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  1. Hi, we also seem to be getting this. Thanks, Logan G
  2. Hello All, Hoping you can help, since the update we have noticed that activities are not auto showing on the right, you have having to clcik the arrow and then click show more then it loads. It doesn't seem to be on every activity. It is a bit of a inconvenience as the analysts are having to do more clicks to complete the tasks. Thanks, Logan G
  3. Wait never mind, its not the same due to the still need to be assigned the tickets just not automatically. I have added them to these groups and this works. Thanks, Logan G
  4. @James Ainsworth oh i take it this is a new feature from the discussion we have been having on my other topic Thanks, Logan G
  5. hi @James Ainsworth with that it doesn't seem to work if the person is not a member of that team(which makes sense). Do you suggest I add them to the other teams? Only issue with this is I have tickets that assign based on round robin so I cannot add all team members to that. Thanks, Logan G
  6. Hi All, Hoping you can help, something we have noticed since moving a few things around with our help desk here, we can no longer search for requested that belong to a retired service. I know a little while ago it was sorted that people could see their own requests from retired services but it would be helpful if members that are in the supporting teams of the retired service can still search for tickets using the top search bar. We normally search for tickets that have been opened by a user in the past and click on "all my services" which brings up all tickets for that user. Unless there is another better way of doing this I am open for options. Thanks in advance. Logan
  7. Morning All, Since the update we have noticed that when we change from one view to another it doesn't always reload the list, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Just wondering if this is a known issue? Thanks, Logan G
  8. @James Ainsworth I would like them just included in the request so tickets can still be assigned to them as part of that team but they do not automatically receive tickets from the round robin as they are senior engineers and the other 2 are the juniors so would receive the tickets first. On a second note, I see this as a benefit on task's as well as it will reduce the amount of teams that the task's assign to. Thanks,
  9. +1 for this please, would be really helpful rather than having multiple teams set up. Thanks, Logan G
  10. Hello All, I am wondering if it is possible to set up a round robin to ignore certain members of a team? I am wanting to set up a round robin to go between 2 members of a team but ignore the other 2 members? Is this possible? Thanks, Logan G
  11. Hi @Deen Any update on this, we do seem to still have this issue?
  12. @Deen Just because I have been asked by my manager do you have a note on when we can expect this update? Thanks, Logan G
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