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  1. Can Connections View Requests?

    @Steven Boardman - Please add me to this also. In the meantime has there been any further update?
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to create a measure of logged incidents per week, but to only show post go-live Hornbill date in order to prevent the stats from being obscured by the requests we imported from Supportworks. When sampling the query however it is showing weeks prior to the go-live date and also 0s in all samples. Please could someone advise where I'm going wrong? SQL isn't my strong point. Here is the query where clause I'm using: (h_requesttype='Incident' OR h_requesttype='Service Request') AND h_datelogged >= 2018-02-11 00:00:00 Our go-live date was 12th Feb
  3. Hi all, I'm attempting to perform an import but keep encountering this error, unless I'm going mad, the date format I'm supplying meets the required format? I even tried with and without the Z on the end. Any ideas?
  4. Hi all, I have a feeling a post already exists along the lines of this already but I can't find it - @James Ainsworth I seem to remember you responding to it. From what I understand, when working within an incident request in order to see a solution to a known error you first need to link it to the incident. Although this works, this relies on the analyst either knowing the known error exists, or that they perform a search for a known error within the 'Link Request' action. This is also reliant on the analyst either knowing what search terms to use, or using the filters. Would it not be better suited if the 'Solution' action was automatically populated with solutions to known errors that are associated with the service instead of just FAQs? Thanks in advance
  5. @conorh - Thanks for this, but the widget isn't showing any results despite me having incidents linked to known errors/problems. Any suggestions?
  6. Managing Change Requests

    Thanks @Dan Munns - This makes sense, thank you for clarifying your usage scenarios. Out of interest how do you approach the authorisation of emergency, normal and standard changes?
  7. Managing Change Requests

    Hi all, We've only recently implemented the first iteration of our Change Management process and for the first time are using a tool (Service Manager) to log and track changes. In terms of the usage scenarios around Change Management though I wanted to get a feel for how others approach it in conjunction with Service Manager. By default Service Manager has 3 change types which can be selected; Standard, Normal & Emergency - all of which are common terms as per ITIL guidance. For the most part though it is suggested that 'Standard' changes do not require a RFC as they are categorised as changes that are low-risk, common and 'standard' practice, such as a password resets for example. Instead, most articles on the matter I've seen suggest that these should be raised as Service Requests, which I'd agree with. With this in mind, what are some usage scenarios and reasons for raising 'Standard' Changes within Service Manager? Thanks in advance
  8. Order services for portal?

    Have there been any further development or thoughts on this @James Ainsworth @Ehsan?
  9. Hi all, Why does the date/time picker show random values in the selection? If for example I want to select 22:00:00 it won't let me. I have to delete out the time shown then enter it manually.
  10. @Dan Munns @Victor - Thanks so much both, it's saved successfully, going to give it a test by raising a request....
  11. Sure, strangely though since adding in those extra parallel processing nodes it now allows me to save, but produces a yellow error regarding the requirement for 2 exit nodes. See attached.... requests---new-starter-process.bpm.txt
  12. @Dan Munns - Thanks, but the Start node requires at least 2 exit nodes
  13. Hi @Steven Boardman - I've been amending my new starter BPM following advice from @Dan Munns and @Victor on how to assign tasks as per the below post. During which i also consolidated down some of the tasks (in favour of checklists) and nested parallel processing within parallel processing and fear I may now have created a monster... a monster that is again having the 'Entangled paths' error. Can parallel processing nodes be nested within 'parent' parallel processing nodes? What makes it more frustrating is that the new starter BPM used to work as per my above post, however since I've spent the last hour editing it, it now won't allow me to save. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I'll potentially lose any amendments I've made if I can't fix it today