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  1. Hi, Would it be possible for you to elaborate on what the document content would be and where the content would be gathered from. It would help understand what your aim here is. Does the document contain further questions or is this correspondence. Thanks, Samrai
  2. Morning Jeremy, I've just taken a look and if the feedback is enabled on the service, once the request is resolved the customer gets a prompt/popup for feedback. Can you elaborate on the situation so I can determine if there is an issue to look into. - Is this a new service or one for which you have received feedback for in the past - Which portal are you referring to, not that it should matter Thanks, Samrai
  3. Hi Rob, you can from the Request list perform bulk operation like resolve. The minute you make your selection you'll get an icon at the top that will then allow you to specify the operation that you want to apply.
  4. Hi Adrian, I believe we have been in touch with our main contact at your organisation to discuss the Enterprise edition. Unfortunately the module you refer to is not available on the standard edition and cannot be enabled. I cannot say at this stage if this will change but I will carry the conversation further internally. I would like to discuss other options that might serve as an alternative, perhaps a scheduled publishing to Document Manager for which the link has already been provided. Let me know if you wish to discuss further and I'll be happy to give you a call. Thanks, Samrai
  5. @chriscorcoran just before the authorisation node, the technical Approver on your process, the request will have suspended waiting for approvers to be provided to the Technical Approvers node. If you can't get it working you can send me the process in preparation for our next Process Review Session, which I think is Change and release anyway.
  6. Hi James, You could also use Boards to achieve a similar and better management of incoming activities. Boards would in effect allow you to create the many views that you would have had as logical teams in Supportworks. The added difference is that you could then also use Columns to indicate varying status as well as having the ability to dictate which board and which column the request "appears in or moves to" via the Business Process. I hope that is useful and for your information Hornbill's Services Team can create a bespoke workshop around this use case. Workshops can be for a minimum of 2 hours and are bespoke to your environment and setup. Thanks, Samrai Estefanos
  7. Hi @Keith , Usually, the area that you are able to change, add / remove fields, contains a design button. So no you are not able to do that just yet. Something that you can suggest though as a future enhancement. Samrai
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