Portal where they are the customer of the Problem Record? Thanks in advance
  7. dwalby

    Task checklist formatting

    Thanks @Steven Boardman - could they also look at possibly making the headings bold, or in a larger font, as currently they tend to blend into the tasks.
  8. dwalby

    Task checklist formatting

    I don't remember seeing them before
  9. dwalby

    Task checklist formatting

    @Dan Munns I've seen this also, makes it look rather messy. It'd be nice if the headings were in bold...
  10. dwalby

    Dashboards Error

    @Mohamed sorry to chase, has there been any further development on this? I suspect if I deleted all of the charts I have and recreated them this issue would go away
  11. Hi all, I know it's currently possible to mark incidents/requests as impacted during the Progress Capture process with the use of the Knowledge Management feature. Although this has it's uses, it doesn't seem to populate the Solution action with the workaround, instead this needs to be done manually by searching for and linking the Known Error/Problem once the incident/request has been logged. Is it possible to automatically populate the Solution action item once a incident/request has been raised that has been marked as impacted during the progress capture? Alternatively, could the option to link the Known Error/Problem be added to the Progress Capture process? Thanks in advance
  12. dwalby

    E-mail templates - Workaround variable

    @Victor just a thought, as a workaround to this, is it possible to mirror/populate a custom field from the workaround - then use the custom field within the e-mail template?
  13. @Victor @samwoo - I'm looking for an e-mail notification to automatically be sent part-way through the lifecycle of an incident. For example, we had what we though was a Priority 4 incident logged on Saturday, nobody else was working at the time, further investigation revealed that if unresolved it would impact a large number of users, the incident priority/SLA was therefore re-classified as a Priority 1. I'd like it to trigger the 'Major Incident' notification e-mail at this point.