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  1. Same here!! - This is terrible timing as I have a global presentation on the Hornbill platform at 16:00.
  2. @Mary apologies for being so late to comment but his was really helpful and solved my issue.
  3. I am setting up a anew board and have the request being processed through the various lanes of the board as required. However, Cancelled requests get stranded on the board and are not removed. What is the best way to handle cancelled requests with regards removing them from the board. Thanks Keith
  4. Hi James, thanks for the comment. I have been able to limit my catalog item, but it did involve me adding approx 50 companies as well as the users to get this to work. My fear is that some users may not be assigned to these companies and therefore lose access. I realise that this is an issue of our org structure but in a relatively large organisation like ours its hard to be 100% accurate.
  5. Hi @Bob Dickinson, I really need your help on a similar request to that which you have provided a solution to here. I need to be able to output information from a Linked (child) request (Summary, Closure Category etc) where the report is filtered by data contained in the Parent request. For instance... I want to see a list of child requests where the parents closure category is X. This seems to involve referencing the Requests table twice with the Related Entities table and I can't quite figure it out. Would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks! Keith
  6. @Martyn Houghton TBH this is an area I've always struggled with and am not the biggest fan of the way control is implemented. Ideally what I'd like is a way of adding specific users to the catalog item to limit the access to them alone. Unfortunately, what I'm finding is this is not possible because the subscription for my service is wide open to all users, so I don't get the option to limit the catalog item. To get around this it seems I'd have to add some sort of global organisation, or add Every organisation. And then I would apparently have the ability to limit to the users. My biggest concern here is accidentally omitting users from using the service if they don't belong to an assigned Org. @ArmandoDM Would you be able to advise me the best way to report if I have a user with no org assignment. I just want to make sure no-one is orphaned which could result in them not seeing the service. Thanks Keith
  7. @ArmandoDM Thanks, I suspected that might be the case.
  8. I want to restrict access to a new catalog item. However, as the service subscription is no limited (and therefore available to everyone), I don't get any option to restrict use of the catalog item. Is there any solution to this or work around? @Hornbill Support Team I notice that there is an option to give subscription to "All contacts" however all my users are "Co-Workers". Can we have this added as a option to subscribers? Thanks Keith
  9. Thanks all for your feedback and investigations.
  10. Hornbill is not currently working in IE browser, it simply shows a blank screen. Are others experiencing the same?
  11. Thanks @Steven Boardman and team for an impressive demo. Really excited to get my hands on this and looking forward to replacing our service Portal.
  12. We have a leaving user who has created and shared many snippets which we use in our daily workflows. It transpires that there is no way to reassign the ownership of these snippets and as a result we woudl not be able to manage them or share with new joiners etc. We need a way for someone to be able to take over the ownership of the snippet. Regards Keith
  13. Thanks Keith, I have been able to locate the date in question. Many thanks for your help. Regards Keith
  14. Hi, Can anyone advise how I can see the systems availability on a given date or range of dates? We have an issue that the auditors are investigating and need to demonstrate availability (or not). Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. @Deen see below example of whats happening.
  16. Hi @Deen yes, I'm seeing exactly that.
  17. I have recently (as of the last couple of weeks) noticed an issue with managing my activities using the right sidebar. Activities are grouped by type and have an orange badge next to them showing the number. Previously, clicking this badge removed the related activities. However, I now find that clicking a badge removes ALL activities from the sidebar irrespective of type or status. Anyone else see the same behaviour? Regards Keith
  18. Thanks for the update @James Ainsworth good to hear a solution is not too far away.
  19. Where are we with this? I am still getting complaints on an almost daily basis. This may seem like a small issue but is having a serious impact on people's ability to do their job. There has to be a quick, easy fix for this, even if simply reverting the code that changed it in the first place.
  20. Thanks for confirming @Deen
  21. Wow!! Many thanks for investing so much time into this @Steven Boardman. Good to have the masters input . A little complex but I'll give it a go. Cheers Keith
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