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  1. Morning @Ehsan, I noticed this as well, is the default option "not at work"? as it changed everyone to this and in doing so broke the round robin feature. Thanks,
  2. Thanks @Victor hope you find the resolution soon!
  3. @Victor Just wanted to check, is this affecting ticket updates? we seem to have issues with closing/update at the moment? Thanks, Logan G
  4. @Steven BoardmanThanks for this! I will take a look at the wiki.
  5. Hi All, Hoping you can help, I might just be missing something but it seems that if a ticket is raised by mistake as say a P1 with the response time of a day if we then correct this manually using the "escalate" action to a P3 with a resolution of 3 days, it does not change the resolution time. Any ideas on this? Thanks, Logan G
  6. @Bob DickinsonApologies for posting on a old thread but I was wondering if there has been any progress in the ability to either set a default/primary team for users or have this ignore certain teams? Thanks, Logan G
  7. @Steve Gillermanaged to figure out another way of doing this using a custom expression on a decision and part of what you said. My custom expression checks if the ticket is assigned to a member of a team and then only enabled some of the actions, the assign action remains locked. Thanks for your input
  8. Hello, We are wondering if it is possible to either disable the assignment action for certain members of a team or if there is a way to make it so if a ticket is reassigned using the action it notifies the team manager? The reason we would like this is some tickets get moved using this action and there is nothing to tell the line manager that this has been reassigned. Any ideas would be great. Thanks, Logan G
  9. Just wanted to add to this as well as we have notice this issue. Thanks, Logan G
  10. Hi, we also seem to be getting this. Thanks, Logan G
  11. Hello All, Hoping you can help, since the update we have noticed that activities are not auto showing on the right, you have having to clcik the arrow and then click show more then it loads. It doesn't seem to be on every activity. It is a bit of a inconvenience as the analysts are having to do more clicks to complete the tasks. Thanks, Logan G
  12. Wait never mind, its not the same due to the still need to be assigned the tickets just not automatically. I have added them to these groups and this works. Thanks, Logan G
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