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Found 15 results

  1. When creating form/PCFs can we have variables so that we can match things, one of our examples is that we ask for a line managers email to send an email asking for authorisation for certain things but people have a habit of adding themselves. We can handle this in the BPM and reject it, by matching the input to the submitters info. However we would like to stop it at source and when we ask for their managers email address or get them to look up via the users data query we want to match this field against the customer submitting so it would be something like: Then if the customer email or id matches that field we can display a warning saying this will be rejected as you can't authorise your own requests.
  2. Hello all, I'm not sure whether anyone has come across the same thing, and was able to work around this, or find a better solution to what I am trying to achieve here? Any feedback would be gratefully received. Every Friday at 10 am I run a report on Customer Survey Feedback Responses each week. I've managed to run the report successfully, and with @Victor's assistance this has been working well. A few colleagues have noticed that I am missing some of the response data. What I would like to do is that I capture a rolling last 7 days from the time I run the report, however the variables pre defined in the screenshot attached it always look like I am going to miss some data. I think what I need is an additional variable like we have in the dashboard views, called last 7 days. Although happy to be corrected if that's not the case, and there is another way already built in for what I am looking to achieve. Many Thanks Adam
  3. Can I raise an enhancement request to be able to inject variables into the BPM 'Next Stage' node so that the values can be passed from the previous stage into the next BPM stage. For examples we have a number of task outcomes and additional fields we would like top pick up in a subsequent stage of the the BPM, but at the moment you can only refer to these values within the stage they are present in. Having the ability to inject and pass variables from one stage into the next avoids having to temporarily use custom fields to pass the information on to a subsequent stage. This also means we tend to design workflows with compressed number of stages to get around this. Cheers Martyn
  4. Hi, In one of our BPMs I'm using some new functionality to create 'localised' dates from the 'scheduledStartDate' & 'scheduledEndDate' attributes, to use in emails & Microsoft Teams posts. The problem I have though is that I'm trying to access these dates later on in the BPM, in another 'stage' to post another Microsoft Teams message and they are not showing in the variable picker dialogs. How can I persist these values throughout the lifecycle of the BP? Thanks Steve.
  5. Hi all, I have an issue where the summary or a request isn't being pulled into an email sent from the request. Any ideas why? Thanks
  6. Afternoon, I am trying to add a variable to my email template for our Printer supplier so that the email generated the linked Printer asset. However i cannot seem to find a variable for asset number? is there one? if not can we please have one?
  7. At the moment you are limited to 13 variable when setting up Snippets. It would be really useful to have the ability to use a number of additional ones, like it was possible using the remote call query in support works. Can I suggest the following at a starter:- Owner - add Job Title, Email, Work Phone and Work Mobile Current Analyst - not all updates/emails are done by the Owner so the ability to insert the current users Name, Job Title, Email, Work Phone and Work Mobile Status Catalog Name Service Level Team Name It would also be useful to be able to include Custom Fields as well. Cheers Martyn
  8. When using Request List Views and sharing them to your team/colleagues, it would be useful for conditions such as 'Owner' where you can insert a dynamic variable of the current analyst id rather than a literal value. This could also apply to other analyst id related fields such as Closed By, Created By, Resolved By etc. This way as a manager I can maintain a common set of views I share to my team but they will 'personalise' automatically to the analyst who is running them without them needing to create their own copy. Cheers Martyn
  9. I have an issue where when an email notification is sent, the template does not pull through custom field values e.g. "H_custom_a". These fields are currently populated during progressive capture. Please can someone explain where I might be going wrong?
  10. Is it possible to insert variables (i.e. those from Get Request Details), such as the call reference, summary etc into the Human Task Title, Category or Task Details fields, rather than just having the ability to use static text? I know there has been some additions to allow the insertion of variables into update request node, but it would be really useful to include additional request specific information into the activity description. Cheers Martyn
  11. I believe the issue with referencing question responses in BPM has come up before, but wondered if there has been any further thought on how these can be handled/accessed better. At the moment you can use the Get Request Information - Request Questions node to access them, but they are purely referenced by the order they where asked in the associated progressive capture. If you progressive capture has a branch in it which asks additional questions, then depending on the path taken through the PC, the question number you are looking for to use in a branch in your BPM could be different. Similarly if you use different PC with the same BPM workflow you have to ensure you ask the same questions in the same order. Cheers Martyn
  12. I have created an email template, most variable work however I cant get it to pull over the Customers firstname and lastname Subject: New call logged, Call Reference IN00000312. {{.H_fk_user_name}} Dear {{Customer Contact.H_firstname}} {{Customer Contact.H_lastname}}, Thank you for contacting the IT Support Helpdesk. This message is a confirmation of your request taken on: 10:44:06 15-03-16 by: kesout Request Type:- sefsef
  13. Hi I have created a new progressive capture process for internal staff to use when ordering buffets for meetings through the service portal. I've use custom forms in the business process to ask for the following questions. Date & Time Required: No. of People: Location: Job Number: Authoriser: Special Requirements: When the call is logged it shows in the service desk under the Questions section, this is fine but in email the customer gets they don't see what they have logged as I cant find the variables for the questions I have asked in the progress capture custom form, see attached screenshots
  14. Hello We have the below setup as a template but all the text comes through as lowercase even the items we wish to show as uppercase below is the example Ticket Completed Your outstanding IT request {{.H_PK_REFERENCE}} has recently been completed with the following details: Ticket Summary: {{.h_summary}} Resolution Information: {{.h_resolution}}
  15. At the moment it is only possible to use a single variable in a Decision Task and the variable has to be the output of the previous BPM node. Which means that if you have multiple decision tasks in your process which are based on the Request Details or Questions you have to prefix each with a Get Request/Question node. Can we request a change request for the following options:- Variables/Parameters to persist in the whole process or stage, to remove the necessity of multiple Get Request/Questions nodes Decision Tasks to have the ability to reference these persistent variables rather than just the output of the previous node. Decision Tasks to support structured expressions using multiple variables, rather than be restricted to a single variable evaluation. Thanks Martyn
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