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  1. Integrating with Our On-Site AD

    Thanks Trevor - Sounds expensive though! I've decided on a different approach that will get round the need to have Orchestrator however i'm not sure if it can be done in Service Manager. Essentially, I have a catalogue item on self service for requesting remote access. The process sends an email (containing "Add" in the subject and customers username in the main email body) to a mailbox monitored by a powershell script. If the subject contains add then the powershell script adds them into the required security group. This part is easy and I have it working. What I would also like to happen is, and email back to Service Manager so that SM can in turn email the customer to advise access is granted but then place the call on hold for 5 days. Call automatically comes off hold after 5 days which triggers another email to the monitored mailbox, this time with a subject of "Remove" which causes the powershell script to remove them from the group before email back to SM to confirm which would trigger and email to cusotmer advising access removed before the call is closed. As I said, I've got the first part working where email is sent, read and then user added to the group. I'm struggling to understand how to acheive the rest so thought I'd ask on here before spending any more time on something that might not be acheivable. I guess what I need to know is this: 1. I cant see a way to automatically take a call off hold after 5 days in the process engine which would be needed in order to trigger the removal email. Is this even possible? If not are there any plans to introduce such functionality? 2. Do you see any pitfalls with this approach? I know its a bit clunky but it will save us a lot of time and more importantly a lot of user pain!
  2. Hi Is it possible to integrate with our on-premise active directory? I'd like to be able to configure catalogue items on self service that would automate amending AD security group membership. Suspect powershell would be required but not sure how to go about it (the powershell bits easy but how do we use it with Service Manager?). Can anyone provide any pointers/further reading? I've looked on the wiki and read the integration section but I'm none the wiser for it. Thanks J
  3. I thought thats how it might work. Thanks all.
  4. Hi Both Thanks for prompt response - I thought it might be somewhere in the business process but could've spent ages tryignt o find it. I've updated that now. Will calls already logged pick up the change or will it be new calls only? Not a problem either way, just so I can advise colleagues. Thanks J
  5. Hi Sure this will be a quick answer. how do we change the defaulted action on a ticket? At the moment when an analyst opens a logged ticket, the defaulted option is the resolve action. Can we change this to default to update? We update more than we resolve. Tried searching the forum but cant find anything advising how its done. Thanks J
  6. Minimum Roles to Access Dashboard

    Awesome thanks!
  7. Minimum Roles to Access Dashboard

    Hi Victor Can you perform the fix for me please? Got to step 6 and the newly created assignemnt role doesnt appear in the list. dThanks J
  8. Email Update sending Call Logged template

    Thanks Victor. The person setting up the services had set all incidents and requests to use the call logged template. So by setting it to "default" it will send the appropriate template for the action being carried out? Tested it and it now works as we would like it to so thanks again.
  9. Hi Can someone help me get to the bottom of an email issue please? For some reason when updating certain calls, the email template being sent is the call logged email so it doesnt actually contain the update, just the original summary and description. If anyone wants to take a look, i've got the following examples where this has occured: IN00001935 SR00003901 IN00003960 IN00003961 I cant see any reason why this is happening. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks J
  10. Superb! Many thanks Victor. I'll check that out.
  11. Hi Is it possible to see what business process has been followed by a call? We created a catalogue item which has an issue so I'd like to see all calls that followed that process so we can rectify the issue (Call not closing automatically after resolution). Thanks J
  12. Analysts Unable to view some calls

    Hi James Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, when the 2nd line analysts have seen this its always been on closed calls. I've asked them to try find calls still open. The strange thing is, the service desk analysts have been able to open the call as they are the team that has resolved it. Noit sure if this helps? Thanks J
  13. Hi An analyst in the 2nd line team (called Field Support) has pointed out that they are unable to view a small selection of calls. When results are returned from a search, calls that cant be viewed are in black rather than a clickable blue link. My first thought was to check their team was configured on the service as a supporting team and this is currently set to supported by all teams so I assumed that wasnt the issue. I did however test and add the 2nd line team onto the supported teams list and it can now be viewed. Removing the supported teams so that all teams support the service breaks it and it can no longer be viewed by 2nd line analysts. Is this a fault? If not can someone explain whats happening and why the call isnt viewable by the 2nd line team when the service is supposed to be supported by all teams? The ref is IN00002479 if any hornbill bods want to take a look. Thanks J
  14. Email CCs not showing

    I can confirm the issue is now resolved - it was caused by the fact we redirect emails sent to our service desk address onto Service Manager. We use a system called exclaimer (mainly used for appending signatures to emails). Whoever built the redirect failed to configure the policy to include the original CC recipients. I've now added this and we can see who has been CC'd. Thanks for your help Victor!
  15. Email CCs not showing

    Thanks for the reply Victor. All that shows for us in that section is who the email was sent to and any attachments. It doesnt show any CC'd email recipients. Heres a test email I sent to the service desk. I CC'd myself and a colleague. As you can see it doesnt show (some details deleted for privacy). Does it need switching on somewhere?