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Ability to edit default pro capture forms


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Hi all,

Is it possible to edit the default progressive capture forms in anyway?

Here's my usage scenerio:

We have a department of approx. 40-50 hot-desk users in our call centre, when logging a incident request via the portal they're asked to provide the asset they're having issues with. I'd like to be able to include a line of text to the form description advising where to find the asset label on a device and possibly a photo example.

Is that possible?

Currently I have a simple 'Label' custom form before the 'Asset Details' form, but think it'd be cleaner to have it all in one if possible.

Thanks in advance

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I can't find the similar post (maybe I dreamed it!) about being able to select a Customer/Co-Worker in the Portal who is not logging the Request (e.g. "On behalf of" rather than "You're logged in, you're the customer")
Having had this in the back of my mind for a while, what I'd like to see is the ability to add the default "forms" as fields, e.g. Instead of having an Add Customer form you would drop an Add Customer field on the form and the functionality that is currently on the default form would still be tied to the field.

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Hi @dwalby we have a change to specify an Asset Picker field on a custom form in progressive capture, so you could select an asset and also have other fields on the custom form - similar to the group pickers and simple list lookup options which currently exist.

As this changes progresses we will post updates back here.

@DeadMeatGF in relation to the users we could look at various options,  but i am keen to understand if this is a requirement to populate the customer of the request or to add additional connections via the portal (adding connections is possible as an agent already).

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@Steven Boardman - could you add me as an interested party to both of these points above (if there is an item for each of them) - the Asset Picker - which will prove useful and PCF Add Connection / Add Multiple Customers.

Regarding what @DeadMeatGF has mentioned...
A scenario in my case would be to allow users to select their colleagues either as Customers or Connections and would therefore allow them to view and update the ticket.

This is particularly useful when...

1. An issue is affecting certain users so one person raises a request and name all the other people affected
2. Multiple users are an interested party in any Service Requests, might not necessarily be a whole team
3. When someone is logging a ticket on behalf of someone else
4. We can trigger in the BPM that if there is a connection type of "on behalf" is used, and it is only one person with that type, then automatically change the customer to that person.

(I have a feeling i may be an interested party already for a change related to adding connections via the PCF)

Just wanted to add my reasonings for having these features :)



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13 hours ago, Steven Boardman said:

@DeadMeatGF in relation to the users we could look at various options,  but i am keen to understand if this is a requirement to populate the customer of the request or to add additional connections via the portal (adding connections is possible as an agent already).

It's more specifically for stepping outside these scenarios, for example:
Co-Workers - logging a job request on behalf of someone, when you don't want to be the Customer nor a connection once the request is placed (e.g. Some hot-desking staff would log an issue, but the Customer would be a "supervisor" for that area)
Sites - Delivery jobs; "I'm moving from Site A to Site B, can you move my stuff?" Is Site A the from, or the to site? How do we select the other? Currently it's free text, if the site is not spelled precisely you can't rely upon it as a variable in the BP.

That's the kind of usage we were looking at.

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Being able to add Connections for interested parties would be a useful feature and our usage scenarios for this would be similar to @DeadMeatGF & @samwoo.

I've also previously raised (can't find it now) a usage requirement where we have 'champions' within a department who we'd like to automatically be added as connections to requests raised by anyone in the department. I understand this is possible if they are the manager of the request, however in the case of the 'champions' they're not necessarily the managers of others in the dept.

@Steven Boardman - Good to hear re. the asset picker, will keep an eye out for this.

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Just thought of another (possibly more compelling) way of using this feature:
We are bringing Supply/Upgrade/Replace Equipment requests wholly into Service Manager, and in our organisation only a Manager can request these for their staff.
Currently we would have to have a Manager log the call, and then the Service Desk change the customer to the staff member who will be receiving the equipment based on a free text "Who is this equipment for?" capture.
What would be beneficial would be to have the functionality of the Co-Worker Search Form as a field on a Custom Form, then the Manager could pick the staff member as part of the ProCap and have it pushed into a custom variable, then we could use that in the BPM to double check it's the correct Manager logging the call, that the Job Role is entitled to that equipment etc.

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An asset group picker would be a great addition here for us as I'm looking to automate via self-service the logging of MFD/printer faults to 3rd parties without the need to involve first line support and the asset selection via an asset form isn't easy for the customers to use. Is there any update of this feature request?

@Steven Boardman




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Regarding the mentions about an Asset Picker.... We have completed a feature which is now available in the live environment that allows you to select a Data Query for selecting assets.  Three options are currently available which includes a dynamic list of all assets, assets of a particular type and assets of a particular class.





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