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  1. Organising requests

    Hi James, You could also use Boards to achieve a similar and better management of incoming activities. Boards would in effect allow you to create the many views that you would have had as logical teams in Supportworks. The added difference is that you could then also use Columns to indicate varying status as well as having the ability to dictate which board and which column the request "appears in or moves to" via the Business Process. I hope that is useful and for your information Hornbill's Services Team can create a bespoke workshop around this use case. Workshops can be for a minimum of 2 hours and are bespoke to your environment and setup. Thanks, Samrai Estefanos
  2. Hi @Keith , Usually, the area that you are able to change, add / remove fields, contains a design button. So no you are not able to do that just yet. Something that you can suggest though as a future enhancement. Samrai