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BPM Custom Expression - extend criteria to all specification of multiple values, aka 'in'

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Can we raise an enhancement to add the 'in' criteria to the BPM Custom Expression capabilities on the Decision node, where by we can use one expression to specify multiple literal values rather than having to enter multiple individual expressions joined by 'or'.




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Guest Ehsan

@Martyn Houghton,

You can add multiple OR conditions to the expression builder, as below to achieve this. So in your example, the conditions of the expression would read:

  • Owner (For Tasks) == MartynH OR Owner (For Tasks) == AlanC.


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Hi Martyn,

So  all you need is:-

   (Some variable) IS IN [staticvalue1,staticvalue2,staticvalue3]
   (Some variable) IS NOT IN [staticvalue1,staticvalue2,staticvalue3]

Should be able to add that in. I will add it to list.


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50 minutes ago, Alberto M said:

YES!!!! :)
No more spending hours on this, when I need to change or add something!


Thanks,   @Martyn Houghton. I was on my way to request this but you anticipated it. 


:blink: - the coming change is a definite improvement to your configuration lol! 

One that I can benefit from too. 

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2 minutes ago, NeilWJ said:

lol i just had to redo that change to make it even more compact after seeing that screenshot...so this is what the changed ui is. At least only have to select the var to test once.


Nice one!! That looks even better! Just to note i had to check each word in your screenshot just to make sure... :lol:

Does this also allow for wildcards?

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@samwoo ,

There are the "starts with", "ends width" and "contains" operators. I can modify those operators to support an array of values. So you say you had a var called probSummary you could do:-

if probSummary starts with (abc ,rgh , yui) then

which when expanded does something like:-

if (probSummary == "abc%" || probSummary == "rgh%"  || probSummary == "yui%" ) then

and same for ends with or contains. I will add it in.


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