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Suggested Improvements for new Employee Portal

Frank Reay

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We have recently gone live with the new Employee portal and the 'look and feel' is much better so thank you. However we do have some suggested improvements which hopefully other people will support. We are not using Domains so I can't  comment on that  area.

  • Quick Link to a Service FAQ’s is not possible from the Home page – the link only goes to the higher level ‘Make a Request’ Page (we can’t go direct to FAQs page)
  • Service Page – there is no Design Mode. I know it is possible to change some text/link colours but that is across all pages. In particular we would like to be able to remove the Details tab and have different colours for the different Request types. I do find the Service Pages a bit bland and a 'let down' after the Home page.
  • Not specific to the new portal but we would like to be able to order and group the FAQ's when displayed to the users.
  • Again not specific to the new portal but on Bulletins we would like to show info on each Bulletin such as Date Added, Date Updated, Category. We can do this at present but it has to be part of the Bulletin text so must have the same font size and takes up a line. It would be useful to have this as small font at the bottom of the bulletin for users to view.
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Hi @Frank Reay,

Sorry for the delay. I had to get some answers from different teams before.

1. When you search you get FAQs as result and you can click there and it takes you directly to the FAQ view (the service view with the details of the FAQ). You can also get the list of FAQs in the service view.  Can you please clarify your first point?

2. Service Page style change - Yes, We are thinking on adding some design options to that view.

3. Order and group FAQs. At the moment is ordered by most viewed. What other order would you like to see and what grouping?

4. Extra details of the bulletin could be added. I don't think there is category to the bulletin, are you referring to something else?



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Thanks for your response. My comments:

1. On the Home Page I want to put in a Quick Link to the Service Desk FAQ's. If I go to that page and copy the url (https://live.hornbill.com/xxxxxxxxx/catalog/service/com.hornbill.servicemanager/1/) when I use the url it only takes me to the 'Service Desk' Service home page. I can't get it to point direct to that Service Desk FAQ page.

2. Sounds good.

3. I would like to set the order to whatever I want. Our current order certainly isn't by most viewed  (it always defaults to the order of Date Created with the oldest at the top). See screenshot:


I would like to group as defined by myself eg MS Teams, Accessing the network from home, Password issues etc. And then order those groups as I require.

4. The sort of Categories I am thinking of are MI, Permanent Advisory,  Temporary Issue etc.

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Hi @Frank Reay,

Thanks for the clarification. 

1. We can add a direct link to the FAQ list in the service.

3. Sorry, my mistake there. The order is by likes. We can add more sorting options.

4. Still trying to understand. You would like to add a new category option to the bulletin? Is that some kind of custom list of categories?


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Many thanks.

1. If you can let me know  the direct link once done that would be great.

4. Yes, the category would be a custom list as I guess some customers would view this differently. TBH it is not too important. The main requirement is being able to put some date/time info (and maybe free text) in small font at the bottom of the bulletin so that users can see how current and important the announcement is.

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We have hidden from main easy view all of this information, and have set up our portal to run from links to forms, outside sites etc. There is very little of the Services information that we share, obviously you can go and find it but we certainly direct people via links.

If people want to see what we have done at our institution, I am happy to show people if they are interested.

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