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  1. Hi, An asset group picker would be a great addition here for us as I'm looking to automate via self-service the logging of MFD/printer faults to 3rd parties without the need to involve first line support and the asset selection via an asset form isn't easy for the customers to use. Is there any update of this feature request? @Steven Boardman Thanks Kate
  2. +1 I have 400+ suppliers to add manually so this would have been a great feature.
  3. +1 for this feature request. It would be great to be able to switch auto assignment on for teams or services as required. Useful if you spot a team resistant to owning tickets until 1 minute before resolution, plus it can markedly improve response and resolution times
  4. @Steven Boardman I've just set up some views within my dashboard and have just found that sharing views doesn't include sharing charts. This feature would be very useful reducing the resource requirement for training individuals and configuring each dashboard separately. Thanks.
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