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Human Tasks - variables in Title, Category and Task Details

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Is it possible to insert variables (i.e. those from Get Request Details), such as the call reference, summary etc into the Human Task Title, Category or Task Details fields, rather than just having the ability to use static text?

I know there has been some additions to allow the insertion of variables into update request node, but it would be really useful to include additional request specific information into the activity description.



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Hi, Further to this, is it possible to add more than one variable?

I have RequestID but that appears to be the only one available unless I select the Flowcode Outputs from Automated Tasks. 

What I am trying to achieve is 

Text - RequestID - Priority

Text - RequestID works using    text - &[global["inputParams"]["requestId"]]

But adding the &[global["flowcode"]["priority"]] to the end just gives an "undefined" output in this section

Could you advise where I am going wrong please?



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