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Found 25 results

  1. We are wondering if we can request an enhancement to have conditional questions in the feedback e.g. if they choose 3 stars then we ask for what we could of done better or if they suggest poor feedback we can prompt for them to explain the poor feedback
  2. We have a lot of services and it is currently the single most time-consuming aspect of logging a request . Would it be possible to enable a search, similar to the Asset search, for the service choosing page? Somewhere where they could type in a full or partial word and anything in the title or description would come up. Thanks in advance
  3. Related to our earlier post about having a default language field added as standard to the Organisation entity, could we also ask for a Region field in addition to the Country one. The reason being is that we will want to identify the region of the external organisation, so that we can branch in the BPM based on this to deal with allocation to different regional offices and also select the appropriate SLA/Working Time calendars as different regions with a country have different bank/public holidays. Cheers Martyn
  4. Hello all, Had a customer who asked if he could download all 47 attachments from a request in one go and I couldn't suggest anything. After you check the box next to each attachment, could you have a download option as well as the existing delete icon. I've highlighted this space with a little rainbow. Many thanks
  5. It would be occasionally very useful to be able to lookup (in co-worker lookup e.g. in log new request PCF) a user by their phone number. Would anyone else find this useful?
  6. Hi, I am not sure this is the best place to post this request but here goes nothing: When a colleague goes on holiday for a long period of time, having the possibility to setup a delegate for all new tasks would be incredibly useful. I can see at least 2 solutions: 1. Setup a delegate between two dates. 2. When the status of the person is "On Holiday" and a delegate is specified in his profile When assigning a task to the person going on holiday, the system could then double check the settings and reassign the task automatically (as if it was done manually by an admin)? Anybody else interested?
  7. When creating an FAQ it is possible to embed screenshots for added information. However, when accepting the FAQ as a solution these images do not copy into the resolution along with the text which limits their usefulness. Could you added functionality for the images to be brought into the resolution in future?
  8. Hello, I would like to request a feature to add on to the existing co-workers region where staff can specify what skills they have and how proficient they are in each skill, follow by the ability to search a skill and bring up a list of employees that has it. I dont expect this to be feature-heavy and have any other functionality (though possibily something for the future). A new tab in the Co-Workers region titled "Skills" Co-Workers can update it if they want to either via Hornbill or via the Portal Applies to Basic and User accounts Adding skills should work like document tags The ability to set their skill level for a skill (low, medium, high for example) The ability for a "User" to be able to search for a skill and return a list of people that has it (and it should also show their availability) Ability to have a "Skills" cloud, like document tags cloud where we can visualize the skills and maybe to help identify where additional training may be required. I hope this is a simple one to implement, and may go hand-in-hand with Holiday Manager and Round-Robin functionalities down the road. Thanks, Samuel Cc:@Aaron Summers
  9. At the moment we can display all the Pritners by selecting "Get Asset By Class" and flitering on the "Class ID" and then users can search for the printer. We would like their to be the ability to select an asset during progressive caputre based on the Site that the User is located in. E.g. If logging a request for additional Toner for a printer we would like the system to narrow down the list of assets to the pritners that are in the users site.
  10. Hi, This may seems like an odd question but it is worth a shot: over the last couple of years a lot of good improvements have been done on the administration console In my case, one thing missing from the admin console is a screen where you could review your storage in details, grouped by categories and document types? At the moment, the only thing we have is this simple screen: Having the possibility to explore in more details where our space is consumed could help manage better and more efficiently our storage? Or identify a potential big issue in the way we work? If it is not possible to automate this, having it as an expert service would still be a good workaround. Thanks for any feedback!
  11. When we set up FAQ's against a service can you: Have it so when you select a service it displays all associated FAQ's against that service Can you accept an FAQ at the time of logging to resolve the request to the user with those details
  12. At the moment we only have a limited access to fields in order to specify SLM Service Level Agreement rules:- We would like access to additional fields, so that we can make the rules more useful and fit more users possible combinations Organisation Country Region (see linked post at the bottom) Industry Custom fields Customer Job Title Language Country Custom Fields Region (see linked post at the bottom) Request Service Summary Description Source External Ref No. Custom Fields Thanks Martyn
  13. Hi, Is it possible to add the CC Address in the list of available fields for emails routing rules? That would be quite useful for us. Thanks, Lyonel
  14. Feature Request - Email Preview - During the 30 day trial, we came across an issue when we log a ticket, as part of our communication with our clients we need to sent an email to various different people, not just the one person like the system allows. Can we please request that there is a email preview put in place, when the ticket is logged before an email is sent it brings up a preview which will allow the operator to add various email address in?
  15. Hello, Can I request for there to be an option to choose a site from within a Custom Form? Our use case is for New Starters and Movers, Managers will have to select from a predefined list of sites as part of answering questions about the user. Can we have the ability to also choose the list based on the Company the site belongs to as well or have it show all the sites if not specified. Thanks, Samuel
  16. Me again, Another request: would it be possible to have a "Copy" feature for services? (a bit like the "Save As..." for reports, measures, widgets, etc) Creating a new service from scratch can be particularly time consuming when you have to setup all catalogue items, SLAs, FAQs, feedback, etc. In most cases, when I need to create a new service I could really do with a simple copy of an existing service, and then modify only a couple of things. Would anybody else be interested in such feature too? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  17. Hi again, This is going to sound really silly but you would not believe how many people do NOT read what is on the screen... Basically, all our services have a feedback form setup with 3 additional questions. Each question can be answered with a radio button for a value from 1 to 5 (1 being very dissatisfied and 5 being very satisfied) Despite changing the case and text, users keep getting it wrong... Would it be possible to have the 5 star rating mechanism available for custom questions too? All we would store is the value from 0 to 5 (just like you currently do with the rating field). This change would make it straight forward for all our users (especially the ones who do not speak English very well) and prevent many mistakes and wasted time (as we IT have to follow up for every dissatisfied survey coming back). Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  18. Promise, last one for tonight: I know you have plans to improve the reporting capabilities of the system. I for one would love to have a data warehouse (even "offline" from the live database with up to 24h delay) where I could do proper reporting and analysis without limitations or impact on the live system. Having access to such single database and plug it to Power BI for instance would considerably increase the analysis we do. It would almost literally change the way we work and report on our performances. Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks!
  19. Would it be possible to format the resolution text? At the moment, only simple plain text can be used, which is not very user friendly, especially when sent by email via BPM. Having the ability to format the text and include screenshots would be a big improvement! Especially when using a FAQ to resolve a request. If the FAQ used contains a screenshot or formatting, all of this is lost in the automation process. Same thing happens when sending an email via BPM after resolution. Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks!
  20. Hi guys I've just been approached by a team member that for updating a cluster of calls with the same information, I was looking to guide him on selecting a group of Service Requests and triggering an email to send a mass update using the "Actions" button that appears after selection...... although it would offer the ability to update all the calls (or assign), there's no option to email? (I think I'm right that you can't select a blend of INs&SRs) My workaround for my colleague (because it was a single requester), was to guide on using exchange and sending a single email from the associated mailbox, then do a mass update on each call to reflect this information. Is there a more elegant option akin to "tick for emailing" option in the pipeline? I've checked forum and not seen similar. This would be a boon of extra functionality Update different staff Guide huge tranches of users with bespoke updates and/or instructions Warn a selection of staff their call was liable for closure Prompt requesters their call would be under imminent scrutiny and to provide required feedback for quick resolutions ASAP rather than being chased or closed Assist in Major Incident management communication in tandem with all other mediums. etc etc Thanks, Dave
  21. Hi guys, Following yesterday's Hornbill Insight 2017 event, I would like to follow up on a topic we discussed: Emails, attachments and automation. Just to give you an idea of the situation, here is the first few records of a query I ran on the system: SELECT h_request_id, count(h_pk_id) as total FROM h_itsm_requests_attachments group by h_request_id order by 2 desc Now if we look at the first request, you can clearly see we have a problem... And that particular incident is still open! Now I do appreciate this is an extreme example BUT the point remains as you will from the stats below: Now the problem comes from our corporate standard e-mail signature (over which we do not have any control!) as it includes a number of images: Every single email we send internally / externally will contain this signature (if the client used to send the email is outlook). I picked an average request raised from an e-mail to show you the impact: Every attachment to this request but 1 is an image from the signature. None of them of relevant to the request except a screenshot... But which one is the relevant one ??? Another example: Actual email (extract): As you can see from this example (one amongst many!), we have a lot of attachments with meaningless names and only 2 of them are relevant to the issue experienced by our customer. IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS for our setup: 1. We do not create automatically requests upon email reception. They are created manually by operators 2. Emails with a reference to an existing requests will automatically update the request Let's summarise the issues we are facing: 1. When creating a new request from an email, the "attachments" section of the progressive capture get's "by-passed", meaning the operator does not get prompted to remove some of them The problem is that operators raising calls will not follow instructions and got back to the attachments to remove the signature related images... And even if they did (which I repeat most of them don't! Even if we repeat 10000000000000 times), this is what they get: No exactly very explicit is it? You need to download each image on your machine, open the file and then decide what to do with the attachment... Mega time consuming hence why they don't bother. 2. The link between the email and Progressive Capture: when raising a request from an e-mail, you need to fill in the default "summary" and "description" fields for the request in the PC. Why can't it be imported from the email? That would save a LOT of time and prevent many mistakes! 3. Every time an email is applied to a request manually, we get a nice pop-up where we can choose the attachments to include: This is great BUT only available when applying to the request... And again which one of these attachments is relevant? (Note: I have a screenshot somewhere in the list!) 4. Every time an email is applied to a request automatically (using email automation), attachments this time are NOT included?? Note that no "attachments" section is displayed Actual email: This email also includes my "corporate standard email signature" so I would have expected a minimum of 5/6 images! 5. How can I delete 24 out of the 26 attachments of a request without wasting 30 minutes of my time? I can't right now... I understand this is a lot to take in but as discussed yesterday all these "small issues" to you are actually a big deal when trying to resolve calls on a daily basis. I might have some suggestions on how to improve this: Attachments preview: this would be a game changer !!! - Images preview should be very easy to implement (although you might want to build thumbnails to speed things up which I can understand requires a bit more time to develop) - PDF preview should not be very complicated either to implement - Other types of documents: I can understand this is a more tricky business (and I would personally understand if it was excluded from the scope of any development) Issue 1: - fix the "by-passing" of the attachments - alike the "apply to request", show the modal with the attachments to consider BEFORE going into the PC? - preview attachments (on "hover" or by default in the screen) would considerably help too! Issue 2: - find a way to link email.subject and email.body to request.subject and request.description in a progressive capture (by default) but still overrideable by analysts Issue 3: - Preview attachments would literally solve this issue! In this particular example, having it inline with the name of the attachment would be better than "hover" BUT User Experience (UX) should be considered Issue 4: - Is it a bug? Is it supposed to work like that? Or is it just me being stupid and having a wrong setting somewhere?/ Issue 5: - we need some sort of mass delete button that would display all attachments in a scrollable modal window with preview of the attachments, a "select / unselect all" button, checkboxes for all attachments (unchecked by default) and a "delete all" button (which confirmation just to be on the safe side!) Sorry for the length of this post but I cannot possibly imagine being the only customer having these issues with regards to attachments, emails and automation. We spent a lot of time yesterday discussing it with a few Hornbill developers and I know there are simple solutions available which would not require that much time to code, test and deploy. But they would make a massive difference to us on a daily basis.
  22. Hi, Another request from me today: could we get a "Get service details" option in the automated task below: It would be incredibly useful for me (and probably other customers / users) if we could access the service details as I could really use the following fields in my BPMs: - Custom fields - Service Owner - Visibility Thanks !
  23. Hi, When creating a new bulletin for a service, it is quite difficult to size properly the image so that the content looks good. Many (if not all) of my colleagues are complaining about this and therefore do not post bulletins. It is not a good excuse I would agree but at the same I cannot blame them. In my opinion (and as discussed with some developers yesterday at the Hornbill Insight 2017 event) a very simple solution to this problem would be: 1. Post an official recommendation on your Wiki or Blog about how to size perfectly an image for bulletins (that would also take into consideration coding of the carousel and how it behaves on resize!) 2. Add a small label on the screen when creating a new bulletin with the recommended size and URL to the recommendation: This should be super quick to do and help us (and many other customers I would think) make the most of bulletins. Also I am pretty sure this has been mentioned a few times on this forum...
  24. Hi again, Still following Hornbill Insight 2017 event, I have another suggestion to make: due to how my company is structured and operate, we have IT service owners that look after the services (i.e. catalogue items, FAQs, bulletins, change control, etc.) but we also have a real need to a "Business" service owner or Business Key contact. Indeed, this person is actually owning the service from a business perspective whereas the IT service owner is only responsible for the support of the service. Let me give you a bit more details on our need. We have an internal "application portal" made up of 60+ custom / home made web applications. Each one has a specific business purpose (e.g. Sales, Logistics, HR processes, etc.) and each app has a Business Process owner who is responsible for the functional side of the application as well as administration / maintenance of some application data. As such, these people would like to know what type of calls are being raised to either intervene themselves (by posting on the request via the service portal) or simply keeping track on what is going on and make sure no stupid changes are requested for example. This would help us a lot on a daily basis as we get a request from such "Business service owners" at least once a month (if not more regularly) and they always complain they do not have access to the call either.. In some cases, they are also very useful to us as they can prevent calls from being worked on from the beginning if they feel the problem lies with training or understanding rather than an actual bug. But remember they do not work in / for IT! That person would not need to have access to the collaboration platform or Service Desk application, but simply be able to see ALL requests logged against their service(s) in the service portal. Screen I am talking about: https://service.hornbill.com/<instance>/servicemanager/service/<service id>/requests/ I know that now a manager can see the calls logged by any direct reportee (and we have implemented that) but this is not enough in our case... They would also need access to the requests against "their" service obviously so that they can review the request and post on the timeline if need be. Ideally this would be a new field in the service setup screen, with a new panel and people picker from the entire list of users (including basic users): What do you think? Is that something possible? Does it make sense? Would anybody else be interested in this feature?
  25. Hi again, Another request which would help us considerably from a support / maintenance of BPMs point of view: a "default" assignment team per catalog item (OR service if not possible) Let me explain why first: 1. we do not use "Supporting teams" as any support team must be able to view and interact with any requests logged on the portal 2. calls are automatically assigned to a team via the BPM as we do not have a traditional 1st line support The consequence of this at the moment is a very very long BPM: Should we have a "default assignment team" field available at catalog item level (ideal scenario) we would not need this at all and the service owners would be able to maintain that themselves (meaning less work for the admin!) - and yes it changes quite regularly! The idea is simple: this field would be optional. If a value is set, then the assignment would be done "automatically" unless explicitly specified in the BPM. IMPORTANT NOTE: this logic should be applied AFTER the existing logic around "Supporting Teams" as we do not want to break existing setups. Another important point: this field would ONLY be used for call assignment and nothing else! No "security" related context or anything like that. It would just be a basic optional x-ref for call assignment task. A less ideal scenario (but still workable) would be to have this at the service level (and then I would only need to override is some rare cases directly in the BPM using the catalog item id). Would this be of any use to anybody else? Or are we just bonkers in my company?
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