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  1. On a similar note to the question I asked above, is there a way to check how many times a call has been re-assigned?
  2. I was wondering if there was an easy way to check if a change request has been re-scheduled? I ask because I would like to generate some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) based on the number of changes that have been re-scheduled, against the total number of changes over a time period. This way we can see if our re-schedule rate is changing over time and therefore make appropriate management decisions. Thanks
  3. Thanks to both of you for your replies and advice.
  4. Is it possible to search for requests that are associated with an asset? I ask this question because I am trying to create reports to find incidents, services requests etc. that are associated with a particular asset. There must be an association because when you look at a particular request, you can see the assets associated with it. I am essentially trying to do the reverse of this. I've been looking at the various entities in the Entity Viewer to find a link but have been unsuccessful so far!
  5. Excellent. Thanks for pointing this out.
  6. Further to my query above, I ran the report again and found that a few more items were on the list compared to the last one. These assets were created recently. I then had a go at adding an asset and found out that if I didn't enter a value for the 'Record State' then it defaulted to a value of -1. Is it possible to set the 'Record State' field for an asset as mandatory so the person adding it has to set it to either 'Current' (0), 'Active' (1) or 'Archived' (2)? This would force people to enter the value and allow us to monitor our assets better. Thanks in advance
  7. Okay, thanks for getting back to me.
  8. I have been checking some assets by creating a report and found that 5 of the assets have a 'Record State' value of -1. I thought the 'Record State' values were either 0 (current), 1 (active) or 2 (archived). Is this likely to be a hang-on from when records were copied over from the Windows version of SupportWorks to the web based one or does this '-1' state mean something else? I am more curious than anything, but from an auditing point of view it would be good to know. Cheers Tom
  9. I did just notice that even if a datalist widget didn't scroll before as it was within the allocated space, once you have selected a scroll speed, it doesn't let you select no scroll speed.
  10. That's fantastic. it makes things a lot easier on the eye. Cheers Tom
  11. This is just a quick query. Is it possible to redirect to another page when a widget is clicked on? I'm was just curious because I have created a widget which shows the number of calls which have gone past their 'fix by' date, I also have a report which shows details about the calls that have past this date. it would be nice to be able click on the widget and have it redirect to the page where the report is generated. I have a dashboard which shows several widgets counting figures like this and though that it would be nice have it act a bit like a 'command panel'. Cheers Tom
  12. Thanks, I've had a little experiment with this and it is looking very promising. As a suggestion it would be nice to have the ability to chose the speed at which they auto-scroll as this would make it easier to read the information shown.
  13. Thanks again Steve. I'll look at doing this instead!
  14. I've been trying to create a report using the SQL Schema Designer to return requests after a particular date (in this case 2018-09-01), but unfortunately I am not having any luck. Could anyone offer any advice on how I could do this?