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Change Calendar maintenance windows

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


Are there any plans to expand on the Change Calendar in the future? 

What I was looking for was something where you could add a 'maintenance window' or 'change freeze window' for instance, which could be added to the Change Calendar which would then either show people what options they have when selecting implementation dates. So, if a maintenance window is set, then the Change could be added to that window, but if a Change Freeze is in place, it couldn't be selected (not without some approval)

Is there anything like this in the pipeline please?





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A new feature has been made available which will allow you to block out days within the Change Calendar as Freeze Periods.


A user with the appropriate rights can add to the Freeze Periods.  Once a Freeze period has been set, this can be applied to BPM Operations that automatically raise changes, and to the Scheduling Action on a request where it will prevent users from scheduling during a Freeze Period.

For more information please see our documentation here.




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