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  1. clampj

    Export List Column Order

    Hi When exporting the request list, is there a way to control the ordering of the columns in the exported CSV file? Its seems the order correlates with the order of the columns in the "Available Export Columns" selection screen. I want them in a different order. Thanks J
  2. Hi Victor Sorry busy week here! Yes you can access our instance. I'll PM you the affteced user ID Thanks Jason
  3. Hi One of your analysts can no longer click on the email address of mail within the mailbox to compose a reply. He gets a message advising not enough rights. He can log a call from the email and then reply from within the call. This was working when he was last in the office on Friday. Other analysts are unaffected. Their roles are the same. Screenshot attached (also has a typo). Can someone advise how to recitfy? Thanks J
  4. Hi I've gone into the co-worker section and moved the payroll field (attribute 1) into the job details section but it doesnt show in the customer details section on a call - should it? Will this be viewable by basic users if they search for a co-worker? If so, is there a way to make it available in the customer details in a request but not viewable by co-workers? Thanks J
  5. Yeah thats what I thought. Original problem seems to be fixed now and system stable once more Thanks for your help!
  6. Accessing email disconnects users - reconnects fine. Looks like we're getting random repeat disconnection for all users
  7. Everybody has just been disconnected (managed to log back in fine but thought I'd mention it)
  8. Yeah - I'll be honest - as nice as you are, I only come here when I need your help Occasionally, If I have some down time I'll pro-actively take a look to see if there are any interesting topics that describe things we'd like to do but that is very infrequent. I'll start checking the forum prior to any upgrade.
  9. Thanks Victor Can I make a suggestion that important notices that require reading before an upgrade is applied are placed on the upgrade section of SM? I saw this post as a result of coming here to get help with the problem caused by the upgrade that you are warning about.
  10. Hi Victor I have just upgraded from 1205 to 1220 and now analyst cannot log a call to a team. They must log it to an individual. They get an error that says: "Error Failed to log reqeust" Any ideas? Thanks Jason
  11. Thanks Guys Very quick resolution is appreciated.
  12. This is strange. I've removed the subscription (which was the main company organisation which everyone should be a member) so that now everyone is subscribed to the service and it can now be found when searching. The people trying to search for it are members of the company organisation so it should've have been returned in the search results. I'll investigate further and let you know what I find.
  13. Hi I've just had an issue flagged to me regarding the service portal. Searching for services is sometimes returning no results yet the service being searched for exists and can be viewed in the list manually. We have a service called "Remote Access". Searching on the word "Remote" returns no results but it used to. Searching the word "Access" returns a service called "network logon and access". The description of the service is "Remote Desktop Services". Searching the word "Desktop" returns the desktop service but not the remote service. Very strange. Any ideas why this is and how we fix it? Thanks J
  14. clampj

    Error when viewing Co-Worker

    Message sent!